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Indexed items and Index Contributors

     Below is a list of the items included in the index (the date of the last update appears in the upper lefthand corner). Each item is linked to the full reference in the e-Library, where pdf versions can also be found for most items.
      Next to each entry you will find the initials of the person or persons who contributed the index for that item. The items are listed chronologically.

Urkesh website entries Giorgio Buccellati
1988 Mozan 1 hD, mY, cJC
1990 Tell Mozan (SAB) rL, cJC
1990 Tell Mozan (LDA) mY, cJC, rL
1990 Growth of Nomadism mY, cJC, rL
1990 Third Millennium Sculpture lC, mY, cJC
1990 Three Seasons of Excavation hD, mY, cJC
1990 Trade in Metals lC, mY, cJC
1990 Mozan AJA pending
1991 Mozan 2 mY, cJC, rL
1994 Mozan (AJA 98) mY, cJC, rL
1994 Hurrian Storehouse rL, cJC
1995 Mozan(Tall) RA lC, mY, cJC
1995 Orient Express mY, cJC, rL
1995 The Royal Storehouse of Urkesh lC, mY, cJC, rL
1996 Royal Palace pending
1996 The Seals of the King of Urkesh hD, mY, cJC, rL
1996 Una manciata di secoli lC, mY, cJC, rL
1996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkesh lC, mY, cJC
1996 Seals of ancient Mesopotamia rL, cJC
1996 Mozan Tell-Oxford Encyclopedia lC, mY, cJC, rL
1997 Seventh season of excavation pending
1997 Urkesh the first Hurrian capital lC, mY, cJC
1998 UMS 3 mY, cJC, rL
1997 Kingdom of the Lion lC
1998 3-D Rendering and Animation see UMS 3
1998 Courtiers of the Queen of Urkesh mY, cJC, rL
1998 Urkesh as Tell Mozan see UMS 3
1998 Equids of Urkesh see UMS 3
1998 Workshops see UMS 3
1999 Das archaeologische Projekt lC, mY, cJC
1999 Royal Storehouse pending
1999 Urkesh and Early Hurrian Urbanism lC, mY, cJC
2000 Royal Palace 12th Season lC, mY, cJC
2000 Kermes 13 mY, cJC, rL
2000 De Hurrieten van Tell Mozan mY, cJC, rL
2001 In Search of Hurrian Urkesh lC, mY, cJC
2001 The Royal Palace lC, mY, cJC
2001 MDOG 133 lC, mY, cJC, rL
2001 UMS 4 rL
2002 MDOG-Die grosse Schnittstelle lC
2002 Mozan/Urkesh: A New Capital lC, mY, cJC
2002 Tar'am Agade, Daughter of Naram-Sin lC, mY, cJC
2002 Beyond clay and beyond paper mY, cJC, rL
2002 MDOG-Ein hurritischer Gang lC, mY, cJC
2003 Conservation at the Core lC, mY, cJC
2003 Art of the First Cities lC, mY, cJC
2003 A Lu E school tablet mY, cJC, rL
2003 A Figurine from Urkesh lC, mY, cJC, rL
2004 MDOG-Der monumentale Palasthof lC, mY, cJC
2004 Channel to the Underworld lC, mY, cJC
2004 Andirons at Urkesh lC, rL, cJC
2005 Integrated Approach of Spatial Technologies mY, cJC
2005 Urkesh as Hurrian Religious Center lC, mY, cJC
2005 The Monumental Urban Comples lC, rL, cJC
2005 The Perception of Function mY, cJC, rL
2005 Archeozoologia rL, cJC
2005 Archaeozoology of the abi rL, cJC
2005 Urkesh and the North lC, mY, cJC, rL
2006 Browser edition lC, cJC, rL
2006 Archaeologist on Mars rL, cJC
2006 Conservation Qua Archaeology lC
2006 Presentation and interpretation lC, cJC, rL
2006 Gilgamesh at Urkesh lC, mY, cJC, rL
2007 Between Heaven and Hell lC, mY, cJC
2007 Urkesh and Hurrian Homeland lC, mY, cJC, rL
2008 Ceramics of Urkesh lC, cJC, rL
2008 Image analysis software rL, cJC
2008 Mozan as Urkesh lC
2009 Great Temple Terrace lC, cJC, rL
2009 Architectural Logograms lC, mY, cJC
2009 Ceramics from the Palace Area pending
2010 The Monumental Temple Terrace rL, cJC
2010 Semiotics of ethnicity rL, cJC
2010 Urkesh Temple Terrace rL, cJC
2010 Late Chalcolithic mY, cJC, rL
2010 Patronage and Portraiture rL, cJC
2011 Hurrian Administrative Tablet mY, cJC, rL
2012 Wie wird ein Palast gebaut und warum mY, cJC, rL
2012 Apprenticeship and Learning pending
2013 Hurrians rL, cJC
2013 Empires and Resources rL, cJC
2013 Environment and Collapse rL, cJC
2013 Landscape and Spatial Organization rL, cJC
2014 Understanding households rL
2014 Nor North rL, cJC
2014 Courage among the ruins rL, cJC
2014 Konservierung rL, cJC
2014 Neighborhoods in the Outer City rL, cJC
2014 Buying local or ancient outsourcing? rL, cJC
2014 Le feu et la mort rL, cJC
2014 Perfume rL, cJC
2014 Ceramics Colours rL, cJC
2015 Archeologia come presenza rL
2015 Tensional factors rL, cJC
2015 Reading Figurines rL
2015 Power and Identity rL, cJC
2015 Identifying Sacrifice rL

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