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A0017A30R806During the 2002 excavation season (M season) f157, f161, f171, f176, f179, f183, f185, f187, f189, f212 have been found while digging the fill of a large pit (a17) and therefore, all these feaures have been labeled as being part of a17. However, while finishing the excavation of this large pit, it has been clarified that a17 is the same as a13 (a large pit containing only Khabur material), and therefore the two aggregates (i.e. a13 and a17) have been unified into a13. [R806SC.J]
F0004F02L723<8ab f0101 [L723LR2.J]
F0047F02R820>0co f0072 [R820PC.J]
F0047F02R820>0co f0073 [R820PC.J]
F0047F02R820>0co f0074 [R820PC.J]
F0052F02R820>0co f0095 [R820PC.J]
F0072F02R820<0co f0047 [R820PC.J]
F0073F02R820<0co f0047 [R820PC.J]
F0074F02R820<0co f0047 [R820PC.J]
F0094B11L723topsoil of k107, soft loamy material. [L723LR2.J]
F0095F02L723<9bo f0096 [L723LR2.J]
F0095F02L723>9bo f0096 [L723LR2.J]
F0095F02R820<0co f0052 [R820PC.J]
F0096F02L723<9bo f0095 [L723LR2.J]
F0096F02L723>9bo f0095 [L723LR2.J]
F0098B11L723brickmelt underneath topsoil. [L723LR2.J]
F0098F02R820>0co f0114 [R820PC.J]
F0100F02R820>0co f0103 [R820PC.J]
F0101B11L723interface layer between brickfall and accumulation. [L723LR2.J]
F0101F02L723>0co f0105 [L723LR2.J]
F0101F02L723>8ab f0004 [L723LR2.J]
F0103F02L723>0co f0106 [L723LR2.J]
F0103F02R820<0co f0100 [R820PC.J]
F0103F02R820>0co f0112 [R820PC.J]
F0104B11L723accumulation below floor f92 [L723LR2.J]
F0105F02L723<0co f0101 [L723LR2.J]
F0106B11L723accumulation below interface layer f99, located in the eastern part of k105 [L723LR2.J]
F0106F02L723<0co f0103 [L723LR2.J]
F0107B11L723wall running east to west in k105 part of a9 [L723LR2.J]
F0112F02R820<0co f0103 [R820PC.J]
F0114F02R820<0co f0098 [R820PC.J]
F0114F02R820>0co f0158 [R820PC.J]
F0133A01R730f0145 [L723LR.J]
F0137A21R728is [L815LR.J]
F0145A01R730f0133 [L723LR.J]
F0146F02R805<2cu f0149 [R805SC.J]
F0149F02R805>2cu f0146 [R805SC.J]
F0154A30R730Large pit in the southeast corner of k6. [R730SC.J]
F0155A01R730f0156 [R730SC.J]
F0155A30R730Fill of pit f154 in k6 (southeast corner) [R730SC.J]
F0156A01R730f0155 [R730SC.J]
F0156A30R730Fill of pit f154 in k6 (northwest corner) [R730SC.J]
F0157A30R730Ashy accumulation below f153 (house accumulation) in k6, extending into k2. [R730SC.J]
F0157F02R805<5si f0181 [R805SC.J]
F0157F02R805>0co f0177 [R805SC.J]
F0157F02R820>0co f0176 [R822PC.J]
F0158F02R820<0co f0114 [R820PC.J]
F0158F02R820>1ov f0173 [R820PC.J]
F0158F02R820>7re f0159 [R820PC.J]
F0159A21R728fc [L815LR.J]
F0159F02R820<7re f0158 [R820PC.J]
F0159F02R820>0co f0175 [R820PC.J]
F0164A30R730Small pit in k5. [R730SC.J]
F0166F02R820>0co f0186 [R820PC.J]
F0169A30R730Pit (filled with sherds) in the southwest corner of k2. [R730SC.J]
F0169F02R805<5si f0170 [R805SC.J]
F0169F02R805>2cu f0171 [R805SC.J]
F0170A30R731Fill of pit f169 in the southwest corner of k2. [R730SC.J]
F0170F02R805>5si f0169 [R805SC.J]
F0171F02R805<2cu f0169 [R805SC.J]
F0173A30R731Fill of pit f174 within k1 (south of wall f158). [R730SC.J]
F0173F02R820<1ov f0158 [R820PC.J]
F0174A30R731Small pit south of wall f158 within k1. [R730SC.J]
F0175F02R820<0co f0159 [R820PC.J]
F0176F02R820<0co f0157 [R822PC.J]
F0177F02R805<0co f0157 [R805SC.J]
F0177F02R820>0co f0181 [R822PC.J]
F0179A30R731Ashy and silty loam layer in the southwest portion of k1 [R730SC.J]
F0181F02R805>5si f0157 [R805SC.J]
F0181F02R820<0co f0177 [R822PC.J]
F0182A30R731Red layer in k6, next to wall f181. [R730SC.J]
F0183A30R731Fill of pit a17 located in the western portion of k6. [R730SC.J]
F0183F02R805>0co f0187 [R805SC.J]
F0185A01R805f0240 [R730SC.J]
F0185F02R805>8ab f0240 [R805SC.J]
F0186F02R820<0co f0166 [R820PC.J]
F0186F02R820>0co f0191 [R820PC.J]
