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Tsueng, June 2005
C.J. Chaves Yates & L. Recht, 2014-2018.
M. De Pietri, 2022-.

Index to labels
(units, features, items, etc.)

     Here is an index for specific labels and objects found in the Urkesh Electronic Library.
The following list is structured on five columns, each of them providing different information:
  1. LABEL = label: the title of the entry.
  2. ELEMENT = sub-label: the sub-title of the entry.
  3. Publication, indicated with year + short title (the hyperlink redirects to the entire PDF).
  4. Page(s)/Plate(s): indication of page(s) or plate(s) where the entry is quoted/illustrated.
  5. Number(s) of page(s) or plate(s), with direct hyperlink.
NB: Please note that sometimes a sub-topic, used to better define the main element, is added (in round brackets, italic text), after the main element (on column 2) or after each page quoted on column 4.

LABEL ELEMENT Publication P(p)./Pl(s). Number(s)
LouvreAO 19937 2003 Art of the First Citiesp(p). 222
LouvreAO 19937 Mozan 1p(p). 94
LouvreAO 19937UMS 3p(p).117
LouvreAO 19937UMS 3pl(s).XIII
LouvreAO 199382003 Art of the First Citiesp(p).222
LouvreAO 19938Mozan 1p(p).94
LouvreAO 19938UMS 3p(p).117
LouvreAO 19938UMS 3pl(s).XIII, XIV, XV
MMA 48.180Mozan 1p(p).93-94
MZ13d12172001 MDOG 133p(p).69
MZA011990 Tell Mozanp(p).4-7
MZA011991 Mozanp(p).712-714
MZA011997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZA012001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZA012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZA012002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).107
MZA012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).150-151
MZA01Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA01.0071995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.0231995 Royal Storehousep(p).6
MZA01.0232002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).128
MZA01.023UMS 3pl(s).II
MZA01.44UMS5p(p).8, 13, 309-310, 315, 520
MZA01.0691995 Royal Storehousep(p).5
MZA01.0731995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01.0781995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.0782000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA01.0861995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.0881995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.089a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.089b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.0901995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.0931995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.0961995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.098UMS 3pl(s).V
MZA01.1011995 Royal Storehousep(p).18-19
MZA01.1071995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.1121995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.1142001 MDOG 133p(p).71, 72, 73
MZA01.117UMS5p(p).409, 544
MZA01.118UMS5p(p).196, 206
MZA01.1201995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.1291995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.1311995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.1391995 Royal Storehousep(p).21, 23
MZA01.1442002 Tar'am Agadep(p).25-27
MZA01.1461995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.1481995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.152a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.152b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.152c1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.1611995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.1621995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01.1622003 Art of the First Citiesp(p).226
MZA01.1651995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.1711995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.1731995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01.1821995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.1861995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.1931995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.1961995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.2001995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.2081995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.2131995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.2211996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95, 101
MZA01.2211995 Royal Storehousep(p).12
MZA01.2231995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.2261995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.2291995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.231a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01.231b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01.231c1995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01.2322000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA01.2331995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.2371995 Royal Storehousep(p).10, 21
MZA01.2471995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.2561995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.2581995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.2591995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.2611995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.2661995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.2841995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.2861995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.2901995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.2921995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.293a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).17-18
MZA01.293b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).17-18
MZA01.2981995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.3001995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.3011995 Royal Storehousep(p).14, 16
MZA01.3071995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.307a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.307b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01.309a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.309b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.3121995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.328b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.3351995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.3471995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.3531995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.3541995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.3581995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.3641995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.364UMS 3p(p).45, 47
MZA01.3801996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255-256
MZA01.3861995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.3881995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01.3891995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.3901995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01.390UMS 3pl(s).VI
MZA01.3961995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.3971995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.3991995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.4031995 Royal Storehousep(p).19, 21
MZA01.4062002 A New Capitalp(p).130
MZA01.4062003 Art of the First Citiesp(p).226
MZA01.4121995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.4121995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.414UMS5p(p).250, 253
MZA01.4211995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01.4281995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.4301995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.4351995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.4551996 The Sealsp(p).100
MZA01.4551995 Royal Storehousep(p).12
MZA01.455UMS 3pl(s).I
MZA01.4631995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01.4651995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.4691995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.4811995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.4831995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01.4851995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.4861996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA01.4931995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01.4981995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01.5001996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA01.5031995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA01f1131996 The Sealsp(p).66
MZA01f1132002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZA01f113UMS 3p(p).64
MZA01q0652000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA01q291-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA01q436-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA01q507-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA01q627.1UMS5p(p).139, 374
MZA01q704.11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA01q808.cxl1995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01q809.51995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q809-c1995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q818-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA01q836-fUMS 3p(p).65, 68
MZA01q836-fUMS 3pl(s).XII
MZA01q885.61995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q902.21995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q903.31995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q903.51995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q903.61995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q914.81996 The Sealsp(p).92, 96, 102-103
MZA01q914.81995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
MZA01q922.11995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q922.61996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95
MZA01q922.71996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95, 102
MZA01q922.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).12
MZA01q923.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01q928-p32000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA01q928.111995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q931-32000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA01q931.281995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q935.151995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q935.161995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q936-22000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA01q937.231995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q937.251995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q944.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q949.111995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q960.8UMS5p(p).396, 540
