Unit Book J1


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Includes other label 2009-09-19 lC a8 (Stone structure) [Input: T919LC.j]
Best image 2009-09-19 lC
v437 [Input: T919LC.j]



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Description (summary) 2009-09-19 lC L shaped structure found at the bottom of the ED III revetment wall (^wall1). This structure is formed by the bonded walls ^wall2 and ^wall3. It is in some points poorly preserved and we can just in part assume its function. It seems having, very likely, a function similar to the ED III terrace complex. The ^wall3, running north to south, was probably forming the western end of the plaza and, at the same time, retaining the accumulations coming from the west and probably also the water flowing. The northern wall was probably used as a revetment wall for an early terrace complex. The date for this structure is not clear, but it is possibly dating to Late Chalcolithic period as shown by the pottery recovered at its base. If we assume a similar function for the ED III and the earlier, possibly Late Chalcolithic, terrace complexes, this fact involves an extraordinary continuity of meaning and use for this sacral area. [Input: T919LC.j]


Time Sequencing

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Other reasons, reservations, qualifications 2012-10-15 lC Only further excavation could clarify the stratigraphy and provide more datas for a safe data assignement. Following a conservative interpretation we assigne it to Ninevite 5 period, phase 3f-JPD. [Input: V928LC.j]