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category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2000-7-05 jl pit aggregate [Input File: K706jl.j]

description (summary) 2000-7-05 jl white truncated pit at edge of f321 [Input File: K706jl.j]
2000-7-05 jl pit? A white layer, in almost a complete half circle, pressed up against the face of the fissure. It looks like a very shallow pit, since a significant while lip/rim has been preserved, at least in parts. The white material appears to be a phytolith layer, and samples were taken for our bioarchaeologist. [Input File: K705jl.j]
best view 2001-2-26 jl V13d1041 [Input File: M815jl.j]

Volumetric Localization
origin of elevation 2000-8-06 smp m5019 [Input File: K806smp.j]
tie to elevation 2000-8-06 smp 158 [Input File: K806smp.j]
elevation 2000-8-06 smp 82 [Input File: K806smp.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2000-7-05 jl f325 (pit aggregate) sits in f316 (accumulation) [Input File: K706jl.j]
2000-7-10 ed q629 (items) sits in f325 (pit aggregate) [Input File: K711jl.j]
2000-7-10 ed q629.51 (sample) sits in f325 (pit aggregate) [Input File: K711jl.j]
type of contact: earliest events 2000-7-05 jl f325 (pit aggregate) abuts f321 (hole) [Input File: K706jl.j]
2000-7-09 jl [Input File: K710jl.j]

notes on deposition 2000-7-05 jl The discovery of this pit raises some important questions about the deposition of a22. We were operating under the assumption that k27 had subsided and was therefore later than k26, but if so, where is the other half of the pit? It is unlikely that they would have dug through so clear a layer of white material last season, so it might be the case that k26 is the more recent accumulation. But if k26 cut away the rest of the pit and leaned against k27, what exactly did it lean against, i.e. what created the fissure? Once again, we come back to the same puzzling question, except now even more confused than before. [Input File: K705jl.j]

Time Sequencing
stratum (to which element belongs) 2000-7-10 jl sB4 [Input File: K710jl1.j]
2001-9-16 jl sC5 [Input File: L915jl1.j]
phase (to which element belongs) 2000-7-10 jl [Input File: K710jl1.j]


removed, discarded, missing 2000-7-10 jl K710jl [Input File: K711jl.j]
2000-8-06 smp K710 [Input File: K806smp.j]