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Processed on 08-26-2016
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Reference To Qlot q1203

Quantity of components 2014-3-3cJC 1 [Input file: J1ZA822B.J / J1ZA822B.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-26!! s640a-J1A [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-26!! h3nJ1A [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Notes on typology 2014-3-3cJC Ninevite 5 painted decoration. Dark Y-shaped patterning between two lines. Description based on drawing W21 d0693 [Input file: J1ZA822B.J / J1ZA822B.-J]

Analogical record
Drawing of constituent


S926 kF

Special roster: ceramic analysis (Zca)

Details of decoration
ZcaD1.Technique 2014-3-3cJC 1 [Input file: J1ZA822B.J / J1ZA822B.-J]