F0187F02R805<0co f0183 [R805SC.J]
F0189A30R801Large pit in k108. f189, toghether with all the layers and accumulation which constituite its filling, have been grouped into a13. [R730SC.J]
F0189A30R806f189 has been assigned to the cut of a large pit (containing only Khabur material) located in k108. Within this pit, several layers and different accumulations have been exposed while digging, being the fill of the pit. These different layers and accumulations are the following: f149, f218, f181, f157 (=which is the same as f280), f176, f177, f161 (=which is the same as f238), f171, f185, f183, f212, f239, f240, f241, f242, f243, f244 and f187. In v139 (which shows the NE section of k108) are clearly visible f189, the large pit-cut, as well as the various accumulations and layers which form the pit fill. All these features, being different fills of f189, have been therefore grouped toghether into a13. In the UGR a13 as well as f189 is often referred as 'large Khabur pit', since all the material recovered during the excavation of the various pit fills is dated to the Khabur period. Furthermore, during the 2002 excavation season, while continuing digging in the E portion of k108, it has been clearified that several features, which were though to be part of a pit here located (labeled as a17), are instead part of the large Khabut pit f189, and therefore a17 has been unified into a13. v134a shows very well the relationship between a13 and a17. [R806SC.J]
F0190F02R805<0co f0281 [R805SC.J]
F0191F02R820<0co f0186 [R820PC.J]
F0191F02R820>0co f0192 [R820PC.J]
F0192F02R820<0co f0191 [R820PC.J]
F0212F02R805>5si f0247 [R805SC.J]
F0236B11R801fill of pit made for i71 (i.e. a large ceramic jar used as a burial) [M928LR2.J]
F0238F02R805>0co f0239 [R805SC.J]
F0239F02R805<0co f0238 [R805SC.J]
F0239F02R805>0co f0240 [R805SC.J]
F0240A01R805f0185 [R730SC.J]
F0240F02R805<0co f0239 [R805SC.J]
F0240F02R805<8ab f0185 [R805SC.J]
F0240F02R805>0co f0241 [R805SC.J]
F0241F02R805<0co f0240 [R805SC.J]
F0241F02R805>0co f0242 [R805SC.J]
F0242F02R805<0co f0241 [R805SC.J]
F0242F02R805>0co f0243 [R805SC.J]
F0243F02R805<0co f0242 [R805SC.J]
F0243F02R805>0co f0244 [R805SC.J]
F0244F02R805<0co f0243 [R805SC.J]
F0244F02R805>0co f0245 [R805SC.J]
F0245F02R805<0co f0244 [R805SC.J]
F0247F02R805<5si f0212 [R805SC.J]
F0250F02R805<5si f0289 [R805SC.J]
F0250F02R805<7re f0288 [R805SC.J]
F0250F02R805>2cu f0292 [R805SC.J]
F0250F02R805>2cu f0293 [R805SC.J]
F0281F02R805>0co f0190 [R805SC.J]
F0288F02R805>7re f0250 [R805SC.J]
F0289F02R805<5si f0291 [R805SC.J]
F0289F02R805>5si f0250 [R805SC.J]
F0291F02R805>5si f0289 [R805SC.J]
F0292F02R805<2cu f0250 [R805SC.J]
F0293F02R805<2cu f0250 [R805SC.J]
F0304F02R812<5si i0124 [R809SC.J]
I0090A35R809L_V15d4606 A16.90 M929 gg si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0091A35R809L_V15d4586 A16.91 M929 gg si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0092A35R809L_V15e5045 A16.92 Mx14 fab si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0093A35R809L_V15d4619 A16.93 Mx05 sb ma.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0094A35R809L_V15d4546 A16.94 M924 fab ma bc.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0096A35R809L_V15d4020 A16v96 M909 gg.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0097A35R809L_V15d4639 A16.97 Mx09 ms cv.jpg [R809SC.J]
I009701D01R809k207 [R809SC.J]
