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Processed on 7-14-2022
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description (summary) 1999-6-26 jo S k5 [Input File: j718jo.j]
1999-6-26 jo 500cm E-W x 400cm N-S, W k9, S k5. [Input File: zg127ms.J]

strategy (projected or implemented) 1999-7-04 ab we continue to dig f118 (a11) and f115 in the rest of the locus. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-05 ab in a11 we will start digging f128, the 4th feature equals f40 (A10 f194). In the rest of the locus we will start excavating f130 which may be the brick fall of a brick wall, that might be found below. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-11 ab we will remove the E baulk [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-07 ab we will dig feature f140 W of f142 to the level of f68 (A10 f222) and will clear up the top surface of f142 by removal of f 133. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-08 ab we will dig f141 farther down and will dig f154 in the SE corner of k10. [Input File: j718ab.j]

Volumetric Localization
length of two sides 1999-6-26 jo N-S400 [Input File: j718jo.j]
1999-6-26 jo E-W500 [Input File: j718jo.j]