James L. Walker (jW)

Staff profile
Processed on February 26, 2008

Curriculum vitae

September 6, 1940Born, Pennsylvania, USA
1962B.S, US Coast Guard Academy
1967M.S.E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1967Electrical Engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1977Juris Doctor, Georgetown University
2003M.A in Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia

Archaeological field work

1995-1998Staff archaeologist and unit director, Tell Tuneinir excavation, Syria
1996-Staff archaeologist and unit director, Tell Mozan excavation, Syria

Academic Writings

1967The Role of the Pinna in Monaural Localization, Thesis, MIT
2003Stratigraphic Analysis of the Unit A9 Excavations at Tell Mozan, Syria, Thesis, University of Missouri, Columbia

Tasks at Mozan

1996Field Assistant, A7
1997Field Assistant, A2, A9
1998Unit Director OH2
1999Unit Director A9
2000Laboratory Data Analysis
2001Unit Director A9, A15 South
2002Laboratory Data Analysis
2003Unit Director, A15
2004Unit Director, A14
2005Unit Director, J3
2006Unit Director, J3
2007Laboratory Analysis, J3
2008Unit Director, J5
2009Unit Director, J5
2010Unit Director, J3
2011Data Analysis
2012Data Analysis
2013Final UGR Preparation
2014Final UGR Preparation

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

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