Unit Book A16


Processed on 2023-12-09



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2001-08-26 lR Composite drawing of k7, k8, k105 North section. This drawing has been traced using Freehand and shows the natural slope of the excavation, the brickfall, and the brick pillar part of a8. This drawing is part of a composite. [Input: W314LC.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of aggregate 2001-08-26 lR a4 (^bf), a8 (room), a9 (^bu) [Input: W314LC.j]
View/drawing of features 2001-08-26 lR f16 (^ts), f21 (^bf), f49 (^ly), f81 (^aa), f89 (^is), f99 (^ly), f106 (^a), f111 (^a), f125 (^fc), f126 (^aa), f129 (^a), f246 (brick pile) [Input: W314LC.j]
View/drawing of locus 2001-08-26 lR k7, k8, k105 [Input: W314LC.j]
View/drawing orientation 2001-08-26 lR n [Input: W314LC.j]
Photo of view

2001-08-26 lr [Input: A16W14.j]
Notes on analogical record 2001-08-26 lR Refer to composite w43 [Input: W314LC.j]