Unit Book A9


Processed on 2023-08-22


Roster Date Author Record
Category !! !! installation
Best definition 2001-09-29 jlw burial [Input: L930JW1.j]
Best image 2001-08-01 !!
v64 [Input: L926JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Definition 2001-07-19 jlw burial [Input: L720JLW.j]
Description (summary) 2001-07-19 jlw we originally discovered a large jar, i139, in what apperared to be accumulation along the west edge of k24. It now appears that the jar was in pit fill, f317. When the jar was emptied, we found a few human bones, a small pot, a hand-made bowl, and two tiny shell beads. Several teeth were included: an incisor, a premolar and a crown of a molar, probably a third molar. There was negligible wear on the incisor and premolar. We can tentatively conclude that this was a burial of an adolescent girl, but a more complete analysis must await a specialist. [Input: L720JLW.j]
2001-09-29 jlw child burial in jar. [Input: L930JW1.j]


Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2001-09-29 jlw k24 [Input: L930JW1.j]

Spatial Aggregation

Roster Date Author Record
Items within aggregate 2001-09-29 jlw i139 (jar), i146 (jar), i147 (bowl) [Input: L930JW1.j]
q-lots within aggregate 2001-09-29 jlw q825 (bones, pottery) [Input: L930JW1.j]