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category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2010-9-21 yM wall [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]

description (summary) 2010-9-26 lC Mudbrick wall running north to south and probably bonded to ^wall1. It seems to be two whole brikcs wide, with wide spaces for the mortar. The mudbrick are of gray very hard clay mesuring about 40x40 cms. Just few rows of mudbricks are so far visible and the wall measures about 1 meter and an half, then it is cut by the pit f189 but restart to run to the north until the northern baulk of k25. [Input File: U928lC.j]

Volumetric Localization
relays (applicable to elements) 2010-9-28 yM 567 (42338 42115 - 9307 / Relay location: NE) [Input File: U828YM-R.J]
2010-9-28 yM 568 (42180 42037 - 9294 / Relay location: SE) [Input File: U828YM-R.J]
2010-9-28 yM 569 (42362 42041 - 9327 / Relay location: NW) [Input File: U828YM-R.J]
2010-9-28 yM 570 (42257 41999 - 9321 / Relay location: SW) [Input File: U828YM-R.J]
m#/elev @top 2010-9-21 yM m3733 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
height @top 2010-9-21 yM 73 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
h-eye @top 2010-9-21 yM 174 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2010-9-29 lC f180 (fill) abuts f195 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
2010-9-29 lC f189 (pit) cuts f195 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
2010-9-29 lC f205 (layer) overlays f195 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2010-9-29 lC f195 (wall) bonds with f63 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]

Time Sequencing

color 2010-9-21 yM very pale brown [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
color number (Munsell) 2010-9-21 yM 10/YR 7/3 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
hardness, compaction 2010-9-21 yM >4.5 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]