Unit Book J1


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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2011-02-10 lC Late Mittani. Thick natural wind born accumulations (^acc3) covering the old Plaza. The Revetment wall was no more visible. Period of abandonment. [Input: V211LC.j]


Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Features included within stratum 2006-08-26 !! i1 (jewelry item), i2 (dagger), i20 (bead), i30 (ceramic vessel), i31 (pin), i32 (pin), i34 (horseshoe), i35 (plaque), i36 (uncertain), i37 (pi), q3.1 (ob), q4.1 (li), q4.2 (metal artifact), q4.3 (debitage), q6.1 (li), q7.1 (ob), q9.1 (li), q10.1 (gl), q10.3 (li), q12.1 (ceramic vessel), q13.1 (ceramic vessel), q18.1 (li), q19.1 (ob), q19.2 (uncertain), q24.1 (li), q24.2 (ob), q25.1 (clay artifact), q39.1 (blade), q104.1 (laf), q110.1 (figurine), q120.1 (sherd), q294.1 (lithic artifact), q297.1 (figurine), q304.1 (ceramic vessel), q305.1 (figurine), q308.1 (figurine), q312.1 (specimen), q317.1 (lithic artifact), q327.1 (clay artifact), q329.1 (clay artifact), q336.1 (uncertain), q338.1 (clay artifact), q342.1 (lithic artifact), q355.1 (lithic artifact), q359.1 (lithic artifact), q383.1 (figurine), q387.1 (clay lump), q387.2 (laf), q387.3 (door socket), q435.1 (caf), q459.1 (laf), q551.1 (ob), q552.1 (jewelry item), q556.1 (uncertain), q556.2 (kiln waste), q556.3 (debitage), q559.1 (brick), q559.2 (kiln waste), q559.3 (lithic artifact), q562.1 (lithic artifact), q563.1 (clay artifact), q567.1 (li), q567.2 (kiln waste), q567.3 (li), q567.4 (li), q577.1, q577.2, q588.1 (kiln waste), q588.2, q590.1, q593.1 (debitage), q594.1 (uncertain), q603.1, q604.1, q607.1 (debitage), q608.1, q608.2 (figurine), q610.1, q610.2, q610.3, q614.1 (grinding stone), q614.2 (kiln waste), q616.1 (debitage), q616.2 (blade), q624.1 (ceramic vessel), q626.1 (kiln waste), q626.2, q628.1 (bead), q628.2 (uncertain), q633.1 (kiln waste), q634.1 (kiln waste), q639.1 (grinding stone), q648.1 (figurine), q650.1 (uncertain), q650.2 (uncertain), q655.1 (debitage), q656.1 (uncertain), q666.1 (sherd), q678.1 (blade), q704.1 (uncertain), q704.2 (kiln waste), q704.3 (uncertain), q709.1 (grinding stone), q712.1 (kiln waste), q714.1 (uncertain), q718.1 (figurine), q719.1 (uncertain), q721.1 (uncertain), q721.2 (figurine), q724.1 (uncertain), q725.1 (figurine), q725.2 (sh), q730.1 (grinding stone), q732.2 (incense burner), q746.1 (grinding stone), q746.2 (uncertain), q747.1 (grinding stone), q749.1 (kiln waste), q749.2 (grinding stone), q762.1 (clay artifact), q769.1 (kiln waste), q808.1 (uncertain), q843.1 (blade), q843.2 (figurine), q1336.1 (wt), q1 (pottery), q2 (pottery), q3 (bones, pottery), q4 (pottery), q5 (pottery), q6 (pottery), q7 (bones, pottery), q8 (bones, pottery), q9 (pottery), q10 (bones, pottery), q11 (bones, pottery), q12 (pottery), q13 (pottery), q14 (pottery), q15 (pottery), q16 (pottery), q17 (pottery), q18 (pottery), q19 (items, pottery), q20 (pottery), q21 (pottery), q22 (pottery), q23 (pottery), q24 (bones, items, pottery), q25 (pottery), q26 (pottery), q29 (pottery), q30 (bones), q33 (bones, pottery), q34 (pottery), q39 (items, pottery), q46 (pottery), q55 (pottery), q90 (pottery), q103 (pottery), q104 (items, pottery), q110 (pottery), q116 (pottery), q120 (pottery), q124 (pottery), q292 (pottery), q293 (pottery), q294 (items, pottery), q296 (pottery), q297 (pottery), q299 (pottery), q301 (pottery), q302 (pottery), q303 (pottery), q304 (items, pottery), q305 (items, pottery), q306 (pottery), q308 (items, pottery), q311 (pottery), q312 (items, pottery), q316 (bones, pottery), q317 (items, pottery), q318 (pottery), q321 (pottery), q322 (pottery), q323 (pottery), q324 (pottery), q325 (pottery), q326 (bones, pottery), q327 (pottery), q329 (pottery), q330 (pottery), q331 (pottery), q333 (pottery), q334 (pottery), q336 (pottery), q337 (bones, pottery), q338 (pottery), q339 (pottery), q342 (pottery), q346 (pottery), q349 (pottery), q355 (pottery), q358 (pottery), q359 (pottery), q361 (pottery), q364 (pottery), q370 (pottery), q373 (pottery), q383 (pottery), q387 (pottery), q391 (pottery), q393 (pottery), q397 (bones, pottery), q399 (pottery), q401 (pottery), q407 (pottery), q412 (pottery), q415 (bones, pottery), q417 (pottery), q428 (pottery), q435 (pottery), q450 (pottery), q455 (pottery), q459 (pottery), q470 (bones, pottery), q476 (pottery), q511 (pottery), q551 (bones, items, pottery), q552 (bones, items, pottery), q553 (bones, pottery), q554 (pottery), q555 (pottery), q556 (items, pottery), q557 (pottery), q558 (pottery), q559 (items, pottery), q560 (pottery), q561 (pottery), q562 (bones, items, pottery), q563 (items, pottery), q564 (pottery), q565 (pottery), q566 (pottery), q567 (bones, items, pottery), q569 (pottery), q571 (pottery), q572 (pottery), q574 (bones, pottery), q575 (pottery), q576 (pottery), q577 (items, pottery), q578 (pottery), q579 (pottery), q582 (bones, pottery), q583 (bones, pottery), q584 (bones, pottery), q585 (pottery), q588 (items, pottery), q589 (pottery), q590 (bones, items, pottery), q593 (items, pottery), q594 (items, pottery), q595 (pottery), q598 (bones, pottery), q599 (pottery), q600 (pottery), q601 (bones, pottery), q602 (pottery), q603 (bones, items, pottery), q604 (bones, items, pottery), q605 (items, pottery), q606 (bones, pottery), q607 (bones, pottery), q608 (pottery), q609 (pottery), q610 (bones, items, pottery), q611 (bones, pottery), q612 (pottery), q613 (items, pottery), q614 (bones, items, pottery), q615 (bones, items, pottery), q616 (bones, pottery), q618 (pottery), q619 (pottery), q621 (pottery), q622 (pottery), q624 (pottery), q625 (pottery), q626 (bones, pottery), q628 (pottery), q629 (bones, pottery), q632 (pottery), q633 (pottery), q634 (pottery), q635 (pottery), q636 (pottery), q637 (pottery), q639 (bones, items, pottery), q643 (pottery), q646 (pottery), q647 (bones, pottery), q648 (bones, items, pottery), q649 (bones, pottery), q650 (bones, items, pottery), q653 (bones, pottery), q655 (bones, items, pottery), q656 (bones, items, pottery), q658 (bones, pottery), q662 (bones, pottery), q663 (pottery), q664 (bones, pottery), q665 (pottery), q666 (pottery), q667 (pottery), q669 (pottery), q670 (pottery), q678 (pottery), q683 (bones, pottery), q691 (pottery), q693 (pottery), q695 (pottery), q700 (pottery), q702 (bones, pottery), q704 (bones, items, pottery), q707 (bones, pottery), q708 (bones, pottery), q709 (pottery), q710 (pottery), q712 (items, pottery), q714 (pottery), q715 (bones, pottery), q717 (pottery), q718 (bones, items, pottery), q719 (pottery), q720 (bones, pottery), q721 (items, pottery), q722 (pottery), q724 (items, pottery), q725 (items, pottery), q730 (pottery), q732 (pottery), q733 (pottery), q736 (bones, pottery), q739 (pottery), q743 (pottery), q744 (pottery), q746 (pottery), q747 (pottery), q749 (bones, pottery), q750 (pottery), q751 (pottery), q758 (pottery), q762 (pottery), q769 (items, pottery), q804 (pottery), q807 (pottery), q808 (pottery), q819 (pottery), q827 (pottery), q837 (pottery), q842 (bones, pottery), q843 (bones, pottery), q865 (pottery), q868 (pottery), q1334 (pottery), q1335 (pottery), q1336 (items, pottery), q34-p70 (body sherd), q34-p71 (body sherd), q39-p70 (body sherd), q39-p71 (body sherd), q39-p72 (body sherd), q46-p70 (body sherd), q55-p70 (body sherd), q55-p71 (body sherd), q55-p72 (body sherd), q55-p73 (body sherd), q55-p74 (body sherd), q55-p75 (body sherd), q104-p70 (body sherd), q104-p71 (body sherd), q110-p70 (body sherd), q110-p71 (body sherd), q110-p72 (body sherd), q116-p70 (body sherd), q116-p71 (body sherd), q116-p72 (body sherd), q116-p73 (body sherd), q116-p74 (body sherd), q116-p75 (body sherd), q116-p76 (body sherd), q116-p77 (body sherd), q116-p78 (body sherd), q116-p79 (body sherd), q292-p1 (xdc), q292-p2 (xrg), q292-p3 (xfx), q292-p4 (xfc), q292-p5 (xfx), q292-p6 (xfx), q292-p7 (bowl), q292-p8 (bowl), q292-p9 (bowl), q292-p10 (bowl), q292-p11 (other shape sherd), q292-p12 (plate), q292-p13 (bowl), q292-p14 (jar), q292-p15 (bowl), q292-p16 (sq), q292-p17 (bowl), q292-p18 (jar), q293-p1 (bowl), q293-p2 (jar), q293-p3 (tablet), q293-p4 (xfx), q293-p5 (bowl), q293-p6 (worked disk), q293-p7 (tablet), q293-p70 (body sherd), q293-p71 (body sherd), q293-p72 (body sherd), q293-p73 (body sherd), q294-p1 (xrg), q294-p2 (other shape sherd), q294-p3 (xfc), q294-p4 (bowl), q294-p5 (jar), q294-p6 (xdc), q294-p7 (i), q294-p8 (jar), q294-p9 (bowl), q294-p10 (bowl), q294-p11 (other shape sherd), q296-p1 (xfx), q296-p2 (xfc), q296-p3 (xf), q296-p4 (r), q296-p5 (bowl), q296-p6 (r), q296-p7 (r), q296-p8 (xdf), q296-p70 (body sherd), q296-p71 (body sherd), q296-p72 (body sherd), q296-p73 (body sherd), q296-p74 (body sherd), q296-p75 (body sherd), q296-p76 (body sherd), q297-p1 (plate), q297-p2 (jar), q297-p3 (jar), q297-p4 (pot), q297-p5 (xfx), q297-p6 (bowl), q297-p7 (jar), q297-p8 (xf), q297-p9 (bowl), q297-p10 (xdc), q297-p70 (body sherd), q297-p71 (body sherd), q297-p72 (body sherd), q297-p73 (body sherd), q297-p74 (body sherd), q297-p75 (body sherd), q299-p1 (bowl), q299-p70 (body sherd), q299-p71 (body sherd), q301-p1 (bowl), q301-p2 (xrg), q301-p3 (r), q301-p4 (worked disk), q301-p70 (body sherd), q301-p71 (body sherd), q301-p72 (body sherd), q302-p1 (jar), q302-p2 (bowl), q302-p3 (tablet), q302-p4 (xfx), q302-p5 (xfc), q302-p70 (body sherd), q302-p71 (body sherd), q302-p72 (body sherd), q303-p1 (xrg), q303-p2 (xrh), q303-p3 (bowl), q303-p4 (xrg), q303-p70 (body sherd), q303-p71 (body sherd), q303-p72 (body sherd), q304-p1 (bowl), q304-p2 (xrd), q304-p3 (xp), q304-p4 (xdc), q304-p5 (xfc), q304-p6 (plate), q304-p7 (bowl), q304-p8 (xfc), q304-p9 (bowl), q304-p10 (bowl), q304-p11 (worked disk), q304-p12 (xfx), q304-p70 (body sherd), q304-p71 (body sherd), q304-p72 (body sherd), q304-p73 (body sherd), q304-p74 (body sherd), q305-p1 (jar), q305-p2 (xrg), q305-p3 (sq), q305-p4 (jar), q305-p5 (bowl), q305-p6 (r), q305-p7 (sq), q305-p70 (body sherd), q305-p71 (body sherd), q305-p72 (body sherd), q305-p73 (body sherd), q306-p1 (bowl), q306-p2 (xf), q306-p3 (jar), q306-p4 (jar), q306-p5 (i), q306-p6 (bowl), q306-p7 (jar), q306-p8 (sq), q306-p9 (stand), q306-p10 (xrh), q306-p70 (body sherd), q306-p71 (body sherd), q306-p72 (body sherd), q308-p70 (body sherd), q308-p71 (body sherd), q308-p72 (body sherd), q308-p73 (body sherd), q311-p70 (body sherd), q311-p71 (body sherd), q312-p1 (plate), q312-p2 (bowl), q312-p3 (i), q312-p4 (r), q312-p5 (x), q312-p6 (xfx), q312-p7 (xfx), q312-p8 (xfx), q312-p9 (bowl), q312-p10 (bowl), q312-p11 (other shape sherd), q312-p70 (body sherd), q312-p71 (body sherd), q312-p72 (body sherd), q312-p73 (body sherd), q312-p74 (body sherd), q312-p75 (body sherd), q312-p76 (body sherd), q316-p70 (body sherd), q316-p71 (body sherd), q316-p72 (body sherd), q316-p73 (body sherd), q316-p74 (body sherd), q316-p75 (body sherd), q317-p1 (bowl), q317-p2 (bowl), q317-p3 (xrg), q317-p4 (r), q317-p5 (xfx), q317-p6 (xfx), q317-p7 (jar), q317-p8 (sq), q317-p9 (bowl), q317-p10 (xrh), q317-p11 (worked disk), q317-p12 (xp), q317-p13 (bowl), q317-p14 (xdc), q317-p15 (plate), q317-p16 (bowl), q317-p17 (xrg), q317-p70 (body sherd), q317-p71 (body sherd), q317-p72 (body sherd), q317-p73 (body sherd), q318-p1 (jar), q318-p2 (bowl), q318-p3 (jar), q318-p4 (bowl), q318-p5 (bowl), q318-p6 (r), q318-p7 (f), q318-p8 (xrg), q318-p9 (worked disk), q318-p10 (jar), q318-p11 (bowl), q318-p12 (bowl), q318-p13 (xrd), q318-p70 (body sherd), q318-p71 (body sherd), q318-p72 (body sherd), q318-p73 (body sherd), q318-p74 (body sherd), q318-p75 (body sherd), q321-p1 (r), q321-p2 (bowl), q321-p3 (tablet), q321-p4 (xrg), q321-p5 (xrg), q321-p70 (body sherd), q321-p71 (body sherd), q321-p72 (body sherd), q321-p73 (body sherd), q321-p74 (body sherd), q321-p75 (body sherd), q322-p1 (xrg), q322-p2 (plate), q322-p3 (bowl), q322-p70 (body sherd), q323-p1 (other shape sherd), q323-p2 (xfx), q323-p3 (bowl), q323-p71 (body sherd), q323-p72 (body sherd), q324-p1 (x), q324-p2 (jar), q324-p3 (f), q324-p4 (bowl), q324-p5 (xrg), q324-p6 (jar), q324-p7 (bowl), q324-p8 (sq), q324-p9 (xrl), q324-p70 (body sherd), q324-p71 (body sherd), q324-p72 (body sherd), q324-p73 (body sherd), q324-p74 (body