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G. Buccellati, 2006
Updated July 2017, L. Recht


The Royal Palace

     The Royal Palace of Urkesh was identified with certainty during the 1999 excavations, although excavations had already started in previous seasons. It is located in area AA and includes several a Royal Storehouse where significant glyptic material was discovered. The palace was used by King Tupkish and Queen Uqnitum. At a later time, Tar'am-Agade, the daughter of Naram-Sin resided there, possibly married to the king. The palace attests to the importance of Urkesh in the second part of the third millennium B.C. and greatly contributes to our knowledge of Hurrians and their interaction with Mesopotamia.

Overhead view from the kite

Overhead oblique from the kite
The walls are covered for protection, and to highlight the architecture

Overhead oblique from the kite
The protection is fully removable. Here you see the metal scaffolding on the left.

Architectural volumes
Besides protecting the walls as ruins, the cover gives a good perception of the architecture.

Computer 3D reconstruction
Virtual reality as produced by the computer is an alternative to the architectural reconstruction in the field shown in the previous images.
Even though a computer walk-through is no real match for a real walk among the "ruins," it is a very attractive way of "virtually" simulating reality...

A virtual walk-through...

Floor plan of the palace, with direction of walk-through

The future

The palace extends north and east (up and right) - at least twice as much as what is exposed today.
The two images below show details of the stone paved courtyard and the high section (center of picture).

Construction of palace firmly dated by impressions of Tar'am-Agade, found on damaged area of AF, when this level was first no longer used as palace.

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