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Processed on 21-8-2020
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photo of view (for views only) 2008-8-21 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]
photo web 2008-8-21 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]
17-7-2020 !!! [Input File: A20_VWX.j]
17-7-2020 !!! [Input File: A20_VWX.j]
17-7-2020 !!! [Input File: A20_VWX.j]

Analogical Record
photo of context (v view)
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
view/drawing orientation 2008-8-21 sE OH [Input File: S901lC2.j]
text description of view 2008-8-21 sE Close up of the a2 after the removal of some vertical bricks. The view shows the stones of the pavement f132, the clay layer f150 going underneath, that links the stones with the shallow mud brick wall f127, running east to west. [Input File: S901lC2.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2008-8-21 sE a2 f40 f56 f127 f132 f150 k14 [Input File: S901lC2.j]