Overview of J1 objects

July 2011 - L. Crescioli
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     For a definition of the categories of object typology see the relevant chapter in the Grammar.

     Many objects were found in J1. The number counts more than 1000 qitems, and 71 items. Almost all these objects were found in secondary context, i. e. the filling of the Plaza so they are washed materials coming from the surrounding areas and they do not give us much direct information about the Plaza itself. Few objects come from pavements inside the plaza and few other from dumping material used as filling of the Late Escarpment.
     The most attested types of artifacts in J1 are lithic (ground and chipped stones) and clay artifacts. Among clay artifact there are mainly animal figurines, clay wheels, disks, clay lump, and a number of unidentified objects. Other important attested categories are ceramics, glyptics, and metals, also discussed separately.