Unit Book A16

Version 2

A16 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy / Chronometry


Giorgio Buccellati – June 2024

As explained in the Grammar, chronometry is the section where we dimension the emplacement data according to the time intervals that can be deduced from the depositional inferences.

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Strata and phases

In the first section (strata) we give a synthesis of the sequence by strata, as determined on the basis of the modes of contact that have been established among all the constituents. The full set of data is available separately in the Stratigraphic Summaries, both as an depositional index and as a depositional synopsis. The strata are also available as a sequence that includes all strata, with a list of all features found in each stratum.

In the second section (phases) one will find an overview of the major elements sorted by phase. This includes references to the major stationary elements and movable items as found in each phase.

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Horizons and phases

In the section on periodization in integrative analysis, one will find an organization of the same data according to horizons and phases, as informed by informed by the integrative analysis based on the archaeological and historical analysis of Syro-Mesopotamia at large.

The broadest chronological setting is presented in non-techncal terms in the secton on chronological horizons given in the overall Urkesh website.

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Chart of the full chronological system

The various levels may be summarized graphically as follows, from the more general to the more detailed:

definition location link
1 non-technical introduction Urkesh website: Setting Urkesh website: setting
2 wider chronological frame MZ sitewide integrative analysis: periodization
3 organization by horizons typological book ceramics
4 sequential organization
     of strata and phases
unit book,
     synthetic view (here)
5 full contact associations unit book,
     tabulations section
stratigraphic summaries
     depositional index
     depositional synopsis
6 strata with complete list
     of included features
unit book,
     constituent section
sequential list of strata

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