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category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 1999-7-25 okk wall [Input File: ZG131hs.j]

daily notes 1999-7-26 okk After scraping the surface we were able to trace the courses of bricks by the mortar lines, though they were very indistinct. The bricks near the bottom were a very dark grey, unlike the upper courses which are light grey. [Input File: zg525ms.j]
1999-7-26 1999-7-27 Today we excavated the N part of f249 and were able to ascertain that this was definitely a wall because the bricks were clearly laid, of the same type, and came out in large pieces or even whole bricks. We excavated until the mortar line which appears to separate f249 from f198. This runs vertically through the 'cube, about a meter from the baulk. [Input File: zg525ms.j]

Volumetric Localization
m#/elev @top 1999-7-25 okk gray bricky material, wall [Input File: j803ab1.j]
1999-7-25 okk gray bricks material, wall [Input File: ZG131hs.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 1999-7-31 okk q446 (pottery, bones) sits in f249 (wall) [Input File: j803ab1.j]
1999-7-26 okk q441 (pottery) sits in f249 (wall) [Input File: j803ab1.j]
1999-7-27 okk q443 (pottery, bones) sits in f249 (wall) [Input File: j803ab1.j]
1999-7-27 okk q443-p2 (pottery) sits in f249 (wall) [Input File: j803ab1.j]
inclusions !! !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature [Input File: !!]

Time Sequencing