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June 2023

Patrizia Camatta (pC)

Staff profile
Processed on January 22, 2009

Curriculum vitae

November 15, 1979Born, Pordenone, Italy
1998Graduated in the High School `Liceo Classico C.Marchesi`in Conegliano (TV, Italy)
2004Graduated 'Laurea in Lettere Classiche, Universitá degli Studi di Trieste` (Italy)
2005Stage in Pergamon Museum, Near Eastern Archaeological section, Berlin
2006Begin Ph.D in Near Eastern Archaeology, 'VAA Freie Universität Berlin`, Germany
2008Begin Master in Study of Ancient Architecture and Conservation, MSD Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Archaeological field work

2000Excavation of the roman city of Trieste, Italy
2000-2001Study season at the Preistoric Museum of Celano (AQ, Italy): analysis of pottery
2002-2003Archaeological Survey in Tortoreto (PE, Italy)
2004Excavation in a Roman Villa with oven for ceramic in Rivignano (UD,Italy)
2005Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2006Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2007Study season with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria
2008Work with Tell Mozan excavation, Syria

Academic Writings

2006  "Die Stadt Hanhana und ein Identifizierungsvorshlag’", in: Alt-Orientalische Forschungen 33 (2006) Nr. 2, pp 263-270

Tasks at Mozan

2005Field assistant in J1
2006Assistant unit supervisor in J4
2007Study season for J2 and A16
2007Unit director for J6
2008Specialist of the study of the Temple Terrace of Tell Mozan: architectural and stratigraphic study as Ph.D project.

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

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