The Grammar of the Archaeological Record



Giorgio Buccellati – June 2010

The Grammar of the Archaeological Record (henceforth, GRAMMAR) provides the full framework within which the Urkesh Global Record (UGR) is to be understood. It is an autonomous digital book consisting of three distinct sections:

The underlhying theory is discussed in a separate volume that is fully discursive, and is not given as such in this website but will be published as a paper edition, although some of the basic concepts are presented here in a different format. In addition, a special section of the general website gives a presentation of the main concepts behind the GRAMMAR.

As already said above, Volumes 0 has been published as a paper book (A Critique of Archaeological Reason).

Volumes 1 and 2, instead, are given here in their entirety.

Volume 1 is fully integrated within the UGR through an exhaustive series of hyperlinks that provide the scaffolding for the concepts and definitions used in the system.

Volume 2, on the other hand, is the operational tool for producing the UGR. As such, it will not be used by those who study the website, but only by those who are engaged in its production.

A list of shortcuts provides quick access to some of the portions of the GRAMMAR that are more frequently in demand. These shortcuts include topics that are tangentially relevant to the GRAMMAR proper, such as the codes for the field seasons.

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