I0098A35R809L_V15d4637 A16.98 Mx09 ms cv.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0099A35R809L_V15d4569 A16.99 M929 gg si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0101A35R809L_V15d4531 A16.101 M921 gg ma bc.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0102A35R809L_V15d4527 A16.102 M914 gg ac.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0103A35R809L_V15d4628 A16.103 Mx05 sb ma.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0104A35R809L_V15d4552 A16.104 M925 gg ma.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0105A35R811L_V16d5013 A16.105 N802 gg.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0109A35R811L_V15e5027 A16.109 Mx14 fab si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0112A35R811L_V16d5038 A16.112 N813 gg.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0113A35R811L_V15d4601 A16.113 M929 gg si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0114A01R811i0115 [R809SC.J]
I0114A30R811i114 is a almost complete ceramic vessel found inside a child burial (a20) in k206. [R809SC.J]
I0114A35R811L_V15d4669 A16.115 Mx10 ms cv.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0115A01R811i0114 [R809SC.J]
I0115A30R811i115 has been wrongly attribuited to some pottery sherds found inside a child burial (a20). In the field these pottery sherds were though to be part of a jar, but, later they turn to belong to i114, i.e. the ceramic vessel found within a20, the child burial in k206. [R809SC.J]
I0115A35R811L_V15d4669 A16.115 Mx10 ms cv.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0116A35R811L_V15e5060 A16.116 f292 Mx15 fab si- f292.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0117A35R812L_V17d3258 A16.117 O731 gg si.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0124A30R812Complete copper-alloy earring found inside a female child burial (a20, i123) in k206. i124 was resting on the right ear of the female child skull, which seems to indicate that it was worn (see v110). [R809SC.J]
I0124A35R812L_V15d4627 A16.124 Mx05 sb ma.jpg [R809SC.J]
I0124B11R812Copper-alloy earring, with overlapping endings, circular sectioned hoop; complete. [R809SC.J]
I0124D01R812k205 [R809SC.J]
I0124D03R812404 [R809SC.J]
I0124F02R812>5si f0304 [R809SC.J]
I0125A30R812i125 is a copper-alloy earring found inside a child burial (a20) in k206. [R809SC.J]
I0125D01R812k205 [R809SC.J]
I0125D03R812404 [R809SC.J]
I0128B11R812Plain copper alloy pin, rolled-head, square sectioned shaft tapering toward pointed end, complete. [R809SC.J]
I0130A30R812complete carinated bowl (reconstructed from several pieces) found aprox. 100cm north to a female child burial (a20) in k206. [R809SC.J]
I0131A35R813L_V15e5051 A16.131 Mx15 fab si.jpg [R812SC.J]
I0134A30R813Complete copper-alloy earring, found inside a female child burial (a20, i123) in k206, below the skull, at the height of the left ear. [R812SC.J]
I0134B11R813Copper-alloy earring, with overlapping endings, circular sectioned hoop; complete. It is similar to i124, the copper-alloy earring found while exposing the child skull (this was resting at the height of the right ear). [R812SC.J]
I0134D03R813404 [R812SC.J]
I0135A35R813L_V15e5047 A16.135 Mx15 fab si.jpg [R812SC.J]
I0158B11R813Two fragments of plain pin, round sectioned shaft, tapering toward pointed end; copper-alloy. [R812SC.J]
I0159B11R813Fragments of plain pin, lentil-shaped head, round sectioned shaft; copper-alloy. [R812SC.J]
I0167A35R813L_V15e5003 A16.167 Mx14 fab si.jpg [R812SC.J]
I0170A35R813L_V15d4599 A16.170 M929 gg si.jpg [R812SC.J]
I0175A30R813i175 has been attribuited to a complete adult skeleton found within burial a25 located at the bottom of pit f342 (which cuts the stone pavement f193, a12) in k205. Interestingly, most of the human bones appear fired. Probably the firing of the bones took place in a later time; the pit fill f343, in fact, was mostly ash and charcoal chunks in nature. [R812SC.J]
I0175A35R813L_V15d4106 A16v140b Mx01 fab.jpg [R812SC.J]
