Unit Book J1


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2010-08-07 lC [Input: U807LC1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2005-08-03 cVP New square opened today, located E to E23 [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-04 jE excavation unit [Input: P807VS.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2005-08-05 cVP We dug the topsoil and then laid the string that is going to mark the beginning of the first step, parallel to the E wall, 3.20 cm from the E section of k106. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-07 cvp We began to dig the first step and to excavate the space left of the old baulk between k10 and k11 (MZ16), space that at present is part of the area to be excavated in k24. As the remnant of the N baulk kept in place is insignificant (some 80 cm) we decide to also excavate it, not letting any part of the N baulk in place. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-10 cvp We just evened out the surface at the end of the day. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-11 cVP We continue to dig the first step, beginning at some 65 cms from the surface. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-13 cvp Digging the first step. We remove the N security baulk. Doing that we have found the line of the pise-like floor present in the section of MZ16 loci k10. We didn't recognize it in the rest of the locus because it stops precisely in the artificial baulk we are removing. That means that we have it only in the small space dug in the N, the space that would have been the N baulk. Like it happened in k10, as it is shown in the section of MZ16 (W16d9601 w23), the pise-like floor ends abruptly with a slight upward curve, but the accumulation below (f15) just melts with the rest of the earth (f19), without a clear ending border. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-15 cvp We excavate a small part of the new feature f157, but when the section of the k23 E baulk was finished the team was put there to excavate it. They have been at it all day. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-16 cvp They finished digging the baulk. Then we put the team to dig the remnants of the E baulk of k22, in order to give a better access for the dirt to the Elevator. In k24 they are still at 175 cm from the surface. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-17 cvp They keep digging looking for the beginning of the first step. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-18 cvp At the end of the morning we have finally reach the 9000 elevation where the first step will begin. We clean for the photo tomorrow. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-20 cvp We took a photo of the end of the first step and beginning of the second one (v88 and J0188a). Then we put the string at 250 cms from the E border of the square and from there they begin to dig the second step, another two meters, until 8800. We are still in f157. We are not letting the k106 E section as all that remains has already been drawn. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-22 cvp Digging the second step, feature f163. As it happens with f152 in k13, that is the same accumulation, we have a great amount of pottery. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-23 cvp We have dug here f163 of the second step until we reached the level of the Column. A lot of pottery, as always. Then we have stopped and the team has been put to work in k14. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-27 mS continued going down with no differentiation in accumulation f163. [Input: P828MS1.j]
2005-08-28 mS Continued going down here with no change in accumulation. Began taking down the west baulk. [Input: P828MS1.j]
2006-08-31 mS Most of this locus was excavated in MZ18 as k24 and k110. The eastern half of the locus is a step and somewhat steep and difficult to excavate. Therefore, unit J3 is excavating this unit from the east starting with the baulk. rE and her team drew a western section since it is impossible to draw one on the east. They will continue the excavation down to 9900. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-09-02 mS J3 will use our q-lot numbers for this excavation. We will draw the western section since it is being excavated from the west and continue removing it tomorrow. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-03 mS we are now removing the accumultion here instead of J3. We have drawn the western section of the baulk because it was unsafe to draw the section from the east. We have noted it on the drawing. It is simply accumulation, f150. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-04 mS finished removing most of the east baulk consisting of f150, accumulation. Will wait for J4 to remove their baulk in an adjacent square to the east before we finish the corner. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-05 mS finished removing the SE corner baulk adjacent to the east baulk of k14. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-22 mS removed soil along the 8800 step from MZ18 to even it out and bring it in line with k118 which we will also bring down to 8800. Declared f234 which is really the same brown accumulation as f233 in k118. [Input: Q916MS.j]
Procedures 2005-08-03 cVP As it was the case with k22 and k23, as we open the new squares with the new orientation, the space remaining on this locus would be not rectangular but trapezoidal, because the trenches with the new orientation are overlapping the old ones. [Input: P802CVP.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2005-08-04 jE f146 (topsoil) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-06 vS f150 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-14 jE f157 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-17 vS f163 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-19 vS f173 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-22 vS f176 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2006-09-22 mS f234 (accumulation D) [Input: QX06MS2.j]
2005-08-04 jE q309 (pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-06 vS q313 (pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-07 jE q327 (pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-07 cVP q328 (pottery), q331 (pottery) [Input: P809VS.j]
2005-08-09 vS q342 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-10 jE q355 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-11 jE q359 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-13 pC q364 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-13 vS q369 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-13 pC q370 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-14 jE q373 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-14 vS q383 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-15 pC q387 (pottery) [Input: P815JE.j]
2005-08-17 vS q401 (pottery), q402 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-18 pC q409 (pottery), q410 (pottery), q411 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-18 vS q414 (pottery), q416 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 vS q420 (pottery), q422 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 jE q424 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 pC q427 (pottery), q429 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-22 vS q436 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-22 pC q439 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-22 mS q440 (bones, pottery), q444 (items, pottery), q445 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-23 vS q448 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-23 pC q451 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-27 pC q477 (pottery), q480 (pottery), q482 (pottery) [Input: U812MM2.j]
2005-08-28 pC q484 (p-b), q489 (p-b), q491 (pottery) [Input: U812LH1.j]
2006-09-02 mL q708 (bones, pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-09-03 lC q717 (pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-09-04 lC q724 (items, pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-09-22 hQ q869 (bones, pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2006-09-26 lC r598 (41099 47524 - 8779 / Relay location: 1 NE) [Input: Q926MS-R.j]
2006-09-26 lC r599 (41093 47448 - 8769 / Relay location: 2 NW) [Input: Q926MS-R.j]
2006-09-26 lC r600 (40509 47175 - 8814 / Relay location: 3 SW) [Input: Q926MS-R.j]
2006-09-26 lC r601 (40458 47276 - 8816 / Relay location: 4 SE) [Input: Q926MS-R.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2005-08-04 jE m3628 [Input: P807VS.j]
Length of two sides 2005-08-04 jE 400n [Input: P807VS.j]
2005-08-04 jE 400w [Input: P807VS.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2005-08-14 cVP [Input: P821VS1.j]

2005-08-20 cVP [Input: P821VS1.j]

2005-08-20 cVP [Input: P821VS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-05 vS [Input: R310MS.j]

2005-09-05 vS [Input: R310MS.j]

2006-08-14 cvp [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-03 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-03 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-19 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-19 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-09-21 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-02 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-02 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-02 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-08 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-08 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-10 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-10 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-10 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-08-02 lC [Input: R813CJC.j]

2008-07-16 lW [Input: SZ23RE.j]

2008-07-17 lW [Input: SZ23RE.j]

2008-12-14 rE [Input: SZ23RE.j]