sherd), q324-p75 (body sherd), q326-p1 (other shape sherd), q326-p2 (bowl), q326-p3 (ri), q326-p4 (xfx), q326-p5 (xfx), q326-p6 (other shape sherd), q326-p7 (xrd), q326-p8 (xfc), q326-p70 (body sherd), q326-p71 (body sherd), q326-p72 (body sherd), q327-p70 (body sherd), q327-p71 (body sherd), q327-p72 (body sherd), q329-p1 (jar), q329-p2 (bowl), q329-p3 (plate), q329-p70 (body sherd), q329-p71 (body sherd), q329-p72 (body sherd), q330-p1 (stand), q330-p2 (xrg), q330-p3 (f), q330-p4 (xfx), q330-p70 (body sherd), q330-p71 (body sherd), q330-p72 (body sherd), q330-p73 (body sherd), q330-p74 (body sherd), q331-p70 (body sherd), q331-p71 (body sherd), q331-p72 (body sherd), q331-p73 (body sherd), q333-p1 (strainer), q333-p2 (xsfv), q333-p3 (r), q333-p4 (xsf), q333-p5 (jar), q333-p6 (xfc), q333-p7 (plate), q333-p8 (r), q333-p9 (bowl), q333-p70 (body sherd), q333-p71 (body sherd), q333-p72 (body sherd), q333-p73 (body sherd), q333-p74 (body sherd), q333-p75 (body sherd), q333-p76 (body sherd), q333-p77 (body sherd), q333-p78 (body sherd), q334-p1 (jar), q334-p2 (plate), q334-p3 (sq), q334-p4 (bowl), q334-p5 (jar), q334-p6 (r), q334-p7 (bowl), q334-p8 (xf), q334-p70 (body sherd), q334-p71 (body sherd), q334-p72 (body sherd), q334-p73 (body sherd), q334-p74 (body sherd), q336-p1 (xfc), q336-p2 (cg), q336-p3 (xf), q336-p4 (xdc), q336-p5 (bowl), q336-p6 (jar), q336-p7 (xf), q336-p70 (body sherd), q336-p71 (body sherd), q336-p72 (body sherd), q336-p73 (body sherd), q336-p74 (body sherd), q336-p75 (body sherd), q337-p70 (body sherd), q337-p71 (body sherd), q337-p72 (body sherd), q338-p1 (bowl), q338-p2 (worked disk), q338-p3 (bowl), q338-p4 (xrl), q338-p5 (jar), q338-p6 (xrl), q338-p70 (body sherd), q338-p71 (body sherd), q338-p72 (body sherd), q338-p73 (body sherd), q339-p1 (xrg), q339-p2 (x), q339-p3 (bowl), q339-p4 (xrg), q339-p5 (jar), q339-p70 (body sherd), q339-p71 (body sherd), q339-p72 (body sherd), q339-p73 (body sherd), q339-p74 (body sherd), q342-p6 (jar), q346-p1 (bowl), q346-p2 (xsf), q346-p3 (xsfc), q346-p4 (xdc), q346-p5 (xrd), q346-p6 (xrg), q346-p7 (plate), q346-p8 (plate), q346-p9 (bowl), q346-p10 (jar), q346-p11 (jar), q346-p12 (bowl), q346-p13 (bowl), q346-p14 (jar), q346-p15 (jar), q346-p16 (bowl), q346-p17 (bowl), q346-p18 (tablet), q346-p19 (r), q346-p20 (jar), q346-p21 (pot), q346-p22 (f), q346-p23 (strainer), q346-p24 (other shape sherd), q349-p1 (pot), q349-p2 (xrg), q349-p3 (xrg), q349-p4 (jar), q349-p5 (xrg), q349-p6 (xp), q349-p7 (plate), q349-p8 (xsf), q349-p9 (bowl), q349-p10 (xrh), q349-p11 (jar), q349-p12 (f), q349-p13 (xfc), q349-p14 (xp), q349-p15 (bowl), q349-p16 (xfx), q349-p17 (jar), q349-p70 (body sherd), q349-p71 (body sherd), q349-p72 (body sherd), q349-p73 (body sherd), q349-p74 (body sherd), q349-p75 (body sherd), q359-p1 (bowl), q359-p2 (r), q359-p3 (bowl), q359-p4 (jar), q359-p5 (bowl), q359-p6 (jar), q359-p7 (jar), q359-p8 (sq), q359-p9 (i), q359-p10 (r), q359-p11 (xrg), q359-p12 (xfx), q359-p70 (body sherd), q359-p71 (body sherd), q359-p72 (body sherd), q359-p73 (body