MZA01q960.121995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q960.8UMS 3p(p).65, 73
MZA01q960.8UMS 3pl(s).XI
MZA01q962.6UMS 3pl(s).VI
MZA01q963.241995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01q963.261995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q963.271995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZA01q965.101995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q966.261995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q968.31995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q968.51995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q973.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA01q974.181995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q975.16a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q975.16b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q976.151995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA01q977.151995 Royal Storehousep(p).14
MZA01q978.81995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q981.191996 The Sealsp(p).92, 96
MZA01q982.511995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q982.521995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q982.551995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q985.41995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q988-p12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA01q999.11995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA01q1007.121995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q1007.401995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q1021.31995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q1022.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q1029.41995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q1036.101996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95
MZA01q1036.101995 Royal Storehousep(p).9
MZA01q1048.91996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).254
MZA01q1050.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA01q1052.11995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA01q11032.81995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA01q11051.121995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA021999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA022001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZA022002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).117
MZA022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).150
MZA02Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA02UMS 3p(p).22
MZA02k152UMS 3p(p).23, 29
MZA031999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA03Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA03UMS 3p(p).19, 22, 31
MZA041999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA04Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA04UMS 3p(p).19, 32
MZA052001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZA052001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZA052002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).107
MZA052000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).150-151
MZA05Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA05UMS 3p(p).22
MZA05.010UMS 3p(p).71
MZA05.25.1UMS5p(p).7, 13243, 258
MZA05.030UMS 3p(p).65, 70
MZA05.030UMS 3pl(s).VIII, 69,
MZA05.0431995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA05.30UMS5p(p).9, 13, 399-401, 541-542
MZA05.0461996 The Sealsp(p).92, 96
MZA05.0461995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
MZA05.0491995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05.0501995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA05.050UMS 3pl(s).VI
MZA05.0541995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05.061UMS 3pl(s).V
MZA05.0731995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA05.0761995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA05.076UMS 3pl(s).V
MZA05.0781995 Royal Storehousep(p).14
MZA05.0791995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05.0801995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05.0811995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05.0821995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05.0861995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA05.0881995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZA05.0911995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA05.091UMS 3p(p).45
MZA05.091UMS 3pl(s).VI
MZA05.1151996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA05.115UMS 3p(p).47
MZA05.1351995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA05.1451995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA05.149a1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05.149b1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05.1531996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255, 257
MZA05.154UMS5p(p).132, 338
MZA05.1631996 The Sealsp(p).68, 92, 95
MZA05.1631995 Royal Storehousep(p).9
MZA05.163UMS 3pl(s).VI
MZA05.1651996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA05.1701995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05.1781996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).253
MZA05.1801996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).252
MZA05.1821995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05.1861995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA05.186UMS 3pl(s).V
MZA05.1871996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95, 100
MZA05.1871995 Royal Storehousep(p).9
MZA05.1891995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZA05.4551996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95
MZA05q063-fUMS 3p(p).65, 72
MZA05q063-fUMS 3pl(s).XII
MZA05q82.1UMS5p(p).12, 195, 200, 209
MZA05q0912000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q135.1UMS5p(p).158, 177
MZA05q353.1UMS5p(p).12, 127
MZA05q353.1.1UMS5p(p).6, 140
MZA05q500-p12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q645-p42000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q678-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).177
MZA05q680.01995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZA05q704.11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).257
MZA05q705-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA05q707.2xl1995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZA05q712.21995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZA05q712-p12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA05q792.1UMS5p(p).87, 89, 94
MZA05q793-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q797.1UMS5p(p).89, 208, 211-212
MZA05q815.1UMS5p(p).10, 13, 416-417, 546
MZA05q815.2UMS 3p(p).69
MZA05q815-fUMS 3p(p).65, 71, 72
MZA05q815-fUMS 3pl(s).IX
MZA05q848-12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q901-22000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA05q903-p22000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA05q922.11995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZA05q923.61996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA05q928.7UMS 3pl(s).V
MZA05q933.71995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05q939.91996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).255
MZA05q945-42000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA05q947.61995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZA05q951.41996 The Sealsp(p).92, 95
MZA05q951.41995 Royal Storehousep(p).9
MZA06Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA06UMS 3p(p).20, 22
MZA06.149UMS5p(p).374, 392
MZA06.166UMS5p(p).318-319, 521-522
MZA06.238UMS 3p(p).69, 70
MZA06.238UMS 3pl(s).VII
MZA06.238UMS5p(p).8, 13, 378, 530
MZA06q3482000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA06q385.32002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).125
MZA06q439.1UMS5p(p).85, 89, 95, 101
MZA06q538.1UMS5p(p).86, 96
MZA06q5432000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA071999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA072001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZA072001 MDOG 133p(p).84
MZA072002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).115
MZA072002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).106, 117
MZA072000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).135, 137, 150
MZA07Mozan 1p(p).60
MZA07UMS 3p(p).19, 22
MZA07.125UMS5p(p).96, 268
MZA07.256UMS5p(p).454, 543
MZA07.302UMS5p(p).178, 394
MZA07.308UMS5p(p).180-181, 188
MZA07.319UMS5p(p).342, 525
MZA07.333UMS5p(p).382-383, 531
MZA07.396UMS5p(p).5, 12, 85, 87
MZA07.407UMS5p(p).419, 547
MZA07.501UMS5p(p).143, 144, 366
MZA07.507UMS 4pl(s).IV
MZA07.508UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07.510UMS5p(p).383, 532-533
MZA07.525UMS 4pl(s).XIV
MZA07.532UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07k009UMS 3p(p).23, 29
MZA07k021UMS 3p(p).23
MZA07k024UMS 3p(p).23, 29
MZA07q684.2UMS5p(p).108, 287
MZA07q704.1UMS5p(p).326, 526
MZA07q807UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZA07q1036.1UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q1220.1UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q1254.1UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q1254.3UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q1301.6UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q1313.2UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZA07q317-p12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA081999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA082001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZA082002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).116
MZA082000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).150
MZA08UMS 3p(p).19, 20, 22, 31
MZA08q12.3UMS5p(p).203, 227
MZA08q84-p12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).176
MZA08q96.10UMS5p(p).295, 297
MZA08q109-p62000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).178
MZA091991 Mozanp(p).712-714
MZA092001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZA092001 MDOG 133p(p).84
MZA092002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109, 117, 128
MZA092000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).135, 137, 139, 150
MZA09UMS 3p(p).19, 22
