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description (summary) 2001-9-01 jmf This drawing of the northern stone wall of building W, the underground structure, was originally two large pencil drawings by jmf, for the left and right halves (equivalent to the square area, k26, and the circular area, k27), which jmf then traced. Both of these drawings were too large to be scanned as one page, and therefore were split in half. The right page included w41, the top half, and w42, the bottom half (both pencil drawings, and therefore not included in the final publication). The scanned image of the left page, on the other hand, has been lost, and our only copy of it comes from this tracing. To reflect its existence (we do have its tracing, after all), we will label it A12w43. All of the stones in the drawing were individually measured by jmf. The double-dotted line along the bottom of the drawing marks the floor level when jmf first began his drawing; it was so high on account of the winter rain which had filled the bottom of the building with mud. The dashed line in the center of the drawing marks the melted remains of the mud ledge, f374, the only part which remained after the aforementioned winter rain. The stones within this line, as well as the stones below the aforementioned floorline, were added to the drawing later, after the area had been cleared. [Input File: M718jl.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of aggregate
2001-9-01 / jmf / [Input File:M718jl.j]
view/drawing of locus
2001-9-01 / jmf / [Input File:M718jl.j]
view/drawing orientation 2001-9-01 jmf looking north [Input File: M718jl.j]