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Category 2001-6-9!! installations [Input file: F-L819.J / F-L819.-J]
Definition 2001-6-9fAB wall [Input file: F-L819.J / F-L819.-J]
Summary 2007-7-11cJC Two course wide mudbrick wall which runs from the SE to the NW. It forms the eastern wall of structure a1 and is bonded with f142 (the southern wall of structure a1) as well as f7 (the northern wall of a1). The relationship with wall f5 is unclear but it appears the two are not bonded (see f5 description). f4 rests on the stone foundation, f172, only on the NE side. The wall is several courses of mudbrick in height. [Input file: R711CJC.J / R711CJC.-J]
Best image 2007-7-11 cJC


Description 2001-7-7lR Mudbrick wall running north to east measuring 90 cm in width (2 bricks and a half). The mudbricks are 40 x 40, 10 cm in thickness. Wall is not bonded with the adjacent walls and is only a few courses deep. [Input file: L707LR.J / L707LR.-J]
2001-7-10sV Eastern mud brick wall of structure a1 running SE to NW. The wall measures 90 cm in width and 5.30 m in length, consisting of two visible coarses of 40x40x10cm bricks. The wall appears to bond with the southern wall f142 and the northern wall f7, but does not show a clear bond with the "buttress" wall f5. There is no visible difference between the color of the bricks and the mortar, making it difficult to define the depth of the wall. It did appear that an accumulation lay below the two courses of bricks, but resulted in more bricks below. While removing the bricks of this wall, it was observed that two of the bricks appeared that they had a carving of a fish. This fish carving most likely was created naturally, and was found next to f5 and removed. This wall rests on the stone foundation f172 only in the NE side. [Input file: L729_SV.J / L729_SV.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2001-6-9fAB k5 [Input file: F-L819.J / F-L819.-J]
Relays 2001-6-12lR 5 (41623 37006 - 8867 / Relay location: see sketch 8) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2001-6-12lR 7 (41533 37108 - 8867 / Relay location: see sketch 8) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2001-6-12lR 8 (41492 37198 - 8867 / Relay location: see sketch 8) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2001-6-12lR 9 (41215 37162 - 8867 / Relay location: see sketch 8) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
Elevation 2001-6-17fAB 8800 @bottom [Input file: L724LR.J / L724LR.-J]
2001-6-17fAB 8867 @top [Input file: L724LR.J / L724LR.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2001-6-12cC q16 sits in f4 [Input file: M730FAB.J / M730FAB.-J]
2001-6-18lR q37 sits in f4 [Input file: N114LR.J / N114LR.-J]
2001-7-19sV q328 sits in f4 [Input file: -MX12-99.J / -MX12-99.-J]
2001-7-24sV q370 sits in f4 [Input file: -MX12-99.J / -MX12-99.-J]
2001-8-1sV q592 sits in f4 [Input file: -MX12-99.J / -MX12-99.-J]
Type of contact: Latest events 2007-8-28pC f7 (wall) abuts f4 [Input file: R826PC.J / R826PC.-J]
2001-7-7lR f12 (accumulation C) abuts f4 [Input file: L707LR.J / L707LR.-J]
2007-8-28pC f24 (accumulation B) abuts f4 [Input file: R826PC.J / R826PC.-J]
2001-7-10sV f25 (brickfall) abuts f4 [Input file: L729_SV.J / L729_SV.-J]
2001-7-7lR f27 (brickfall) abuts f4 [Input file: L707LR.J / L707LR.-J]
2007-8-28pC f50 (accumulation A) abuts f4 [Input file: R826PC.J / R826PC.-J]
2001-7-10sV f51 (floor A) abuts f4 [Input file: L729_SV.J / L729_SV.-J]
2001-7-23sC f101 (layer) abuts f4 [Input file: L723LR2.J / L723LR2.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Stationary features 2001-7-23lR f142 (wall) bonds with f4 [Input file: L723LR2.J / L723LR2.-J]
Inclusions 10-10-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Spatial aggregation
Aggregate 2000-12-18!! a1 [Input file: A-CUMUL.J / A-CUMUL.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2015-5-20cJC s246AAH [Input file: ZA520CJC.J / ZA520CJC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2015-5-20cJC h6hAAH [Input file: ZA520CJC.J / ZA520CJC.-J]
I99.NTime 2005-11-13mKB dated to Khabur, Phase 5 [Input file: P902MKB.J / P902MKB.-J]

Length 2001-7-7lR 600 [Input file: L707LR.J / L707LR.-J]

Ware/Material 2001-6-9fAB ~clay [Input file: F-L819.J / F-L819.-J]
2001-6-9lR ~bk [Input file: L815LR.J / L815LR.-J]
2001-7-10sV ~mudbrick, mortar, melted brick [Input file: L729SV2.J / L729SV2.-J]
Color definition 2001-6-9lR light brown [Input file: L815LR.J / L815LR.-J]
2001-7-10sV reddish [Input file: L729_SV.J / L729_SV.-J]
Hardness 2001-6-9fAB hard [Input file: F-L819.J / F-L819.-J]

Analogical record
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Photo of view




Photo of view




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Photo of view

Drawing of view




Removed 2001-6-9lR hard [Input file: L815LR.J / L815LR.-J]