MZA09.024UMS 3p(p).66
MZA09.0862014 Perfumep(p).20
MZA09.0912014 Perfumep(p).15
MZA09.1382002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).125, 127
MZA09.1492002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).128-129
MZA09f163UMS 4p(p).64
MZA09f163UMS 4pl(s).X, XI
MZA09k3UMS 3p(p).23, 30
MZA09k5UMS 3p(p).21, 23, 25
MZA1.0692003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45
MZA1.0722003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45
MZA101990 Tell Mozanp(p).4-7
MZA101991 Mozanp(p).712-714
MZA101999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZA102001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 68
MZA102001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZA102002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).104, 111
MZA102000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 150
MZA10UMS 3p(p).20, 22
MZA10.20UMS5p(p).6, 12, 128, 165
MZA10.79UMS5p(p).428-29, 536
MZA10.089UMS 3p(p).70
MZA10.129UMS5p(p).311, 333, 527
MZA10.1632000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).141, 145
MZA10.249UMS5p(p).334, 528
MZA10f1942000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).158-159
MZA10q148.1UMS5p(p).388, 534
MZA10q236UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZA10q249UMS 4p(p).51-52
MZA10q274-p10UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZA112001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZA112002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).106, 117
MZA112000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).134-135, 138, 150
MZA11.034UMS 4p(p).58
MZA11.034UMS 4pl(s).VII, VIII, XXVII
MZA121995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
MZA122001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZA122001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 83, 86
MZA122002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).107
MZA122004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).20, 36
MZA122002 Ein hurritischer Gangp(p).133
MZA122000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 150-151
MZA12.0082002 Tar'am Agadep(p).28
MZA12.0302002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).123
MZA12.0302000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).157-158, 160-162
MZA12.030UMS 4pl(s).V
MZA12.030 Zick 2008 (abstract)//
MZA12.0302014 Perfumep(p).18-19
MZA12.0822001 MDOG 133p(p).81
MZA12.0822002 Ein hurritischer Gangp(p).135
MZA12.1082001 MDOG 133p(p).78, 85
MZA12.1082002 Ein hurritischer Gangp(p).135, 146
MZA12.1082014 Perfumep(p).11
MZA12.1492004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).37-39
MZA12f1942001 MDOG 133p(p).63
MZA12q057-p13UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZA12q385-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q392-p012001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q394-p112001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q395-p012001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q395-p142001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q396-p082001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q397-p052001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q397-p132001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q399-p012001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q399-p342001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q400-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q402-p092001 MDOG 133p(p).86
MZA12q538.1-12002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZA12q561-p032001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q623-p052001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q623-p102001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q625-p042001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q625-p062001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q705-p122001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q706-p032001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q709-p222001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q0715-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q722-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).85
MZA12q729-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q7352001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q735-p062001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q735-p082001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q736-p112001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q741-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q741-p062001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q746-p052001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q748-p012001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q750-p102001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q754-p052001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q762-p032001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q762-p092001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q762-p182001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q762-p232001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q764-p022001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q764-p062001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q764-p122001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q764-p162001 MDOG 133p(p).83
MZA12q767-p042001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA12q777-p092001 MDOG 133p(p).82
MZA132001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZA132001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 84
MZA132002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).116
MZA132000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 150
MZA13UMS 4p(p).99
MZA13 8-22002 Tar'am Agadep(p).23
MZA13.003UMS 4p(p).57, 85
MZA13.003UMS 4pl(s).85, VI, XII
MZA13.0032004 Die Welt des Orientsp(p).212
MZA13.0032016 Urkesh: Morphologyp(p).98-99, 110
MZA13.0092002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZA13.0152001 MDOG 133p(p).74
MZA13.0152002 Tar'am Agadep(p).19, 29
MZA13.016UMS 4pl(s).XVII
MZA13.0282002 Tar'am Agadep(p).23
MZA13.0352002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZA13.0702001 MDOG 133p(p).72-73
MZA13.0702002 Tar'am Agadep(p).25-27
MZA13.0992002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZA13.0992003 Art of the First Citiesp(p).227
MZA13.099UMS 4pl(s).XVI
MZA13.124UMS 4pl(s).X
MZA13.129UMS5p(p).431, 537
MZA13q106.122002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZA13q97.82002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZA13q106.12002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZA142002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).104, 110
2005 A Hurrian Religious Centerp(p).37
MZA14.72002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).123-124
MZA14.2392014 Perfumep(p).17
MZA14c12014 Perfumep(p).17
MZA14q275.3UMS5p(p).91, 114
(plan of houses - phase 5)
2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).104, 116-117
MZA152004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).13
MZA15.2262002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).123, 125
MZA162002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).104, 106, 116 (houses-phase 5)-118 (section), 121-122 (burials)
MZA162004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).13-14, 31
MZA16.002UMS 4pl(s).XIII
MZA14.0272014 Perfumep(p).20
MZA16.0292002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).124, 126
MZA16.068UMS 4p(p).85
MZA16.068UMS 4pl(s).XXVI
MZA16.1082004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).32
MZA16.1172004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).33
MZA16a15UMS 4p(p).85
MZA16.c12004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).35
MZA16.c22004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).34
MZA16.c32004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).34
MZA16f1042002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).124
MZA16q834.12004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).33
MZA1f1132003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45, 47
MZA1j12003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45, 47
MZA1q922.61995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
2005 Urkesh as Hurrian Religious Centerp(p).48
2005 Urkesh as Hurrian Religious Centerp(p).48
MZA45UMS 4p(p).70
MZA50UMS 4p(p).70
MZA54UMS 4p(p).70
MZA55UMS 4p(p).70
MZA60UMS 4p(p).70
MZA63UMS 4p(p).70
MZA64UMS 4p(p).70
MZA65UMS 4p(p).70
MZA69UMS 4p(p).70
MZA70UMS 4p(p).70
MZA71UMS 4p(p).70
MZA72UMS 4p(p).70
MZA73UMS 4p(p).70
MZA73UMS 4p(p).70
MZA74UMS 4p(p).70
MZA75UMS 4p(p).70
MZA76UMS 4p(p).70
MZA77UMS 4p(p).70
MZA78UMS 4p(p).70
MZA79UMS 4p(p).70
MZA80UMS 4p(p).70
MZA83UMS 4p(p).70
MZA84UMS 4p(p).70
MZA85UMS 4p(p).70
MZA93UMS 4p(p).70
MZA94UMS 4p(p).70
MZA95UMS 4p(p).70
MZAA'1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
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MZAA2001 MDOG 133p(p).62
MZAA2002 Tar'am Agadep(p).11, 18
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MZAA2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).113
MZAA2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).105, 107-109, 113, 130
MZAA2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).133-134, 136-137, 150-152
MZAAMozan 2p(p).31
MZAAsA08a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-175
MZAAsA08b2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-175
MZAAsA10a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-175
MZAAsA14a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-175, 178
MZAAsA15a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-175, 178
MZAAsA17a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).174-177
MZAF2001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZAF2001 MDOG 133p(p).61-62, 72, 87-88
MZAF2002 Tar'am Agadep(p).27
MZAF2002 Tar'am Agadep(p).13, 27
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MZAF2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).107-108
MZAF2004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).15, 17, 19, 29
MZAFc22002 Tar'am Agadep(p).18, 21
MZAFc32002 Tar'am Agadep(p).22-23
MZAFc42002 Tar'am Agadep(p).18-19, 29
MZAH2001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAH2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136-137, 153
MZAK^rmA012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA012002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136
