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Processed on 21-8-2020
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photo of view (for views only) 2008-8-28 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]
photo web 2008-8-28 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]
17-7-2020 !!! [Input File: A20_VWX.j]
17-7-2020 !!! [Input File: A20_VWX.j]

Analogical Record
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
2008-9-18 / !! / [Input File:TMPL-S9i.J]
photo of context (v view)
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
view/drawing orientation 2008-8-28 lC OH N [Input File: S909lC2.j]
text description of view 2008-8-28 lC View showing a5 after the removing of the accumulation f147 below the floor f142 in the north-eastern corner. Now are well visible the stone installation f148 and some mud bricks forming probably a wall f151 running east to west. Next to the stone installation f148 there are two floors, f134 and 135. Probably the original floors connected with the big walls f133 and f116. To the west we can see a small part of the floor f142 with the brick installation f138 and the wall f115, probably linked with the a5 itself. More to the west appears a small portion of the stone pavement f108. [Input File: S909lC2.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2008-8-28 lC a5 f85 f108 f109 f110 f115 f116 f133 f134 f135 f136 f138 f142 k101 [Input File: S909lC2.j]