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Label includes another 2010-8-10lC f41 [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]
2010-8-10lC f43 [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]
2010-8-10lC f72 [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]
Category 2010-8-10!! unknown [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]
Definition 2010-8-10lC ~Wall [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]
Best image 2006-10-8 mS

A98.NLabeling 2010-8-10lC The wall corresponds also to ^wal l1. [Input file: U810LC.J / U810LC.-J]

Description 2005-9-6mS this is the large wall and the bottom elevation is 8675 so it is only 3 meters high. [Input file: P906MS.J / P906MS.-J]
2007-7-25mS this aggregate is a combination of f41, f43 and f72 and was defined in MZ16. The three individual features are all part of the large Terrace Wall. Although this number was assigned, the wall has been most frequently referred to as f72 throughout MZ18 and MZ19. [Input file: R725MS2.J / R725MS2.-J]