MZAK^rmA012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmA01UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA022001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA022002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmA02UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA032001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA032002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmA03UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA042001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA042001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA042002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA042000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmA04UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA042000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA052001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA052001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA052002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA052000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 150
MZAK^rmA05UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA052000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA062001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA062001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA062002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA062000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmA06UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmA062000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmA072001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmA072001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmA072002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmA07UMS 3p(p).23, 27
MZAK^rmA072000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmB012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmB012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmB012002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmB012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmB01UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmB012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmB022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmB022001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmB022002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmB022003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45
MZAK^rmB022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmB02UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmB022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmB032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmB032001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmB032002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmB032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmB03UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmB032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC012002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).111
MZAK^rmC012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136
MZAK^rmC012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142-144, 152
MZAK^rmC01UMS 3p(p).23, 32
MZAK^rmC012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC022001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142, 144
MZAK^rmC02UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmC022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC032001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142
MZAK^rmC03UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmC032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC042001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC042001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC042002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).111-112
MZAK^rmC042000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136
MZAK^rmC042000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142, 152, 165
MZAK^rmC04UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmC042000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC052001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmC052001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC052000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142
MZAK^rmC05UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmC052000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC062001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC062001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC062000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142
MZAK^rmC06UMS 3p(p).21, 23, 27
MZAK^rmC062000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC072001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmC072001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC072000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142
MZAK^rmC07UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmC072000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmC082001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmC082001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmC082002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).111
MZAK^rmC082000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmD012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmD012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmD012002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmD012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 142
MZAK^rmD01UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmD012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmD022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmD022001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmD022002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmD022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmD02UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmD022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmD032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmD032001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmD032002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAK^rmD032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmD03UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmD032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmE012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmE012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmE012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmE01UMS 3p(p).23-24
MZAK^rmE012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmE02UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmF012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmF012001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 88
MZAK^rmF012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 141-152
MZAK^rmF01UMS 3p(p).21, 23
MZAK^rmF012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmG012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmG012001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 89
MZAK^rmG012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 141
MZAK^rmG012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmG022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmG022001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 88-89
MZAK^rmG022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmG022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmH012001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 66, 87-88, 96
MZAK^rmH012002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).113
MZAK^rmH012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136
MZAK^rmH012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 139, 152
MZAK^rmH01UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmH012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH022001 The Royal Palacep(p).65, 67
MZAK^rmH022001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 66, 87, 96
MZAK^rmH022002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).113
MZAK^rmH022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 139, 150, 152
MZAK^rmH022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmH032001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 64-66, 88
MZAK^rmH032002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).112-113, 118
MZAK^rmH032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136
MZAK^rmH032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 152
MZAK^rmH032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH042001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmH042001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 64, 66, 96
MZAK^rmH042002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).113
MZAK^rmH042000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmH042000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH052001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmH052001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmH052000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmH052000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmH062002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).112
MZAK^rmH12004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).15
MZAK^rmH22002 Tar'am Agadep(p).11-13
MZAK^rmH32002 Tar'am Agadep(p).13-14
MZAK^rmH42004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).15
MZAK^rmK01UMS 3p(p).23
MZAK^rmW012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmW012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmW012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 146
MZAK^rmW012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmW022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmW022001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 68-69, 81, 89
MZAK^rmW022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 146
MZAK^rmW022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmW032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmW032001 MDOG 133p(p).61, 68, 89
MZAK^rmW032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 146
MZAK^rmW032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmX012001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmX012001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmX012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmX012000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmX022001 The Royal Palacep(p).67-68
