Core Programs Overview

June 2010 - G. Buccellati
[August 2022 - M. De Pietri]
A Digital Monograph
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20.1 Background
20.2 The core programs: The JD suite
20.3 Other intra-unit programs
20.4 The extra-unit programs
20.5 Synopsis
20.6 Flowchart

20.1     Background

     Program code is written for a DOS based language. They are triggered by batch files that need to be updated if a new program version is available.
     If the program reverts to a green on black screen, please exit by clicking on the window’s x, and restart the program.
     Some programs are meant for operation within a given excavation unit. The JD suite is used on a daily basis, while the others are used as needed.
     Other programs are used outside an excavation unit. They produce .J files that are stored in the book’s EXOGEN folder, and are then incorporated in the book’s main I\J folder.

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20.2     The core programs: The JD suite

J, E, O

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20.3     Other intra-unit programs

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20.4     The extra-unit programs

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20.5     Synopsis

Type Name Process Comment Author(s) Source code
data CerPhaS from .O to .HTM files Ceramics index bF /PA/CerPhaS
... . . . .

20.5.1     Synopsis OLD for reference

data JD01-J from .J to .E files replaces J
JD02-E from .E to .O files replaces E
JD03-O from .O to .HTM replaces O
JD04-X index module run from O replaces OX
JD05-V index/frequency for ceramic vessels
JD08-Y runs second half of JD suite
JD09-Z concludes JD suite
j from .J to .E files replaced by JD01-J
pj formats .J for printing
rej extracts roster entries from J
e from .E to .O files replaced by JD02-E
e1 produces tabulated data from .E to be imported in spreadsheets = old A3
r from .R to .O files R34a uses Y1, R34b uses Y01
g from .G to .SCR files (script files for AutoCAD)
v produces indices from .V files replaced by VWX
w produces indices from Windows directories old DIGIT-PH
to be used as list for producing .E files (esp. with V and W) replaced by VWX
gh produces .HTM files from G subdirectories (from V, W and unit books) to be used for display version replaced by h
h combines gh and vwx (Nov 2002) replaces gh and vwx; replaced by VWH
tmpl produces exogenous file from G\T directory replaced by P&T2J
pt produces exogenous files from G\T and G\P directories replaces TMPL, P&T2J
tp produces exogenous files from TypologyPottery type tab files
b produces data bases replaces JD05-B
sa assigns strata and aggregates to items, q-lots etc
vwl produces sorted lists of items and features with photo numbers
vwx produces indices from V and W books, and input files for unit books shorter version of VWH (it does not produce HTML version)
vwh produces D folders from TN, list of errors & UNITBKS replaces GH+VWX=H
o from .O to .HTM replaced by JD03-O
ox index module run from O replaced by JD04-X
o-seq creates ASCII O files for website
zsb Program selects records from ZSBmstr.TXT
ZSB produces J from selected records of one book
zt from .O to Museum book not done ???
a from .A to .HTM files old PA, DX > O
analysis x produces indices from .O , ax
a1 produces battleship curves from .A
bship produces battleship curves from Excel
a2 produces ASCII files for export to other programs from .A
d depositional synopsis
utilities FTC produces list of featrues and types of contact from J files
ml merges MLA files
xdef creates index of .J file definitions within given directory
CopFil-1 copies files that match a certain criterion in their filelabel
HILINKS creates high level hyperlinks for PAGES
HI-SUB creates high level hyperlinks for SUBFRAME
UTPD Checks Exel TP files for duplicates sherd number
UTPF Fills in blanks from TP Exel files
UBH creates bar histograms
replace to replace codes in J-files, create ad hoc change in JD-J program
WinDir-1 extracts item#, VW #, and feature if present from VW directories replaced by VWX
j2xls creates temporary Excel logs from tabbed entries in J format
jj2xls creates Excel files from non tabbed entries in J format
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20.6     Flowchart

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