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Processed on 08-25-2016
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Reference To Qlot q1

Category 2011-8-17!! clay artifacts [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Definition 2011-8-17cJC figurine [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]

Field Record

Field: definition 1998-7-5jL fg [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: height 1998-7-5jL 2.0 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: length 1998-7-5jL 1.0 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: width 1 1998-7-5jL 2.3 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: color 1998-7-5jL tan [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: notes 1998-7-5jL hindquarters [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 1998-7-22rAH k1 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Method of measurement 1998-7-22rAH Note on ht: hindquarters [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH Note on th: right hindleg [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 1998-7-22rAH qi000101 sits in f2 (soil) [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s20OH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h9mOH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Height 1998-7-22rAH 1.81 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
low width 1998-7-22rAH 1.88 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Thickness 1998-7-22rAH 0.775 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Ware/Material 1998-7-22rAH ~FINE, UNIFORMLY FINE CHAFF TEMPER [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
2011-8-17cJC ~CL [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Color definition 1998-7-22rAH pink [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Color number 1998-7-22rAH 5YR 7/4 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Preservation 1998-7-22rAH hindquarters only, legs broken, tail broken or abraded [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Iconographic Definition 1998-7-22rAH ovis hindquarters, TYPE II [tentative] [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Iconographic Description 1998-7-22rAH Each leg is modeled in a light relief, a detail not seen in the AK corpus. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH The body-join is herbivore, solidly founded. The knee-joint may be expressed below the break in the legs. There is a slight taper to the knee joint from where this piece would join the torso.The legs are circular in section. There is a light incision from the top of the [presumed] rump to where the legs join. The tail, if tail it be, is abraded; yet it appears terminated and rather full. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH The hindquartes are contained within an open, slightly outcurving U. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH There is no appreciable curve to the hindquarters where they join the legs, making this identification problematic. The break from the torso is clean, vertical, a rather unusual detail as regards the AK corpus; usually, at least a portion of the torso remains with the hindquarters,as they are formed of a single piece of clay. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH There is some danger in applying the AK typology to this find; it must be taken as a starting-point only for interpretation. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Notes on typology 1998-7-22rAH In all likelihood, the orientation applied in this interpretaton is correct or at least plausible. Another view would see this piece as the back of a muzzle with broken horns. In such a case, the piece would not be well-founded. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Assumptn 1998-7-22rAH Here it appears that the hindlegs may have been fashioned as separate pieces,then joined to the torso. This alone might account for the clean break. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Storage 1998-7-22rAH ZS11.12 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]