MZAK^rmX022001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmX022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137, 146, 150, 152
MZAK^rmX022000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmX022000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
MZAK^rmX032001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAK^rmX032001 MDOG 133p(p).61
MZAK^rmX032000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).137
MZAK^rmX032000 De Hurrietenp(p).269
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MZAK1995 Royal Storehousep(p).1-2, 4-7, 26
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MZAKh012002 A New Capitalp(p).130, 132
MZAKh022002 A New Capitalp(p).130, 132
MZAKh1:21995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKh1:31995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKh11995 Royal Storehousep(p).8, 16-17, 22-23, 27
MZAKh11997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83
MZAKh1UMS 3p(p).43-44, 47
MZAKh1UMS 4p(p).50
MZAKh12000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKh2:21995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKh2:31995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKh2:41995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKh21996 The Sealsp(p).72
MZAKh21995 Royal Storehousep(p).8, 16-17, 22, 27
MZAKh21997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83
MZAKh2UMS 3p(p).43-44, 47
MZAKh2UMS 4p(p).50
MZAKh22000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKh31995 Royal Storehousep(p).16, 22-23, 27
MZAKh31997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83, 86
MZAKh3UMS 3p(p).43
MZAKh3UMS 4p(p).50
MZAKh32000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKh32003 Alaca Höyükp(p).80-81, 128 (Fig. 26)
MZAKh41995 Royal Storehousep(p).8, 22, 24, 27
MZAKh41997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81
MZAKh4UMS 3p(p).43, 47
MZAKh42000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKh5UMS 4p(p).51
MZAKk1.11996 The Sealsp(p).68
MZAKk1:11995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
MZAKk1:31995 Royal Storehousep(p).27
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MZAKk11995 Royal Storehousep(p).8-9, 11, 27
MZAKk11997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).80-81, 88
MZAKk12002 A New Capitalp(p).127, 129-130
MZAKk1UMS 3p(p).43, 48
MZAKk1UMS 4p(p).41
MZAKk12000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
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MZAKk21995 Royal Storehousep(p).10-13, 16-18, 27
MZAKk21997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).80-81
MZAKk22002 A New Capitalp(p).127, 129-130
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MZAKk2UMS 4p(p).48
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MZAKk31995 Royal Storehousep(p).11-13, 27
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MZAKk41997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81
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MZAKk51996 The Sealsp(p).68-69, 92, 96, 99
MZAKk51995 Royal Storehousep(p).11, 13, 27
MZAKk51997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81
MZAKk5UMS 3p(p).43
MZAKk52000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKk61996 The Sealsp(p).68-69, 92, 96, 99
MZAKk61995 Royal Storehousep(p).11, 13, 27
MZAKk61997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81
MZAKk6UMS 3p(p).43
MZAKk62000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq022002 A New Capitalp(p).130-131
MZAKq11995 Royal Storehousep(p).8, 15, 23, 27
MZAKq11997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).80-81, 83, 86-87
MZAKq1UMS 3p(p).43, 46
MZAKq12000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq21996 The Sealsp(p).72, 74, 78
MZAKq21995 Royal Storehousep(p).10, 15-19, 21, 27
MZAKq21997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81-82
MZAKq2UMS 3p(p).43-44, 47
MZAKq2UMS 4p(p).49
MZAKq22000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq22021 EVOSHEEPp(p).4
MZAKq31995 Royal Storehousep(p).15-17, 27
MZAKq31997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83
MZAKq32002 A New Capitalp(p).131
MZAKq3UMS 3p(p).42-44, 47
MZAKq32000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq41995 Royal Storehousep(p).14-19
MZAKq41997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81-83, 88
MZAKq42002 A New Capitalp(p).131
MZAKq4UMS 3p(p).43-47
MZAKq4UMS 4p(p).49
MZAKq42000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq51995 Royal Storehousep(p).15-18
MZAKq51997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83, 88
MZAKq5UMS 3p(p).43-44, 46
MZAKq52000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq61995 Royal Storehousep(p).16-20, 27
MZAKq61997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81-83
MZAKq6UMS 3p(p).43-47
MZAKq6UMS 4p(p).51
MZAKq62000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq71995 Royal Storehousep(p).16-20, 27
MZAKq71997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83
MZAKq7UMS 3p(p).43-46
MZAKq7UMS 4p(p).51
MZAKq72000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAKq81995 Royal Storehousep(p).10, 27
MZAKq81995 Royal Storehousep(p).16-17, 19-21, 27
MZAKq81997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).81, 83
MZAKq8UMS 3p(p).43-45
MZAKq8UMS 4p(p).51
MZAKq82000 De Hurrietenp(p).267
MZAO2001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAO2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136-137, 151-153
MZAP2001 The Royal Palacep(p).67
MZAP2001 MDOG 133p(p).64, 90
MZAP2002 Tar'am Agadep(p).18
MZAP2003 A LU E School Tabletp(p).45, 47
MZAP2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).105, 108
MZAP2002 Ein hurritischer Gangp(p).133
MZAP2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).136-137
MZAR2001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZAR2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).138
MZAS1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387
MZAS1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).390
MZAS1996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZAS1997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60-61
MZAS2002 A New Capitalp(p).127
MZAS2002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZAS1996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZAS2004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).24-25
MZASUMS 3p(p).15-16, 20, 24
MZASUMS 4p(p).70
MZAS2000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZAU2004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).20
MZB011995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).391
MZB012000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).171
MZB01Mozan 1p(p).25, 57, 65-67, 81, 135
MZB01Mozan 1pl(s).VI-IX, XII-XIII, XXIV
MZB01.10Mozan 1p(p).86
MZB01.019UMS 3p(p).36
MZB01.019UMS 3pl(s).IV
MZB01.191990 Third Millennium Sculpturep(p).151
MZB01.191990 Third Millennium Sculpturepl(s).26
MZB01.19Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZB01.40Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZB01.73Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZB01.86Mozan 1p(p).86
MZB01.87Mozan 1p(p).86
MZB01.164UMS 3pl(s).I
MZB01.164UMS 4pl(s).II
MZB01A1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389, 392
MZB01f12Mozan 1p(p).60
MZB01f19Mozan 1p(p).60
MZB01f19Mozan 1pl(s).IX
MZB01f88Mozan 1p(p).59
MZB01f89Mozan 1p(p).60-61
MZB01f102Mozan 1p(p).61
MZB01knMozan 1p(p).60
MZB01kwMozan 1p(p).60
MZB02Mozan 1p(p).60
MZB031997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).92
MZB032002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZB03UMS 3p(p).20
MZB05UMS 3p(p).20
MZB061999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13-14
MZB062002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).108
MZB062002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109
MZB06UMS 4p(p).70
MZB07-57391995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZB07-95321995 Royal Storehousep(p).6
MZB07-95341995 Royal Storehousep(p).6
MZB08-77701995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZB08a-07301995 Royal Storehousep(p).16
MZB08b-03181996 The Sealsp(p).100
MZB08b-04101995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZB08b-07351996 The Sealsp(p).101
MZB121995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).390
MZB121996 The Sealsp(p).66
MZB121995 Royal Storehousep(p).4-5
MZB121997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).62
MZB122002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZBA1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387-392
MZBA1996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZBA1997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60-62
MZBA1997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).84
MZBA1999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13-14, 16
MZBA2001 The Royal Palacep(p).68
MZBA2002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZBA2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109
MZBA1996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZBA2002 Ein hurritischer Gangp(p).133
MZBA2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).146, 171
MZBAMozan 2p(p).7-9, 29
MZBA1997 Kingdom of the Lionp(p).7
MZBAUMS 3p(p).15-16, 24, 28, 31, 36
MZBAUMS 4p(p).42, 69
MZBAUMS 4p(p).70
MZBA2000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZBH1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387-388
MZBH1996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZBH1997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZBH1999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13, 16
MZBH2002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZBH2002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109
MZBH1996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZBHMozan 2p(p).29
MZBHUMS 3p(p).15-16, 19, 25, 32
MZBHUMS 4p(p).70
MZBH2000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZBH.15UMS5p(p).90, 109
MZBH.383-2UMS 3p(p).65, 73
MZBH383.2UMS 3pl(s).XI
MZC1.1UMS 3pl(s).III
MZC11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387
MZC11996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZC11997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60-61
MZC11999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZC12002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZC11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZC1UMS 3p(p).15-16, 19
MZC12000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZC2.1653UMS 4pl(s).VII
