Overview of A16 objects

September 2014 - C. Chaves Yates
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     For a definition of the categories of object typology see the relevant chapter in the Grammar.

     The objects in A16 cover a wide variety of types and materials. There are 947 q-items and an additional 179 items. Ceramics are totaled and discussed separately. Clay and lithic artifacts make up the overwhelming majority of the finds (approximately 40% and 35% respectively). This includes clay lumps that were found not to be seal impressions, raising the quantity of clay artifacts. Lithics include ground stone and flaked pieces of both flint and obsidian. For an earlier analysis of the objects see numbers 2 and 3 under Topics.
     Some of the most interesting finds are the glyptics and epigraphics. The glyptic finds include a stone seal and numersous seal impressions. The lone epigraphic find was preserved on one impression.
     Among the finds are a number of figurines. They are primarily animal types with 6 fragments identified as human figurines.
     Metal finds were primarily found within the burial contexts and include jewelry such as earrings, pins and bracelets. Additional medal objects were found in secondary contexts including pins, blades and othe small fragments.
     In addition to these categories a variety of other objects were found including beads, clay wheels, shell and bone artifacts.

     An inventory and index of objects from all units can be found in the MZ sitewide book. In these indices it is possible to sort for individual categories of objects from all units.