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Introduction to sitewide tabulations

Giorgio Buccellati – December 2005

The tabulations given in this section cover all the data processed for each and every one of the operations that have been treated in fucntion of the Global Record. We will not be able to claim total coverage until all of operations have been so included. This will require time and effort because the earlier operations need to be extensively harmonized and edited. My plan is to concentrate first on making the future operations immediately available after each excavation season. Subsequently, I will seek funding to so treat all of the material from the previous escavation seasons.

The format of the sitewide tabulations differs from that of the individual operations. The goal here is to make the data more readily available for visual scanning, and to this end the spreadsheet funcion is combined with that of the indices.

Note that the hyperlinks call up each individual constituent (e.g. J2f103), but the frame remains the sitewide frame. This means that to pursue some of the additional hyperlinks within J2 one has to invoke the J2 frame. This can be done by clicking on the pertinent item in the lower right vertical bar.

The sections currenlty available within the sitewide tabulations are:

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