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category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2008-7-22 sE stone installation [Input File: S727lr5.j]
best image !! !!
[Input File: !!]

description (summary) 2008-7-27 lC Stone installation in k14, possible a stone wall constructed of medium to large white stones clustered together running south to north, with the eastern edge forming a straight line. The southern end may extend further south into the baulk. [Input File: S727lr4.j]
2008-8-11 lR A cluster of 28 stones ranging in size concentrated south in k14. The eastern border of f34 forms a line while the western border is irregular in shape. Two pavements are associated with f34, sherd pavement f33, a later pavement that overlays the stones covering a cluster in the north while f48 appears to have been constructed at the same time as f34 for some of the stones sit on f48 with sherds also overlaying. Another cluster of cobblestones were found in the west, f61, perhaps associated with these stones. The stones are the typical white limestone found at Mozan. [Input File: S811lr6.j]

daily notes 2008-7-22 lR While defining f33 sherd pavement or lense a series of stones were found under f33, concentrated in the southeast corner. The stones appear to be in line forming a possible wall. [Input File: S722lr.j]

Volumetric Localization
relays (applicable to elements) 2008-7-24 yM 88 (41983 41655 - 9364 / Relay location: SW) [Input File: S725LC-R.J]
2008-7-24 yM 89 (42157 41723 - 9366 / Relay location: NW) [Input File: S725LC-R.J]
2008-7-24 yM 90 (42107 41754 - 9370 / Relay location: NE) [Input File: S725LC-R.J]
2008-7-24 yM 91 (41964 41716 - 9371 / Relay location: SE) [Input File: S725LC-R.J]
m#/elev @top 2008-7-22 sE m3747 [Input File: S727lr5.j]
height @top 2008-7-22 sE 126 [Input File: S727lr5.j]
h-eye @top 2008-7-22 sE 150 [Input File: S727lr5.j]
elevation 2008-8-11 lR 9339 at top [Input File: S811lr6.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2008-8-13 lR f33 (pavement, type c) overlays f34 (stone installation) [Input File: S813lr.J]
2008-8-13 lR f34 (stone installation) rests on f48 (pavement, type c) [Input File: S813lr.J]

Time Sequencing

color 2008-8-11 lR white [Input File: S811lr6.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of features

2008-7-28 / eE / [Input File:S802lC.j]

2008-7-28 / eE / [Input File:S802lC.j]

2008-7-23 / sE / [Input File:S803lr3.j]

2008-7-23 / sE / [Input File:S803lr3.j]

2008-7-30 / lR / [Input File:S811lC.j]

2008-7-30 / lR / [Input File:S811lC.j]

storage 2008-8-11 lR S728 [Input File: S811lr6.j]