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description (summary) 2001-7-12 ci This drawing shows the south baulk of k26 after we had cleared away the accumulated mud in the bottom of the locus. The square indentations in the section are the locations of the first set of soil samples which we removed and sent to lc in Italy for thin-sectioning. Because these samples did not survive the trip intact, we cut another set of samples at the end of the season, after we had cut the baulk face back half of a meter. The drawing does not record features 345 and 348 because theses layer had been completely obscured by the winter rain, and even after we cleared out the accumulated mud, it was still too difficult to distinguish well enough between the different layers to draw them accurately. Together with w29, it forms the composite drawing w32, a drawing of the whole south baulk of the building W. [Input File: M719jl.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of features
2001-7-12 / ci / [Input File:M719jl.j]
view/drawing of locus
2001-7-12 / ci / [Input File:M719jl.j]
view/drawing orientation 2001-7-12 ci looking south [Input File: M719jl.j]