Unit Book A9


Processed on 2023-08-22


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Category !! !! installation
Best definition 1997-06-21 jo structure [Input: H626JO.j]



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Description (summary) 1997-06-21 jo (sketch 3) [Input: H626JO.j]



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Daily notes about recovery of elements 1997-06-23 jo 40cm of f27 was dug to the N, E and W of a4 to loke at the bricks of a4 from the sides, The bricks turn out to be formed of only one lyer, no evidence of any type of construction is formed by a4,s bricks. The only possible interpetation at this time is it could be brick-fall, allthough no determenation was made of which wall was it (the closest possible wall is f15). Three relatervelly large stones were found at the northern end of f12, more worke will be done tomorow around a4 fore a better understanding of its nature [Input: H707JO.j]
1997-06-24 jm Plan to remove a4. We see only one layer of brick no continuation, after having cleand the area. The accumulation runs N-W [Input: H707JO.j]

Volumetric Localization

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Locus 1997-06-21 jo k2 [Input: H626JO.j]

Spatial Aggregation

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Features within aggregate 1997-06-21 jo f12 (accumulation), f23 (group of bricks) [Input: H626JO.j]