MZC21999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZC22002 Tar'am Agadep(p).28
MZC2MDOG 134- GB & MKB p(p).103, 108-109, 114
MZC22004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).36
MZC22000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).133-134
MZC2UMS 4p(p).69-72
MZC2UMS 4p(p).70
MZD31997 First Hurrian Capitalp(p).92
MZD32002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZE7-17021995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZE7-17051995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZE7-21131995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZE7-22111995 Royal Storehousep(p).24
MZE8-20121995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZE8-58431995 Royal Storehousep(p).12
MZE8a-05061995 Royal Storehousep(p).21
MZE8a-18041995 Royal Storehousep(p).23
MZE8a-21031995 Royal Storehousep(p).18
MZE8a-25021995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZE8a-26051995 Royal Storehousep(p).14
MZE8a-65071996 The Sealsp(p).100
MZE8a-70101996 The Sealsp(p).101
MZE8b-03011995 Royal Storehousep(p).9
MZE8b-07181995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
MZE8b-07251995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
MZE8b-14101995 Royal Storehousep(p).13
MZE8b-14111995 Royal Storehousep(p).26
MZE8b-14211995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZE8b-14231995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZE8b-15021995 Royal Storehousep(p).19
MZE8b-19021996 The Sealsp(p).102
MZE8b-27121995 Royal Storehousep(p).17
MZE8b-41071996 The Sealsp(p).102
MZE8b-41091996 The Sealsp(p).103
MZF1.108Mozan 2pl(s).IV
MZF1.119Mozan 2pl(s).IV
MZF1.121Mozan 2p(p).17-18, 22
MZF1.122Mozan 2p(p).17, 19, 22
MZF11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387, 389
MZF11996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZF11995 Royal Storehousep(p).29
MZF11997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZF11999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13, 16
MZF12002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZF12002 Tar'am Agadep(p).27
MZF12002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109
MZF11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZF1Mozan 2p(p).6-12, 30-31
MZF1Mozan 2pl(s).I
MZF1UMS 3p(p).15-16, 19, 29
MZF1UMS 4p(p).70
MZF12000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZF1f82Mozan 2pl(s).IV
MZFN12000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN22000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN32000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN42000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN52000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN62000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN72000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFN82000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).180
MZFS2002 Tar'am Agadep(p).24
MZG01995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).386
MZG01996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZG01997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZG02002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZG01996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZG0UMS 3p(p).15-16
MZG0UMS 4p(p).70
MZG02000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZG22002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).113
MZH01995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).386
MZH01996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZH01997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZH02002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZH01996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZH0UMS 3p(p).15-16
MZH0UMS 4p(p).70
MZH02000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZH012004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).21
MZH022004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).21
MZK11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
MZK11999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZK11990 Trade in Metalsp(p).131
MZK1Mozan 1p(p).25, 46, 57-59, 65-67, 69, 79, 81, 125, 135
MZK1Mozan 1pl(s).I, X, XII-XIV
MZK1Mozan 2p(p).7-8
MZK1UMS 3p(p).39, 64
MZK1.02Mozan 1p(p).58, 83
MZK1.06Mozan 1p(p).79
MZK1.06Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZK1.08Mozan 1p(p).79-80
MZK1.08Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZK1.12Mozan 1pl(s).I
MZK1.12-2Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZK1.13Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.14Mozan 1p(p).58, 84
MZK1.16Mozan 1p(p).68-69
MZK1.16Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.17Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZK1.18Mozan 1p(p).70, 72, 77, 81
MZK1.18Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.20Mozan 1p(p).70
MZK1.20Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.24Mozan 1p(p).70
MZK1.24Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.25Mozan 1p(p).70
MZK1.25Mozan 1pl(s).XIV-XV
MZK1.29Mozan 1p(p).68, 71, 78
MZK1.29Mozan 1pl(s).XVII
MZK1.31Mozan 1p(p).71
MZK1.41Mozan 1p(p).71
MZK1.41Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.42Mozan 1p(p).71
MZK1.45Mozan 1p(p).70, 72, 77, 81
MZK1.45Mozan 1pl(s).XVII
MZK1.46Mozan 1p(p).68, 72
MZK1.46Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.50Mozan 1p(p).68-69, 72-73
MZK1.50Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZK1.51Mozan 1p(p).73
MZK1.51Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZK1.52Mozan 1p(p).68, 73, 78
MZK1.52Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZK1.55Mozan 1p(p).68-69, 73
MZK1.56Mozan 1p(p).68, 73
MZK1.57Mozan 1p(p).74
MZK1.61Mozan 1p(p).68
MZK1.63Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.64Mozan 1p(p).80
MZK1.65Mozan 1p(p).68
MZK1.66Mozan 1p(p).80
MZK1.69Mozan 1p(p).68
MZK1.69Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZK1.70Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.72Mozan 1p(p).75
MZK1.72Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.73Mozan 1p(p).75
MZK1.74Mozan 1p(p).75
MZK1.75Mozan 1p(p).75
MZK1.75Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.76Mozan 1p(p).76
MZK1.76Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.77Mozan 1p(p).76
MZK1.77Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.78Mozan 1p(p).76
MZK1.78Mozan 1pl(s).XIV-XV
MZK1.80Mozan 1p(p).80
MZK1.81Mozan 1p(p).68, 70, 72, 76, 81
MZK1.82Mozan 1p(p).68, 77
MZK1.82Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZK1.87Mozan 1p(p).77
MZK1.87Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZK1.88Mozan 1p(p).77
MZK1.90Mozan 1p(p).77
MZK1.91Mozan 1p(p).78
MZK1.92Mozan 1p(p).68, 69, 78
MZK1.92Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZK1f161995 Royal Storehousep(p).6
MZK1f16Mozan 1p(p).67
MZK1f16Mozan 1pl(s).X, XIII, XVI-XVII
MZK2Mozan 1p(p).67, 79, 125
MZK2Mozan 1pl(s).X
MZK2UMS 3p(p).46
MZK2.08Mozan 1p(p).79
MZK3.016UMS 3p(p).65, 72
MZK3.016UMS 3pl(s).X
MZK3.17UMS5p(p).426, 535
MZK3Mozan 1p(p).58, 66
MZKW1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387, 392
MZKW1996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZKW1997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60, 62
MZKW1999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZKW2002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZKW1996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZKWUMS 3p(p).15-16, 12, 13
MZKWUMS 4p(p).70
MZKW2000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZM1 001Mozan 1p(p).45, 130
MZM1 001Mozan 1p(p).79
MZM1 002Mozan 1p(p).45, 130
MZM1 003Mozan 1p(p).45, 133
MZM1 004Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 005Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 006Mozan 1p(p).45, 130
MZM1 007Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 008Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 009Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 010Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 011Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 012Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 013Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 014Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 015Mozan 1p(p).44, 130
MZM1 016Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 017Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 017Mozan 1p(p).45
MZM1 018Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 019Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 020Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 021Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 022Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 022Mozan 1p(p).65
MZM1 023Mozan 1p(p).44, 131
MZM1 023Mozan 1p(p).65
MZM1 024Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 025Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 026Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 027Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 028Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 029Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 030Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 031Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 032Mozan 1p(p).44, 132
MZM1 033Mozan 1p(p).65, 133
MZM1 034Mozan 1p(p).65, 133
MZM1 035Mozan 1p(p).61, 66, 133
MZM1 036Mozan 1p(p).65, 133
MZM1 037Mozan 1p(p).65, 133
MZM1 038Mozan 1p(p).66, 133
MZM1 039Mozan 1p(p).65, 133
MZM1 040Mozan 1p(p).44, 133
MZM1 041Mozan 1p(p).44, 133
MZM1 042Mozan 1p(p).45, 133
MZM1 043Mozan 1p(p).44, 133
MZM1 044Mozan 1p(p).44, 133
MZM1 045Mozan 1p(p).44, 133
MZM1 046Mozan 1p(p).134
MZM1 047Mozan 1p(p).134
MZM1 048Mozan 1p(p).134
MZM1 049Mozan 1p(p).134
MZM1 050Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 051Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 052Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 052Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZM1 053Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 054Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 055Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 056Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 057Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 058Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 059Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 060Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 061Mozan 1p(p).74
MZM1 061Mozan 1p(p).66, 134
MZM1 062Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 063Mozan 1p(p).74
