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category !! !! other features [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2008-9-16 lC accumulation [Input File: S916lC2.j]

description (summary) 2008-9-16 lC Probable accumulation between the two walls f127 and f126. This accumulation has been recovered in section and seems that the wall f127 rest on it. This accumulation has a thin (about 5 cm) layer of red bricky material, very similar to bricks, but much softer. It could be like a sort of preparation below the pavement or a course of mud brick of very bad quality belonging to the wall f127. This accumulation is gray in color with small pebbles, sherds and numerous animal holes. It is very similar to the material underneath forming the possible wall f126, but softer in hardness. [Input File: S916lC2.j]

notes on recovery 2008-9-16 lC The feature has not been excavated. This feature number has been assigned after the end of the excavation for a accumulation recovered just in section but important for the Harris Matrix. [Input File: S916lC2.j]

Volumetric Localization
notes on volumetric localization 2008-9-16 lC We didn't take relays and neither elevation for this feature because we didn't excavate it. [Input File: S916lC2.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2008-9-12 lR f127 (wall) rests on f153 (accumulation) [Input File: S912lr.j]
type of contact: earliest events 2008-9-12 lR f153 (accumulation) overlays f126 (wall) [Input File: S912lr.j]

Time Sequencing

ware or material 2008-9-16 lC Sandy clay [Input File: S916lC2.j]
color 2008-9-16 lC Light gray Reddish yellow [Input File: S916lC2.j]
color number (Munsell) 2008-9-16 lC 10YR7/2 7.5YR7/6 [Input File: S916lC2.j]

Aglyptic impressions on sealings (Zai)
hole diameter 2008-9-16 lC Compact [Input File: S916lC2.j]