Unit Book J2

J2 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Phase 7mJ2B within Unit J2

Caitlin Chaves Yates – November 2011

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After the brickfall had been exposed and abandoned for some time the area was reused. A large stone, f154, was placed on the apron and several scattered patches of ash and packed floors are associated with this feature at the same level. This use (^use2) appears to be the ritual reoccupation of the area associated with the the construction of the second apron. At this point the very upper portion of the revetment wall and apron are still visible. The brickfall was relatively level and the area could be reused.
During this period of re-use the second apron was constructed above the revetment wall (See topics for more details regarding the second apron).

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Ceramics from this phase included painted, decorated types in the Khabur and Mittani styles.

The small finds associated with these layers are similar to those found within the brickfall, including shells, small clay objects, and lithics of various types. There are several clay wheels found in this level as well. One seal impression, i5, has a fragment of imagery preserved, but not enough to determine typology. Around 20% of the objects recovered in J2 are found within this phase.

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