MZM1 063Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 064Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 065Mozan 1p(p).65, 135
MZM1 065Mozan 1p(p).74
MZM1 066Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 067Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 068Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 069Mozan 1p(p).74
MZM1 069Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 070Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 071Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 072Mozan 1p(p).65, 135
MZM1 073Mozan 1p(p).65, 135
MZM1 074Mozan 1p(p).135
MZM1 075Mozan 1p(p).65, 135
MZM1 075Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZM1 076Mozan 1p(p).65, 135
MZM1 077Mozan 1p(p).65, 136
MZM1 078Mozan 1p(p).65, 136
MZM1 079Mozan 1p(p).136
MZM1 080Mozan 1p(p).136
MZM1 082Mozan 1p(p).61, 136
MZM1 082Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZM1 083Mozan 1p(p).66, 136
MZM1 084Mozan 1p(p).66, 136
MZM1 085Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 086Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 087Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 088Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 089Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 090Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 091Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 092Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 093Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 094Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 095Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 096Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 097Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 098Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 099Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 100Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 101Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 102Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 103Mozan 1p(p).137
MZM1 104Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 105Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 106Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 107Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 108Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 109Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 110Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 111Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 112Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 113Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 114Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 115Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 116Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 117Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 118Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 119Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 120Mozan 1p(p).138
MZM1 121Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 122Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 123Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 124Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 125Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 126Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 127Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 128Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 129Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 130Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 131Mozan 1p(p).139
MZM1 132Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 133Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 134Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 135Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 136Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 137Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 138Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 139Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 140Mozan 1p(p).140
MZM1 141Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 142Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 143Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 144Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 145Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 146Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 147Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 148Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 149Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 150Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 151Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 152Mozan 1p(p).141
MZM1 153Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 154Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 155Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 156Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 157Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 158Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 159Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 160Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 161Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 162Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 163Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 164Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 165Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 166Mozan 1p(p).142
MZM1 167Mozan 1p(p).45
MZM1 167Mozan 1p(p).67, 79, 143
MZM1 167Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZM1 168Mozan 1p(p).79
MZM1 168Mozan 1p(p).143
MZM1 168Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZM1 168Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZM1 169Mozan 1p(p).143
MZM1 169Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZM1 169Mozan 1pl(s).XVII
MZM1 170Mozan 1p(p).71, 144
MZM1 171Mozan 1p(p).72, 144
MZM1 171Mozan 1pl(s).XIV, XVII
MZM1 172Mozan 1p(p).72, 145
MZM1 172Mozan 1pl(s).XIV-XV
MZM1 173Mozan 1p(p).73, 145
MZM1 173Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZM1 1741996 The Sealsp(p).76
MZM1 174Mozan 1p(p).73, 146
MZM1 174Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZM1 175Mozan 1p(p).73, 146
MZM1 175Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZM1 176Mozan 1p(p).74, 146
MZM1 177Mozan 1p(p).74, 147
MZM1 177Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZM1 178Mozan 1p(p).80, 148
MZM1 179Mozan 1p(p).76, 149
MZM1 179Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZM1 180Mozan 1p(p).77, 149
MZM1 180Mozan 1pl(s).XVIII
MZM1 1811996 The Sealsp(p).76
MZM1 181Mozan 1p(p).150
MZM1 181Mozan 1pl(s).XIV
MZM1 181Mozan 1pl(s).XVI
MZM1 182Mozan 1p(p).151
MZM1 183Mozan 1p(p).151
MZM1 183Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZM1 184Mozan 1p(p).81, 152
MZM1 184Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 185Mozan 1p(p).81, 152
MZM1 185Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 186Mozan 1p(p).81, 152
MZM1 186Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 187Mozan 1p(p).153
MZM1 187Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 188Mozan 1p(p).81, 153
MZM1 188Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 189Mozan 1p(p).81, 153
MZM1 189Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 190Mozan 1p(p).81, 153
MZM1 190Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 191Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 191Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 192Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 192Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 193Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 193Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 194Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 194Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 195Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 195Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 196Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 196Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 197Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 197Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 198Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 198Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 199Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 199Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 200Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 200Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 201Mozan 1p(p).81, 154
MZM1 201Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 202Mozan 1p(p).81, 155
MZM1 202Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 203Mozan 1p(p).81, 155
MZM1 203Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 204Mozan 1p(p).81, 155
MZM1 204Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 205Mozan 1p(p).81, 155
MZM1 205Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 206Mozan 1p(p).81, 155
MZM1 206Mozan 1pl(s).XII
MZM1 207Mozan 1p(p).81, 156
MZM1 208Mozan 1p(p).81, 156
MZM1 209Mozan 1p(p).81, 156
MZM1 209Mozan 1pl(s).I
MZM1 210Mozan 1p(p).61
MZM1 210Mozan 1p(p).81
MZM1 210Mozan 1pl(s).XIII
MZM1.207UMS 3p(p).64
MZM1.209UMS 3p(p).64, 72
MZM2 1Mozan 2p(p).17-18, 22, 24, 32
MZM2 1Mozan 2pl(s).II, IV
MZM2 2Mozan 2p(p).17, 19, 22-24, 33
MZM2 2Mozan 2pl(s).III-IV
MZM2 3Mozan 2p(p).9
MZM2 3Mozan 2pl(s).II
MZMZ 002Mozan 1p(p).79
MZN01995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387
MZN01996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZN01997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZN02002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZN01996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZN0UMS 3p(p).15-16
MZN0UMS 4p(p).70
MZN02000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZOA1999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZOA41995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOA41997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZOa4Mozan 2p(p).7
MZOA4UMS 3p(p).12
MZOA6UMS 3p(p).16
MZOB1999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZOb1.25Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOb1.26Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOb1.36Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOb1.47Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOb1.52Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOb1.57Mozan 2p(p).34
