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Processed on 08-26-2016
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Category 2008-8-4!! build-up [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
Definition 2008-8-4mM accumulation D [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
Best image 2011-2-13 lC


Description 2008-8-4lW This feature is composed of coarse hard material that is yellowish brown in color. f262 also has some small pebbles and a few large sherds of pottery and small bones. [Input file: S720LW1.J / S720LW1.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2008-8-4mM k126 [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
Relays 2008-8-4mM 839 (40307 47126 - 8602 / Relay location: 1) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
2008-8-4mM 840 (40535 47157 - 8602 / Relay location: 2) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
2008-8-4mM 841 (40575 47097 - 8602 / Relay location: 3) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
2008-8-4mM 842 (40619 47080 - 8602 / Relay location: 4) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
2008-8-4mM 843 (40774 46926 - 8647 / Relay location: 5) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
2008-8-4mM 844 (40424 46791 - 8557 / Relay location: 6) [Input file: S810MM-R.J / S810MM-R.-J]
Elevation 2008-8-4mM 8557 @bottom [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
2008-8-4mM 8602 @top [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2008-9-23rE f243 (accumulation D) covers f262 [Input file: S923RE.J / S923RE.-J]
2008-9-23rE f266 (hearth) cuts f262 [Input file: S923RE.J / S923RE.-J]
2008-9-23rE f271 (p-cut) cuts f262 [Input file: S923RE.J / S923RE.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2008-8-4mM q1128 sits in f262 [Input file: S807MM3.J / S807MM3.-J]
2008-8-5mM q1129 sits in f262 [Input file: S807MM3.J / S807MM3.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-9-23rE f262 overlays f265 (floor B) [Input file: S923RE.J / S923RE.-J]
Inclusions 08-26-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-2-10lC s711J1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-2-10lC h3fJ1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Typological reasons 2008-8-4lW mKB looked at the pottery from this feature and she said that they are late Chalcolithic mixed with phase one and phase two. [Input file: S720LW1.J / S720LW1.-J]
2008-8-7mKB h mixed-JPB [Input file: S807MKB.J / S807MKB.-J]
~I82 2010-9-28mKB mixed [Input file: U928MKB.J / U928MKB.-J]
2010-9-28mKB sherds date to LC3, ED III. and later with 4 Mittani sherds [Input file: U928MKB.J / U928MKB.-J]

~K03 2008-8-4mM ~soil [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
~K05 2008-8-4mM yellowish brown [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
~K06 2008-8-4mM 10YR 5/4 [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]
~K07 2008-8-4mM >4.5 [Input file: S807MM1.J / S807MM1.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view