Unit Book A9


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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2001-10-02 jlw Limit includes N and E baulks. [Input: LX02JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-06-25 jlw removed topsoil, f206, and began to remove accumulation, f207, from the west extension of the locus. [Input: L706JLW.j]
2001-06-26 jlw began to remove the backfill/topsoil, f210, from the portion of the locus that had been excavated in 1990. [Input: L706JLW.j]
2001-06-27 jlw began to excavate in accumulation, f217. [Input: L712JLW.j]
2001-07-01 jlw we found a well defined floor, f247, above which were a strainer,i113, a goat horn, i114, and a bone needle, i112. The floor had a surface that appeard to contain small flakes of what may be gypsum. Found a possible seal impression, i116 in the fill of pit a29. [Input: L701JLW.j]
2001-07-02 jlw we cleaned for the photograph, v58. Suliman excavated south of the wall, f228. We uncoverd a deteriorated floor surface, f251, which had many broken sherds lying flat on or near the topmost section that could positively be verified as a floor. vp compared it to the elevation of floor, f247, to the north of f228 and found them identical, 8803. Later, Suliman tried to identify the exact location of N-S wall, f238. in the west baulk. He found hard, dense accumulation next to the west end of the E-W wall, f228. Then, on his own initiative, he began to explore near the baulk N of where he was working. He removed a lot of material going west and only inspection in the morning light will tell whether he was correct in his assumptions. If he was wrong, we have preserved the former configuration through v58. [Input: L702JLW.j]
2001-07-03 jlw Suliman's continued explorations of wall, f238, revealed that it was, instead, banded accumulation with an eroded top that gave the appearance of brickwork. We removed it carefully to expose the west face of the E-W wall, f228, which did not appear to have been joined with a cross wall. Suliman discovered what appeared to be a smaller brick western extension, f228. Kamiran finished excavating pit, a29. Suliman also found what may have been the foundation for a cross-wall for the N-S fill/foundation, f225, which runs the entire length of the locus. [Input: L703JLW.j]
2001-07-04 jlw we clarified the small westward addition, f258, to wall, f228. Possibly it is a jamb for a door, but it is only about 30 cm tall, making that use unlikely. The east side of wall, f228, is definitely cut by foundation, f225, but there is no evidence that it continues or turns on the eastern side of f225. Therefore it is possibly that f228 is a curtain wall serving some purpose in an open courtyard. The presence of the unused tannur on the northern side supports this, but the gypsum-like particles on floor, f247, argues for an interior function. Cleaning of the NE corner of the baulk following the removal of the pit, a29, revealed that there may have been an eastern leg of the N-S oriented foundation, f231. We found more of floor, f247. [Input: L704JLW.j]
2001-07-05 jlw completed v60. Suliman and Kamiran continued to excavate the western half of the N baulk. They belive that they have found brickwork, so work proceeded slowly. Since the result is messy and uninformative, we will cut west and north sections to inspect. [Input: L705JLW.j]
2001-07-07 jlw Suliman and Kamiran cleared away all obvious signs of accumulation. What remains is confusing mass of corners and levels of bricks and and/or very hard material of the same color. The situation results from a combination ancient pit cuts and two excavations 11 years apart. jlw believes that it may be another platform, similar to the one in k21 just to the north, particularly since the bricks, which can be seen in section on the west baulk, are also virtually the same color as the surrounding accumulation, which also is not soft. We will await a consultation with gb before designating features. [Input: L707JLW1.j]
2001-07-12 jlw attempted to define brickwork in the north baulk that would possibly be the last of the Phase 4 architecture before the Khabur pise foundations directly above were installed. Found what at first appeared to be several layers of bricks, f295, which had been cut by later Khabur pits in several places. Overall it gives the impression of a living surface or platform, rather than a wall. Further observation revealed that this feature is most likely a mud cement platform/foundation. [Input: L923JW.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2001-06-25 jlw we will extend the locus one meter to the west of the west baulk to capture the maximum amount of information about the transition from A7 and A2 to A9. A false baulk of a bit less than a meter to the west will remain. [Input: L706JLW.j]
2001-07-01 jlw we will continue to attempt to determine the stratum assignment of the N-S fill/wall foundation. f225, by excavating the pit, a29, and the accumulation, f217 to its south. Also, we will attempt to find the floor between the E-W wall, f228, and the N-S wall, f238, which, based upon the unused tannur, f239, and several nice artifacts, must be there. [Input: L701JLW.j]
