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Processed on 21-8-2020
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category !! !! clay artifact [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2008-9-08 lC J [Input File: S908lC.j]
best image !! !!
[Input File: !!]

description (summary) 2008-9-08 lC Fragmentary jar preserved for about 50%, exactly half is missed, but both the rim and the base are preserved. The base is flat (Mz type xf). The jar (shape mjns801) has a straight short neck and a rounded shoulder. The body is semi globular in shape and the rim is flat on top and thickened externally, with a rectangular section. [Input File: S908lC.j]
field definition 2008-7-22 yM jr [Input File: S824yM.j]

daily notes 2008-7-22 lR Broken jar found while removing f27, brick melt. We initially anticipated the brick melt to be deeper since in the trench, the brick melt was approximately 10 cms then brickfall underneath, totally 30 cms until reaching the ash. After removing 10cms in the western half of k3, ash was found with i11 surfacing within the ash. The base is at a slight oblique angle. A large tannur fragment was found immediately to the east and may be associated with the jar. [Input File: S722lr.j]
notes on recovery 2008-7-23 lR Removed the jar today after mKB looked at it. The jar while fragmented appears quite complete. After the jar was removed the area was scraped and cleaned revealing several cobblestones below, forming a pavement f43. This contextualizes the jar, associating it with a floor and tannur f29. [Input File: S723lr.j]

Volumetric Localization
relays (applicable to elements) 2008-7-22 yM 70 (41979 41087 - 9368 / Relay location: NW) [Input File: S725LC-R.J]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2008-7-22 yM i11 (J) sits in f29 (layer) [Input File: S824yM.j]

Spatial Aggregation
q-lot with which item is associated 2008-7-22 yM 65 [Input File: S824yM.j]

length 2008-9-08 lC 16 [Input File: S908lC.j]
width 1 or diameter of rim 2008-9-08 lC 18 [Input File: S908lC.j]
width 2 or diameter of body 2008-9-08 lC 23 [Input File: S908lC.j]
width 3 or diameter of base 2008-9-08 lC 8 [Input File: S908lC.j]

condition 2008-9-08 lC Fragmentary [Input File: S908lC.j]
ware or material 2008-9-08 lC clay (Rc) [Input File: S908lC.j]
color 2008-9-08 lC Pink [Input File: S908lC.j]
color number (Munsell) 2008-9-08 lC 7.5YR8/3 [Input File: S908lC.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of item

2008-7-22 / yM / [Input File:S803lr3.j]

2008-7-22 / yM / [Input File:S803lr3.j]

2008-7-23 / sE / [Input File:S803lr3.j]
photo of indiv. elements (studio)
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
2008-9-18 / dm / [Input File:A20VK9c.J]
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
2008-9-18 / dm / [Input File:A20VK9c.J]
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
2008-9-18 / dm / [Input File:A20VK9c.J]

notes on disposition 2008-9-18 lC to pottery room [Input File: S918lC.j]