Unit Book A15

Strata sequence for unit A15

James L. Walker – March 2024

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The strata sequence currently used is A15A, it is a sequence based on the A15 data and is unique to A15.

The phases are in turn based on the Mozan palace frame, Strata sequence AAE dated January 2024.

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The strata definition chart (A15A)

Note that the feature number in parentheses is an exemplar of the stratum, not a definitive model. Entries in bold face refer to the more significant strata.

phase stratum AAE sr definition
stratigraphy (typology/chronology; sample feature)
8 1 2 Topsoil (f1)
8 2 3 Soil beneath topsoil (f3)
8 3 4a Gully wash (f386)
8 4 4b Baulks (f96)
No phase 7 material recovered from A15
6a 5 13d Accumulations with Mittani ceramics (f311)
5c 6 20ba Brickfall (f4)
5c 7 20bb abandonment (Khabur; f388)
5c 8 20ca Accumulation within houses (f26)
5c 9 20cb Khabur burials (a21).
5c 10 20cc Khabur kilns (a30).
5c 11 20cd Khabur pits (f135).
5c 12 20d Khabur construction(f6)
5c 13 20e Early Khabur occupation (f327)
4b 14 41 Late Phase 4 deposits.
4a 15 45 Mid-phase 4 deposits.
4a 16 46 Late-phase 4 deposits.
3b 17 51 Use of second Phase 3 remodel
3b 18 52 Second Phase 3 remodel
3a 19 55 Use of First Phase 2 remodel.
3a 20 58 First Phase 2 remodel.
2 21 60 Initial use of Palace.
2 22 61 Construction of palace.
1 23 70 pre-Palace structures.

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