sherd), q359-p74 (body sherd), q359-p75 (body sherd), q361-p1 (xsf), q361-p2 (plate), q361-p3 (x), q361-p4 (jar), q361-p5 (f), q361-p6 (jar), q361-p7 (xsf), q361-p8 (xrg), q361-p9 (jar), q361-p10 (xrh), q361-p11 (jar), q361-p12 (xdf), q361-p70 (body sherd), q361-p71 (body sherd), q361-p72 (body sherd), q361-p73 (body sherd), q361-p74 (body sherd), q361-p75 (body sherd), q361-p76 (body sherd), q364-p2 (tst), q364-p70 (body sherd), q364-p71 (body sherd), q364-p72 (body sherd), q364-p73 (body sherd), q370-p2 (bowl), q370-p70 (body sherd), q370-p71 (body sherd), q370-p72 (body sherd), q370-p73 (body sherd), q370-p74 (body sherd), q370-p75 (body sherd), q370-p76 (body sherd), q373-p1 (jar), q373-p2 (bowl), q373-p3 (bowl), q373-p5 (bowl), q373-p12 (bowl), q373-p70 (body sherd), q373-p71 (body sherd), q373-p72 (body sherd), q373-p73 (body sherd), q373-p74 (body sherd), q383-p70 (body sherd), q383-p71 (body sherd), q387-p1 (bowl), q387-p2 (f), q387-p3 (dp), q387-p4 (worked disk), q387-p5 (bowl), q387-p6 (xfc), q387-p70 (body sherd), q387-p71 (body sherd), q391-p1 (r), q391-p2 (bowl), q391-p3 (bowl), q391-p4 (dp), q391-p5 (other shape sherd), q391-p6 (bowl), q391-p7 (xdc), q391-p8 (xf), q391-p9 (xfx), q391-p10 (xfx), q391-p70 (body sherd), q391-p71 (body sherd), q391-p72 (body sherd), q391-p73 (body sherd), q391-p74 (body sherd), q391-p75 (body sherd), q393-p1 (ts), q393-p2 (bowl), q393-p3 (xrl), q393-p70 (body sherd), q393-p71 (body sherd), q393-p72 (body sherd), q397-p1 (bowl), q397-p2 (bowl), q397-p3 (bowl), q397-p4 (bowl), q397-p5 (bowl), q397-p6 (bowl), q397-p7 (plate), q397-p8 (xdc), q397-p9 (f), q397-p10 (xrg), q397-p11 (jar), q397-p12 (plate), q397-p13 (xdc), q397-p14 (r), q397-p15 (cup), q397-p16 (bowl), q397-p17 (jar), q397-p18 (bowl), q397-p19 (jar), q397-p20 (bowl), q397-p21 (i), q397-p22 (bowl), q397-p23 (plate), q397-p24 (xrg), q397-p25 (xrg), q397-p26 (xfx), q397-p27 (xrh), q397-p28 (xrg), q397-p29 (bowl), q397-p30 (xrg), q397-p31 (xrg), q397-p32 (xdc), q397-p33 (bowl), q397-p34 (xfx), q397-p70 (body sherd), q397-p71 (body sherd), q397-p72 (body sherd), q397-p73 (body sherd), q397-p74 (body sherd), q397-p75 (body sherd), q397-p76 (body sherd), q399-p1 (xlf), q399-p2 (bowl), q399-p3 (x), q399-p4 (xrg), q399-p5 (bowl), q399-p6 (xfx), q399-p7 (xsf), q399-p8 (jar), q399-p9 (bowl), q399-p10 (xrd), q399-p11 (xfx), q399-p12 (xrg), q399-p13 (worked disk), q399-p14 (bowl), q399-p15 (xdf), q399-p16 (xrg), q399-p17 (plate), q399-p18 (xrg), q399-p19 (worked disk), q399-p20 (bowl), q399-p21 (x), q399-p22 (tablet), q399-p70 (body sherd), q399-p71 (body sherd), q399-p72 (body sherd), q399-p73 (body sherd), q399-p74 (body sherd), q399-p75 (body sherd), q399-p76 (body sherd), q399-p77 (body sherd), q399-p78 (body sherd), q401-p1 (xrd), q401-p3 (plate), q401-p6 (xhf), q401-p8 (xrg), q401-p10 (other shape sherd), q401-p11 (plate), q401-p13 (xdc), q401-p17 (bowl), q401-p21 (jar), q401-p22 (bowl), q401-p24 (bowl), q401-p27 (bowl), q401-p69 (xrg), q401-p70 (body sherd), q401-p71 (body sherd), q401-p72 (body sherd), q401-p73 (body