MZOB11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388, 392
MZOB11997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60, 63
MZOB11990 Trade in Metalsp(p).124, 130
MZOb1Mozan 2p(p).7-8
MZOB1UMS 3p(p).12
MZOD21995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOD21997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZOE11997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZOE21995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOH1UMS 3p(p).18
MZOH21999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13-14
MZOH22002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).109
MZOH2UMS 4p(p).42
MZON11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOS091995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOS09UMS 3p(p).16
MZOS101995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOS10UMS 3p(p).16, 18
MZOS111995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOS11UMS 3p(p).16, 18
MZOS121995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).388
MZOS12UMS 3p(p).12, 16, 18
MZOS13UMS 3p(p).18
MZOS14UMS 3p(p).18
MZOS15UMS 3p(p).18
MZOs2Mozan 1p(p).52, 57
MZOs3Mozan 1p(p).52, 56
MZOs4Mozan 1p(p).52, 55, 137
MZOs5Mozan 1p(p).52-53
MZOs6Mozan 1p(p).52-53, 55-56, 138
MZOs7Mozan 1p(p).52, 54, 139
MZOs8Mozan 1p(p).52
MZOs9Mozan 1p(p).52-53, 55-56, 139
MZOzlMozan 1p(p).52
MZP01Mozan 1p(p).25
MZph2a2001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph2a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph2b2001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph2b2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph32001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph32000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph4a2001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph4a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph4b2001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph4b2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph52001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph52000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZph62001 The Royal Palacep(p).66
MZph62000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).172-173
MZQ11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387
MZQ11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
MZQ11996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZQ11997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).61
MZQ12002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZQ11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZQ1UMS 3p(p).15-16
MZQ1UMS 4p(p).70
MZQ12000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZR01995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).386
MZR01996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZR01997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZR02002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZR01996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZR0UMS 3p(p).15-16
MZR02000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZS11995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387-388
MZS11996 The Sealsp(p).93
MZS11999 Das archaologische Projektp(p).13
MZS12002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZS11996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZS1UMS 3p(p).12, 15-16
MZS12000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZS21995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).387, 389
[mistakenly printed as SZ]
1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
MZS21997 Oxford Encyclopediap(p).60
MZS22002 A New Capitalp(p).128
MZS21996 Nuzi Viewed from Urkeshp(p).250
MZS2UMS 3p(p).12, 19
MZS2UMS 4p(p).70
MZS22000 De Hurrietenp(p).264
MZS2sA12UMS 3p(p).12
MZS2sA13UMS 3p(p).12
MZSH 84-E02Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-N01Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-N06Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-O02Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-O06Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S01Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S02Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S04Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S05Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S08Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S09Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S10Mozan 1p(p).158
MZSH 84-S10bMozan 1p(p).158
MZsr10a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
MZsr14a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
MZsr15a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
MZsr17a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
MZsr8a2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
MZsr8b2000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).173, 179
[typographical error for S2]
1995 Mozan(Tall) RAp(p).389
MZV02c16xxUMS 4pl(s).XVII
MZV11d0504UMS 4pl(s).III
MZV12c0228UMS 4pl(s).VIII
MZV12c1124UMS 4pl(s).VIII
MZV12c2033UMS 4pl(s).IX
MZV12c2533UMS 4pl(s).V
MZV12c2537UMS 4pl(s).V
MZV12c9901UMS 4pl(s).XIII
MZV12d08172003 Conservation at the Corep(p).18
MZV12d0908UMS 4pl(s).XXVII
MZV12d11132000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).158
MZV12d11142000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).159
MZV12d14082000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).145, 147
MZV12d14112000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).144
MZV12d1435UMS 4pl(s).XXVII
MZV12d1907UMS 4pl(s).XI
MZV12d25342000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).149
MZV12d2620UMS 4pl(s).X
MZV12d2712UMS 4pl(s).XI
MZV12d28152000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).148
MZV12d2902UMS 4pl(s).XVI
MZV12d500062000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).160
MZV12d500072000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).160
MZV12d5034UMS 4pl(s).XIV
MZV12d5106UMS 4pl(s).XIV
MZV12d5209UMS 4pl(s).V
MZV12d52172000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).162
MZV12d52282000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).161
MZV12d52292000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).161
MZV12d5230UMS 4pl(s).V
MZV12d5338UMS 4pl(s).IV
MZV12d5339UMS 4pl(s).IV
MZV12d5510UMS 4pl(s).XIV
MZV12d55132000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).162
MZV12d56262002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV12d56282002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV12d56382002 Tar'am Agadep(p).23
MZV12d57412002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV12d5741UMS 4pl(s).XVI
MZV12d57592002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV12d57612002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV12d5837UMS 4pl(s).XII
MZV12d5839UMS 4pl(s).XII
MZV12d5946UMS 4pl(s).IV
MZV12d90212002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZV12d90222002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZV12d90432002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZV12d90432002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZV12d91152002 Tar'am Agadep(p).21
MZV12d92122002 Tar'am Agadep(p).23
MZV12d94512000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).182
MZV12d94532000 Royal Palace 12th Seasonp(p).182
MZV12d9612UMS 4pl(s).XVII
MZV12d9614UMS 4pl(s).XVII
MZV12d97132002 Tar'am Agadep(p).23
MZV12d9901UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV12d9903UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZV12d9904UMS 4pl(s).XV
MZV13d02622001 MDOG 133p(p).73
MZV13d0654UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV13d0657UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV13d13942001 MDOG 133p(p).70
MZV13d16342001 MDOG 133p(p).79
MZV13d1717UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV13d26412001 MDOG 133p(p).73
MZV13d26432001 MDOG 133p(p).73
MZV13d27022002 Tar'am Agadep(p).19
MZV13d27102002 Tar'am Agadep(p).19
MZV13d27252002 Tar'am Agadep(p).19
MZV13d3024UMS 4pl(s).XXV
MZV13d30462001 MDOG 133p(p).68
MZV13d7234UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV13d8102UMS 4pl(s).X
MZV13d8148UMS 4pl(s).IX
MZV13d84022003 Conservation at the Corep(p).19
MZV13d8415UMS 4pl(s).XXV
MZV13d85212003 Conservation at the Corep(p).21
MZV13d8547UMS 4pl(s).XXII
MZV13d8556UMS 4pl(s).XXIII
MZV13d8561UMS 4pl(s).XXIII
MZV13d85672003 Conservation at the Corep(p).19
MZV13d8567UMS 4pl(s).XXIII
MZV13d86622003 Conservation at the Corep(p).21
MZV13d8662UMS 4pl(s).XXII
MZV13d9619UMS 4pl(s).XXIV
MZV13d9633UMS 4pl(s).XXIV
MZV13q106.12002 Tar'am Agadep(p).14
MZV14d4210UMS 4pl(s).XXVI
MZV14d4214UMS 4pl(s).XXVI
MZV14d4517UMS 4pl(s).XIII
MZV14d7585UMS 4pl(s).XXVI
MZV14d7586UMS 4pl(s).XXVI
MZV14d9294UMS 4pl(s).XII
MZV14d9298UMS 4pl(s).VI
MZV14d95032003 Conservation at the Corep(p).18
MZV14d9503UMS 4pl(s).VII
MZV14d9512UMS 4pl(s).VII
MZV15d20892004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).20
MZV15d20972004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).27
MZV15d25332004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).38-39
MZV15d40012004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).14
MZV15d40602004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).16
MZV15d75622003 Conservation at the Corep(p).21
MZV16d20962004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).30
MZV3126N11990 Trade in Metalsp(p).130
MZVGd0108UMS 4pl(s).II
MZVGd9803UMS 4pl(s).I
MZW12c2106-72004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).37
MZW12c7502UMS 4pl(s).IV
MZW14c71122002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).126
MZW15d27132004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).21
MZW15d45142004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).17
MZW15d46012004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).35
MZW15d46052004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).33
MZW15d46112004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).32
MZW15d46132004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).33
MZW15d46192004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).34
MZW15d46302004 Der monumentale Palasthofp(p).34
MZW22002 Die große Schnittstellep(p).107
MZX22001 The Royal Palacep(p).65
MZZ1.15Mozan 1p(p).81
MZZ1.17Mozan 1p(p).72
MZZ1.17Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZZ1.20Mozan 1p(p).72
MZZ1.20Mozan 1pl(s).XIX
MZZ1.66Mozan 2p(p).9
MZZ1.2312014 Perfumep(p).20
MZZ1.279UMS5p(p).398, 538
MZZ1.279UMS 3p(p).65

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