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Description 2006-9-6mS excavation unit [Input file: QX06LC1.J / QX06LC1.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2006-8-22cVP While cleaning and photographing k31 the workmen are put to begin to dig the topsoil of square k41, north of k31, that connects our terrace wall with the 'German trench'. Some small stones in middle. [Input file: Q817CVP.J / Q817CVP.-J]
2006-8-27mS continued removing f207 the accumulation. There are more random stones, f216 and today we uncovered a very large one. This may be part of the line of random stones stretching from the east in other areas so we will leave it in place and cease excavation here for the moment. [Input file: Q824MS.J / Q824MS.-J]
2006-9-2mS Resumed excavation here but only in the SW quadrant in order to go down to the top of the wall and follow the presumed curve. Have gone through topsoil, and into accumulation f208. [Input file: Q902MS.J / Q902MS.-J]
2006-9-3mS continued the excavation in the SW quadrant and will expand tomorrow. Declared f220 and f221 which are two large floating stones in the eastern half of this locus. They have been relayed, and photographed, v166. [Input file: Q902MS.J / Q902MS.-J]
2006-9-4mS still removing the accumulation, f208 in this area. Opened up the excavation to include the southern half of the square rather that just the SW quadrant. [Input file: Q902MS.J / Q902MS.-J]
2006-9-5mS began going down further in the NW quadrant but did not reach the level of the wall f72. This is an area we will want to continue excavating next week to get a fuller picture of the top of the wall. Just looking at this briefly, it appears there may be a different type of accumulation from the rest of the area but this is unclear at the moment. We did not have time to examine closely because of the large amount of dirt removal in adjacent areas. [Input file: Q902MS.J / Q902MS.-J]
2006-9-12mS finished clearing away the last of the accumulation f209 in the northern half of this locus and have uncovered some stones that appear to be a type of crosswall for the wall, f72. We have given this the number f228. We will continue removing the accumulation to the west in k40 to see where there might be a turn. gB considers this new wall moving north south to be a possible cross wall of the terrace wall, or perhaps a strengthening for the building jogs for the curve. [Input file: Q912MS.J / Q912MS.-J]

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2006-9-6mS m4425 [Input file: QX06LC1.J / QX06LC1.-J]
Size of sides 2006-9-6mS 400 cms East, 400 cms South [Input file: QX06LC1.J / QX06LC1.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view




Photo of view




Drawing of view

Reference to Plot 2007-7-27mS p0034 [Input file: R727MS1.J / R727MS1.-J]