Unit Book J1


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Includes other label 2009-09-19 lC f162 (accumulation D), f181 (accumulation D), f184 (accumulation D), f190 (accumulation D), f191 (accumulation D), f227 (accumulation C), f231 (accumulation D), f233 (accumulation D), f234 (accumulation D), f235 (accumulation B), f236 (accumulation), f237 (accumulation B), f310 (accumulation D), f312 (accumulation D), f313 (accumulation B), f315 (accumulation B), f319 (accumulation D), f322 (accumulation B), f323 (accumulation D), f330 (volumetric material) [Input: T919LC.j]
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v213 [Input: T919LC.j]



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Description (summary) 2009-09-19 lC Series of semi natural accumulations against the lower part of ED III revetment wall (^wall1). We can define these accumulations as semi natural, because the formation process is due to natural forces but the inclusions contain ceramic and other materials. The material is probably washed down from all the area surrounding the plaza. At the end of the Early Mittani in the High mound happened a shift of urban focus from east to west, with the building of the new J5 staircase leading to the temple terrace. The plaza was no longer effectively in use, but it retained its sacred meaning as shown by any traces of structures as pits, burials or tannurs. At the same time probably some structures were built in the southern end of the plaza, blocking the accumulations that started to fill the depression of the plaza. [Input: T919LC.j]