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category 2008-7-20 sE lithic artifact [Input File: S811lr2.j]
definition (typological label) 2008-7-20 sE door socket [Input File: S811lr2.j]
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description (summary) 2008-7-20 sE door socket with a triangular shape and rounded corners. The whole surface is covered with encrustations of soil, and roughly worked. The circular depression is not centered, superficial, and smooth. The upper surface is flat. [Input File: S811lr2.j]
field definition 2008-7-17 sE door socket [Input File: S721lr.j]
field height 2008-7-17 sE 6.2 [Input File: S721lr.j]
field length 2008-7-17 sE 26 [Input File: S721lr.j]
field width 1 2008-7-17 sE 22.6 [Input File: S721lr.j]
field ware or material 2008-7-17 sE st [Input File: S721lr.j]
field color 2008-7-17 sE gray [Input File: S721lr.j]
notes on field color 2008-7-17 sE not associated with a floor but found upright [Input File: S721lr.j]

Volumetric Localization
relays (applicable to elements) 2008-7-17 yM 33 (41889 40569 - 9408 / Relay location: Se) [Input File: S720LC-R.J]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2008-7-17 sE i4 (door socket) sits in f10 (accumulation D) [Input File: S721lr.j]

Spatial Aggregation
q-lot with which item is associated 2008-7-17 sE 16 [Input File: S721lr.j]

height 2008-7-20 sE 9.5 [Input File: S811lr2.j]
length 2008-7-20 sE 29.2 [Input File: S811lr2.j]
width 1 or diameter of rim 2008-7-20 sE 16.7 [Input File: S811lr2.j]

condition 2008-7-20 sE broken [Input File: S811lr2.j]
ware or material 2008-7-20 sE lithic [Input File: S811lr2.j]
color 2008-7-20 sE gray [Input File: S811lr2.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of item

2008-7-17 / yM / [Input File:S803lr3.j]

storage 2008-9-17 lC ZSB 105-34 [Input File: S917lC2.j]