Unit Book J1


Processed on 2023-12-09

Date Author Record
2005-08-02 cvp Our team is going to be 16 workmen, even if today we have just have 13 and Farhad the water boy. Four of them pickmen. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-03 cVP We have today a new workman, so 15 in total [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-05 cVP Today we have a new worker, so we have a total of 16. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-14 cvp Today we have a new workman, so we have now 16 plus Ferhan. We put the new one in the team of the column. Also, due to the complaints of Ahmed, the pick-man there, alleging that the soil was very hard and difficult to pick, I designate Saud to pick also there. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-17 cvp Habib fell from the step in k24 to the step in k23 and, even if the difference in highness was short, maybe half a meter, he fell in a bad position and hurt its arm. After bringing him to the doctor it seems that it is a fracture. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-20 cvp Jumah has hurt one of his fingers, nothing of importance. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-23 cvp Jumah has a small hurt in one finger and a small cut in one leg. With them they are 3. I gave him permission to go home as it was already fifteen to one, even if it was really nothing. We have a new workman, Suleiman, a shovel to work full time in the Elevatore. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-24 cvp First time in the morning Jumah has gone to Kamiran for his scratch to be cured again. Then he has resumed his place as one of the two workmen taking care of the Elevatore. The other one, Suleiman, put there by fAB yesterday, has not come, so we had a new one for the same job, Salah. Later, Iko has decided that two workmen taking care of the Elevatore was too much (right) and has take Salah away. No accidents today, even if Samih was showing me a cut in the thumb, but just to inform me that he was working too much, not to go to Kamiran's infermary. At midmorning Muhammed Omo takes one of our workmen, Riad, to put him to work with the geophisician. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-25 cvp Somewhere after breakfast I am aware that Magid is nowhere to be seen for a while. Asking Samih his whereabouts he answered me that he has gone home because he was feeling sick. It seems he didn't consider the possibility to let me know about it. Asking Samih if at least he has asked permission to fAB or gB, he said yes. Ferhad added with mimics something about drinking cold water and throat aching. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-28 mS fAB took two pickmen, Sa'ud and Mas'ud to work in J2. We now have three pickmen with three teams. It's unfortunate to lose these two excellent pickment but our excavation area is decreasing and we really did not have room for all the pickmen. [Input: P828MS1.j]
2005-09-04 mS since our work area is shrinking we moved some of our workmen to other areas. Juma moved to J3, and Majid, Samich, and Kowa moved to J2. Rashad did not come to work today. [Input: P904MS.j]
2006-08-12 cvp We begin the season with 12 workers, four of them pick men. [Input: Q812CVP.j]
2006-08-15 cvp New workman today, Kamiran, as a spade in k3. 13 in total. [Input: Q812CVP.j]
2006-08-16 cvp New workman today, Nizam Assad, as wheelbarrow for k112. 14 in total. [Input: Q812CVP.j]
2006-08-17 cvp Part of our team is working with Mohammed Omo laying again the path for the electric cable, away from the rim of our squares. Mamo came nearly an hour late, but I think he had fAB’s permission. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-08-19 cvp We have a new team of five workmen to dig at k31. So we have 19 workmen in total. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-08-21 cvp 2 new workmen, a pick and a spade. 21 in total. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-08-27 mS Got another team of workmen, 1 pick, two shovel, and 1 wheelbarrow. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-08-29 mS three pickmen left today, Mizer left to work in Hasake, and two went home sick. This had an impact on our dirt removal. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-08-30 mS two pickmen came back but two shovelmen left at breakfast; we got a replacement for one. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-09-02 mS Moved a team of workmen to J3 so we now have six teams. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-03 mS Two pickmen and one arabana person left after breakfast which made us have to stretch the workmen and have slowed us down. Got the team back that we gave to J3 yesterday. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-05 mS sent two teams to J3 which left us with five teams, although two were not complete. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-09 mS began the day with six of our old teams and got a new one from J4. We have 7 picks, 13 shovels and 7 dirt haulers. Ju'an the pickman left after breakfast without any notification. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-10 mS got three new dirt haulers today, but a few have left because school has started. Only had a team from J4 at the end of the day. For most of the day we had 6 picks, 10 shovels, and 7 dirt movers. Nizam hurt his leg and left at breakfast. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-11 mS after breakfast we got a team of workmen from J4, one pick, two shovel and one dirt. [Input: Q912MS.j]
2006-09-14 mS have gotten more workmen from J4, including two, Shilal and Shiar brought especially to work on the baulk areas near the wall in k30 and k40 since it has been moving so slowly. The workmen are also tired from working so much so the work is moving a little slowly at times. [Input: Q912MS.j]
2006-09-15 mS we continue to absorb teams from J4 and now have 11 pickmen with almost a full team of shovels and dirt movers for all. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2006-09-21 mS we had seven workmen today, six of whom were pickmen. But they are extremely good and worked well together doing all the needed jobs. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2006-09-22 mS we had only five workmen today but will have more tomorrow. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2006-09-23 mS Ramadan begins today and some of our workmen are fasting so this will have an impact on the work flow. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2008-07-13 rE We have in our unit eight workmen who are Sa'ud Ibrahim, Abdl-Rahman Hassan and Masoom Hassan are the pickmen. Azad Muhammad, Fawwaz Khalil, Nazim Mahmood are the shovelmen. Hejar Mao and Rezan Omar are in charge of the wheelbarrel. [Input: S707RE.j]
2008-07-16 rE today lO who is the Zooarchaeologist came to the tell and gave a talk to the workmen about recovering animals bones from the excavation area. [Input: S707RE.j]
2008-07-17 rE today we got a new shovelman his name is Edrees. [Input: S707RE.j]
2008-07-21 lW The workmen had a meeting at 1200 so work ended an hour early. [Input: S720LW1.j]
2008-07-28 lW Today we got new workmen. Two workmen left from our area, Ezad and Nassam, and four new workmen came. We received one new pickmen his name is Mohammad, the three other workmen are shovelmen, Yasser, Khoder, Fagie. [Input: S720LW1.j]
2008-07-20 rE Nazem the shovelman had permission to leave after breakfast. [Input: S720RE.j]
2008-07-20 rE as gB gB suggested, today put Shewals on the top of the south section as in the east one, to protect from any thing to full down. [Input: S720RE.j]
2008-07-20 rE Nazem the shovelman had permission to leave after breakfast. [Input: S720RE.j]
2008-07-20 rE as gB gB suggested, today put Shewals on the top of the south section as in the east one, to protect from any thing to full down. [Input: S720RE.j]
2008-08-27 rE One of my pickmen moved to J5 to follow the late escarpment f239 there. [Input: S813RE.j]
2009-07-20 lC Today we started with 7 workmen. They were supposed to be 8, but Juan will join us the next day. During the season we will see if these workmen are enough or if we need more, also in relation to the excavation strategy and to the possible use of elevators (chafat). [Input: T718LC.j]
2009-08-13 lC Today Juan Hassan left J01 to work as pick man in J06. [Input: T815LC.j]
2009-08-17 lC Today we had just two pick men, but this won't compromise our proceeding, because we are almost done for the excavation of this year. [Input: T815LC.j]