Unit Book J3

Strata sequence for unit J3


James L. Walker – October 2012

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The strata sequence currently used is J3B, it is a sequence based on the J3 data and is unique to J3. It is derived from the JPD sequence developed during the September/October 2011 study season. (The JPD sequence was formed by the amalgamation of unit sequences from J1, J2, J3, and J5.) The previous unit sequence, J3A, can be found here.

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The strata definition chart (J3B){#sr-def TO=”“}

phase stratum sub-stratum definition of stratum and sub-stratum
9s 00 Intentionally unassigned (baulks)
9p 10 Animal intrusions (f367)
9m 20 Topsoil on tell surface(f1)
9m 30 First soil layer under topsoil (f2)
9c 50 Long-term buildup and short-term stays (f142)
8r 60 Unorganized occupations (f3, a7)
8m 80 Continuous buildup after Mittani abandonment (f167, f168)
7v 120 Final stages of Mittani occupation
7v 120a     Abandonment by Mittani (f173)
7v 120b     Soil [third] glacis (f173)
7v 120c     First accumulations on wahal [second] glacis (f240)
7v 122 Accumulations against and over revetment wall
7v 122a     Installation of memory stones and wahal glacis (f123)
7v 122b     Highest accumulations against revetment wall (f253)
7v 122c     Lower accumulations against revetment wall (f30,f257)
7v 122d     Lowest level excavated to south of revetment wall (f261, f43)
7m 144 Western half of Second Apron (f10, f532)
7m 148 East half of second apron and capstones on revetment wall.
7m 148a     East section of second apron (f556).
7m 148b     Revetment wall capstones (f591) and apron foundations (f583)
7j 160 Middle Mittani accumulations covering the EDIII glacis.
7j 160a     Highest level of middle accumulations (f33).
7j 160b     Intermediate level of middle accumulations (f34).
7j 160c     Lowest level of middle accumulations (f38).
7f 180 Early Mittani accumulations on EDIII glacis (f121).
7c 190 Early Mittani pits cut into EDIII glacis (a5).
3m 650 Construction of the EDIII revetment wall and glacis.
3m 650a     Construction of baqaya glacis (f50).
3m 650b     Fills under the glacis (f57).
3m 650c     Fills behind the revetment wall(f70).
3m 650d     Construction of the revetment wall (f11).
2m 860 Preparation for and construction of LC3 glacis
2m 860a     LC3 glacis (f58, f368)
2m 860b     Burial under glacis (a22)
2m 860c     Fill under LC3 glacis (f352)
2i 864 Use of brick structure building
2i 864a     Mudbrick floor (f355)
2i 864b     Fill and burial under brick floor (f356, a20)
2i 864c     Highest dirt floor (f357)
2i 864d     Lowest dirt floor excavated in MZ24 (f358)
2i 866 Construction of brick structure building
2i 866a     Brick wall and brick structure (f348)
2i 866b     Brick platform foundation (f363)

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