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description (summary) 2010-9-19 lC New excavation unit, N of k14 [Input File: ZE806aMA.j]

daily notes 2010-9-06 yM We started excavating in k24 by removing the top soil layer f156. For the first 5cm we did not collect the pottery because its contaminated. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-07 yM We continued removing the top soil layer. Going down we found a stone installation in the north western corner. We also found a patch of stones in the western part of the loci. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding of the situation. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-08 yM Today we continued removing the top soil layer f156 and below it we found a sherds and pebble pavement, extending in the south western corner. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-12 yM We started today by leveling the square to take pictures then we assigned a feature number (f163) to the natural accumulation layer locatd in the eastern part of the square. Then we started to remove this natural accumulation, but probably we will finish tomorrow. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-13 yM today we continued going down in the eastern part of the square, still removing f163. We probably reached the bottom of that feature, so tomorrow we will clean and have a better look. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-14 yM Today we just cleaned for a while then we stopped working in this locus for the day. [Input File: U907yM.j]
2010-9-15 yM Today we started working in this square by removing the pavement f166, then we dug a little in the north eastern part of the square, east of the stone installation f164, where we uncovered a pebble pavement to which we have not assigned a feature number yet. [Input File: U915yM.j]
2010-9-18 lC Today we removed the pavement f164 uncovering the slooping floor f179 and we saw that the pavement is going underneath the wall f171. The pavement f164 and the wall f171 were drawn so tomorrow we will be able to remove them. [Input File: U918.j]
2010-9-20 yM Today we continued removing the natural accumulation layer f163 in the west part of the locus. When we finished removing this feature in this part we continued removing it from the rest of the square. By removing this layer we exposed the hard layer f186. [Input File: U920yM.j]
2010-9-21 yM Today we exposed the floor surface f192 by scraping what was left of f186 . This feature f192 was cut by a pit f194, so we removed the fill inside f193. the first layer of the fill was highly compacted, hard and bricky. We dug the fill all the way to what we presume is the bottom of the pit, that is plastered with a bakaya layer. [Input File: U921yM.j]
2010-9-19 yM Today we removed the wall f171 under which we found an accumulation f182, that lays on top of the pavement f165, that continued under wall f171 and partially under the stone installation f164. We also removed f164 to find underneath the same accumulation layer f182 that we found under f171. As for the continuation of the pavement f165, we removed it exposing the floor surface under it f183 which is the same as f179, but only in a different square k24, there for we gave it a new number and then removed it. Doing this we uncovered the remaining part of f163 that we started removing but did not finish yet. [Input File: U919yM.j]
2010-9-22 lC Today we drawn the north section and then we removed the baulk to have a wide view of the area and to take a nice picture showing the layer f192 and f197. [Input File: U922lC1.j]
2010-9-23 lC Today we removed the eastern baulk to look for the upper part of the possible wall running north to south and bonded to ^wall1. Removing this baulk we also expect to find the western adge of the big pit f189. [Input File: U922lC1.j]
2010-9-25 yM Today we removed the floor surface f192 that over lays f172, to expose f172 in order to be able to remove it to uncover ^wall1 that is probably underneath it. [Input File: U927yM2.j]
2010-9-26 yM The aim for today in this locus was to expose the continuation of ^wall1 under f172, so we removed f172 in the northern part of the square, while doing this we came across a different layer f205, that we removed as well, but we were not able to understand the situation well and we were not able to see any bricks clearly in the western part. While in the eastern part we were able to see the continuation of the ^wall1, and other bricks that form a corner with ^wall1 and continues to the north forming a wall that bond with ^wall1. [Input File: U927yM2.j]

Volumetric Localization
space definition 2010-9-19 lC m6303 [Input File: ZE806aMA.j]
length of two sides 2010-9-19 lC 400E [Input File: ZE806aMA.j]
2010-9-19 lC 400S [Input File: ZE806aMA.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of locus

2010-8-05 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-8-05 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-8-05 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-12 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-12 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-12 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-8-05 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-16 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-18 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-19 / lC / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-19 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]

2010-9-19 / yM / [Input File:ZE816aMA.J]