2001-07-02 jlw we will continue to clarify the situation south of the mid-locus E-W wall, f228. Also, we will clean for a picture of the floor surface of f247. [Input: L702JLW.j]
2001-07-03 jlw we will continue to clarify the wall structure in the west side of the locus. If we can find the resources we will continue to dig the large pit with the khbur sherds, a29. [Input: L703JLW.j]
2001-07-04 jlw we need to do some touch up work to assist in our understanding of the phases of construction and use of the walls and floors previously excavated. We must also remove the north baulk and finish excavating the west side of the pit, a29, which was cut by foundation, f231. [Input: L704JLW.j]
2001-07-05 jlw finish excavating the N baulk before moving on to k23. Photograph the entire locus in connection with k10 and k21 to illustate the various phases represented by the architecture. [Input: L705JLW.j]
2001-07-07 jlw clarify the situation with respect to the possible brickwork in the west side of the north baulk, shich is being removed. [Input: L707JLW1.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2001-06-23 vp q657 (pottery), q658 (pottery), q661 (bones, pottery), q664 (bones, pottery), q665 (pottery), q668 (bones, pottery), q669 (bones, items, pottery), q670 (bones, items, pottery), q673 (bones, pottery), q675 (pottery), q677 (items), q678 (pottery), q680 (bones, pottery), q682 (bones, pottery), q683 (bones, pottery), q687 (bones, pottery), q689 (pottery), q693 (items), q694 (pottery), q696 (bones, items, pottery), q701 (bones, items, pottery), q704 (pottery), q708 (bones, pottery), q710 (bones, pottery), q711 (pottery), q712 (bones, pottery), q715 (bones, pottery), q720 (bones, pottery), q721 (pottery), q723 (bones, pottery), q724 (bones, items, pottery), q725 (pottery), q727 (pottery), q730 (bones, pottery), q736 (bones, items, pottery), i107 (bowl), i108 (sealing), i111 (bead), i112 (bone artifact), i113 (clay strainer), i114 (animal bone), i115 (sealing), i117 (clay artifact), i119 (human body), i120 (figurine), i122 (lithic artifact), i125 (lithic artifact) [Input: L920JW1.j]
2001-06-25 jw f206 (topsoil), f207 (accumulation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-06-26 jw f210 (volumetric material) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-06-27 jw f217 (accumulation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-06-28 jw f218 (accumulation), f220 (accumulation), f221 (group of bricks), f222 (fill), f223 (topsoil), f225 (foundation), f228 (wall), f229 (wall) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-06-30 jw f234 (accumulation), f236 (accumulation), f238 (wall), f239 (tannur (feature)), f240 (fill) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-01 jw f241 (accumulation), f247 (floor, type b), f249 (accumulation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-02 jw f251 (floor, type b), f252 (foundation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-03 jw f256 (accumulation), f258 (brick installation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-04 jw f260 (accumulation), f261 (accumulation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-05 jw f267 (group of bricks), f268 (foundation), f269 (pit) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-07-12 jw f295 (foundation) [Input: L919JW.j]
2001-09-29 jlw a24 (pit), a28 (mixed features), a29 (pit), a33 (platform) [Input: L930JW1.j]
2002-06-22 jlw f356 (wall), f357 (floor, type a), f358 (floor, type c), f359 (group of bricks) [Input: M622JW.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2001-10-02 jlw m2572 [Input: LX02JW.j]
Length of two sides 2001-10-02 jlw 500S [Input: LX02JW.j]
2001-10-02 jlw 600W [Input: LX02JW.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Notes on deposition 2001-07-05 jlw after Tariq carefully cleaned the N baulk and cut fresh sections in the far NE corner, two courses of brick, f267 could be seen running E-W from the E baulk to the foundation, f225. The two meet perpendicularly. Furthermore, the E baulk section showed that, although it had been cut by the pit, a29, there was, immediately to the south, another line of material, f268, similar to that contained in the foundation, f225. Evidence of this continued upward, ending at the topsoil layer. This foundation-like material had cut another pit, f269, which could only be seen in section. Before the sections were cut, it appeared as if f268 may have joined with f225. However it is now clear that pit f269 was earliest, followed by foundation f268, followed by pit a29, followed by foundation 225. [Input: L705JLW.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2001-06-24 jlw [Input: L924JW.j]

2001-07-11 jlw [Input: L925JW.j]

2001-07-11 jlw [Input: L925JW.j]

2001-07-11 jlw [Input: L925JW.j]

2001-08-01 jlw [Input: L926JW.j]

2001-08-02 jlw [Input: L729JW1.j]