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Strata sequences (current)

Giorgio Buccellati – kept current

This page provides the fundamental strata sequences that are followed in each excavation unit. These sequences are correlated to the area frame (currently AAC, JPD), which are in turn based on the Mozan sitewide frame (currently MZA).

Overall Mozan frame MZA March 2009

Area sequences AAA (missing)
AAB March 2001
AAC September 2001
AAC phases overview July 2001
AAD compared to C2 July 2002
AAE early July 2005
AAE late July 2005
AAF (missing)
AAG (only for A14 features) June 2007
AAH (for unit A16) June 2007
JPA August 2007
JPB July 2008
JPD October 2011

Unit sequences J2A December 2010

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