Operations Overview

June 2010 - G. Buccellati
[August 2022 - M. De Pietri]
A Digital Monograph
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          Subsumed in Part Two are the support materials and practical instructions that are used in the operational phase of the project – i.e., concretely, in the field.
          Some of this duplicates what is already found in either the Grammar or the Manual, but in a more succinct form so that it may be used for quick and easy reference.

          Definitions are some of the key and most frequently used categories and terms, with brief explanations.

          Standards are sets of criteria that make it explicit how to attribute specific definitions to given elements (e.g., a Munsell code instead of a generic lexical term such as “red”).

          Forms provide conceptual organization for sets of data in a pre-arranged matrix format that presupposes definitions and standards.

          Procedures describe the sequence of activities to be followed in the practical implementation of the system, as well as practical rules of conduct relating to expedition life.

          Checklists assist in remembering the points to be addressed, sometimes in a set sequential order, in any given operation.