I0176A30R813i176 is a quartz bead found, toghether with 3 other beads (i177, i178, i179) at the height of the neck of a infant skeleton within burial i84 (a18) in k108. It was probably part (toghether with beads i177, i178, i179) of a necklace. [R812SC.J]
I0176D01R813k108 [R812SC.J]
I0176K03R813quartz [R812SC.J]
I0177A30R813i177 is a quartz bead found, toghether with 3 other beads (i176, i178, i179) at the height of the neck of a infant skeleton within burial i84 (a18) in k108. It was probably part (toghether with beads i176, i178, i179) of a necklace. [R812SC.J]
I0177D01R813k108 [R812SC.J]
I0177K03R813quartz [R812SC.J]
I0178A30R813i178 is a quartz bead found, toghether with 3 other beads (i176, i177, i179) at the height of the neck of a infant skeleton within burial i84 (a18) in k108. It was probably part (toghether with beads i176, i177, i179) of a necklace. [R812SC.J]
I0178D01R813k108 [R812SC.J]
I0178K03R813quartz [R812SC.J]
I0179A30R813i179 is a lapislazuli bead found, toghether with 3 other beads (i176, i177, i178) at the height of the neck of a infant skeleton within burial i84 (a18) in k108. It was probably part (toghether with beads i176, i177, i178) of a necklace. [R812SC.J]
I0179D01R813k108 [R812SC.J]
I0179K03R813lapislazuli [R812SC.J]
I0179K04R813Tear-drop shaped with rounded endings and flat surfaces [R812SC.J]
Q0004B21R815qi000402 [R815SC.J]
Q0029B21R815qi002901 [R815SC.J]
Q0051B21R815qi005101 [R815SC2.J]
Q0053B21R815qi005301 [R815SC2.J]
Q0054B21R815qi005402 [R815SC2.J]
Q0055B21R815qi005501 [R815SC2.J]
Q0057B21R815qi005701 [R815SC2.J]
Q0061B21R815qi006101 [R815SC2.J]
Q0063B21R815qi006301 [R815SC2.J]
Q0063B21R815qi006351 [R815SC2.J]
Q0067B21R815qi006701 [R815SC2.J]
Q0067B21R815qi006702 [R815SC2.J]
Q0068B21R815qi006801 [R815SC2.J]
Q0068B21R815qi006802 [R815SC2.J]
Q0068B21R815qi006803 [R815SC2.J]
Q0068B21R815qi006804 [R815SC2.J]
Q0069B21R815qi006901 [R815SC2.J]
Q0094B21R815qi009401 [R815SC.J]
Q0129B21R815qi012901 [R815SC.J]
Q0145B21R815qi014501 [R815SC.J]
Q0248B21R815qi024804 [R815SC.J]
Q0348B21R815qi034802 [R815SC.J]
Q0390B21R815qi039001 [R815SC.J]
Q0425B21R815qi042501 [R815SC.J]
Q0472B21R815qi047201 [R815SC.J]
Q0603B21R815qi060301 [R815SC.J]
Q0608B21R815qi060801 [R815SC.J]
Q0652B21R815qi065202 [R815SC.J]
Q0748B21R815qi074801 [R815SC.J]
Q0761B21R815qi076103 [R815SC.J]
Q0783B21R815qi078302 [R815SC.J]
Q0837B21R815qi083703 [R815SC.J]
Q0864B21R815qi086405 [R815SC.J]
QI002901B11R815Fragment of needle; eyelet formed by a cut into the shaft, which is straight; copper alloy. [R815SC.J]
QI002901K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI002901K10R815Fragmentary [R815SC.J]
QI005301K03R815STONE [R815SC2.J]
QI005301K90R815worked [R815SC2.J]
QI014501B11R815Copper-alloy ring (proably an earring), with touching endings, circular sectioned hoop; complete. [R815SC.J]
QI014501K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI014501K10R815complete [R815SC.J]
QI024804B11R815Fragment of copper-alloy object, rectangular sectioned shaft, probably part of a nail; both extremities are missing. copper-alloy [R815SC.J]
QI024804K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI024804K10R815Fragmentary [R815SC.J]
QI034802B11R815Copper-alloy ring (proably an earring), with touching endings, circular sectioned hoop; complete. [R815SC.J]
QI034802K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI034802K10R815complete [R815SC.J]
QI060301B11R815Plain copper alloy pin, headless, square sectioned shaft tapering toward pointed end, complete. [R815SC.J]
QI060301K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI060301K10R815complete [R815SC.J]
QI078302A30R815Complete copper alloy needle; eyelet formed by cut into the shaft; shaft slightly bent. [R815SC.J]
QI078302K03R815COPPER-ALLOY [R815SC.J]
QI078302K10R815complete [R815SC.J]

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