Unit Book J2

J2 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Strata sequence for Unit J2 (J2B)

Caitlin Chaves Yates – October 2012

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The strata sequence currently used is J2B, it is a sequence based on the J2 data and is unique to J2. It is provisional in nature until the sequence is incorporated into a larger JP sequence. It is based on the JPD sequence concieved during the September/October 2011 study season. The JPD sequence was further revised during the October 2012 study season. The final version of the JPD is found in the MZ book. The previous sequence for this book, J2A, can be found here.

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The strata definition chart (J2B)

phase stratum sub-sr definition of stratum
     and of substratum
9p 10 Modern accumulations, backfill, current excavations
9m 20 Top soil
30 disturbed upper layer
8r 60 Scattered use including tannurs
8m 70 Stones above second apron
80 Layers just under stones of s70
7v 122 Accumulations coming up over the top of Revetment wall
7m 148 Build-up and leveling with use areas on top of brickfall including use associated with large flat stone f154. Construction of second apron.
7j 158 Second phase of brickfall
159 Construction of small curtian walls inside brickfall and use areas
160 First phase of brickfall
161 Erosion in south of J2, sloping down from East to West
7f 176 Accumulations between revetment wall and curtain wall in k13
7c 190 First Mittani deposits in J2, curtain wall in k13, damage to EDIII layers
3u 610 Sloping accumulations forming upper levels at base of revetment wall
3s 620 Use floors against base of staircase and apron
3p 630 Building of western flanking wall (f127)
3n 640 Floor build-up immediately following the construction of the monumental access
3m 650 Building the temple terrace, first floor and construction of monumental access
3l 660 Cut in SW corner of k100
665 Pebble floors associated with lower steps with EDIII sherds
3j 670 Pebble and sherd pavements with mixed EDIII and Ninevite 5 sherds
3h 685 Sherd pavements at bottom k100 with Ninevite 5 sherds.
3b 730 Possible construction of early staircase f380
2m 850 Possible construction of early staircase f380

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