Unit Book J2

J2 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Phase 3nJ2B within Unit J2

Caitlin Chaves Yates – November 2011

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Phase 3nJ2B is the Phase immediately following the construction of the monumental access. As the area was open in antiquity there is a relatively quick build-up of thin dirt floors in front of the apron, staircase and revetement wall. This phase is primarily defined by the phases that precede and follow it, both of which are construction phases.

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The ceramics in these features are generally mixed, but overall seem to represent EDIII shapes. Conical cup fragments were identified in some q-lots. Few ceramics were recovered as the area appears to have been kept relatively clean and there was little build-up during this phase.

The objects recovered in these layers includes several clay lumps and lithic fragments. Two sealings were recovered (i16, i17) but do not have seal impressions to allow typological categorization.

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