sherd), q401-p74 (body sherd), q401-p75 (body sherd), q401-p76 (body sherd), q407-p1 (jar), q407-p2 (tablet), q407-p3 (sq), q407-p4 (jar), q407-p5 (plate), q407-p6 (jar), q407-p7 (xsf), q407-p8 (plate), q407-p9 (jar), q407-p10 (xdf), q407-p11 (jar), q407-p12 (jar), q407-p13 (i), q407-p14 (xrg), q407-p15 (jar), q407-p16 (jar), q407-p17 (xrg), q407-p18 (r), q407-p19 (bowl), q407-p20 (jar), q407-p21 (sq), q407-p22 (tablet), q407-p23 (xrg), q407-p24 (plate), q407-p25 (jar), q407-p26 (jar), q407-p27 (xrl), q407-p28 (jar), q407-p29 (xrg), q407-p30 (r), q407-p31 (r), q407-p32 (f), q407-p70 (body sherd), q407-p71 (body sherd), q407-p72 (body sherd), q407-p73 (body sherd), q407-p74 (body sherd), q407-p75 (body sherd), q407-p76 (body sherd), q407-p77 (body sherd), q407-p78 (body sherd), q407-p79 (body sherd), q407-p80 (body sherd), q407-p81 (body sherd), q407-p82 (body sherd), q412-p1 (jar), q412-p2 (xdc), q412-p3 (xfx), q412-p70 (body sherd), q412-p71 (body sherd), q415-p1 (bowl), q415-p2 (xsf), q415-p3 (bowl), q415-p4 (bowl), q415-p5 (xdf), q415-p6 (xrh), q415-p7 (xsf), q415-p8 (xfc), q415-p9 (jar), q415-p10 (plate), q415-p11 (jar), q415-p12 (i), q415-p13 (bowl), q415-p14 (xrg), q415-p15 (dp), q415-p16 (bowl), q415-p17 (plate), q415-p18 (jar), q415-p19 (xfx), q415-p20 (jar), q415-p21 (bowl), q415-p22 (xsf), q415-p23 (jar), q415-p24 (xfx), q415-p25 (f), q415-p26 (plate), q415-p27 (bowl), q415-p28 (xrg), q415-p29 (xrg), q415-p30 (xrg), q415-p31 (r), q415-p32 (jar), q415-p33 (f), q415-p34 (bowl), q415-p35 (jar), q415-p70 (body sherd), q415-p71 (body sherd), q415-p72 (body sherd), q415-p73 (body sherd), q415-p74 (body sherd), q415-p75 (body sherd), q415-p76 (body sherd), q415-p77 (body sherd), q415-p78 (body sherd), q417-p1 (bowl), q417-p2 (ts), q417-p3 (jar), q417-p4 (r), q417-p5 (other shape sherd), q417-p6 (f), q417-p7 (worked disk), q417-p8 (jar), q417-p9 (xrg), q417-p10 (bowl), q417-p11 (worked disk), q417-p12 (bowl), q417-p13 (xrg), q417-p14 (xrg), q417-p15 (xrl), q417-p16 (jar), q417-p17 (bowl), q417-p18 (xrg), q417-p19 (xfc), q417-p20 (bowl), q417-p21 (bowl), q417-p22 (other shape sherd), q417-p23 (bowl), q417-p70 (body sherd), q417-p71 (body sherd), q417-p72 (body sherd), q417-p73 (body sherd), q417-p74 (body sherd), q417-p75 (body sherd), q417-p76 (body sherd), q417-p77 (body sherd), q428-p1 (xdf), q428-p2 (xrg), q428-p3 (bowl), q428-p4 (plate), q428-p5 (bowl), q428-p6 (bowl), q428-p7 (i), q428-p70 (body sherd), q428-p71 (body sherd), q428-p72 (body sherd), q428-p73 (body sherd), q428-p74 (body sherd), q435-p1 (xrg), q435-p2 (cg), q435-p3 (tablet), q435-p4 (jar), q435-p5 (xrg), q435-p6 (bowl), q435-p7 (r), q435-p8 (bowl), q435-p9 (bowl), q435-p10 (tablet), q435-p71 (body sherd), q435-p72 (body sherd), q435-p73 (body sherd), q435-p74 (body sherd), q435-p75 (body sherd), q435-p80 (body sherd), q450-p1 (bowl), q450-p2 (r), q450-p3 (i), q450-p4 (xrg), q450-p5 (jar), q450-p6 (jar), q450-p7 (xfx), q450-p8 (xfx), q450-p9 (xrl), q450-p10 (bowl), q450-p11 (jar), q450-p12 (jar), q450-p13 (xrh), q450-p70 (body sherd), q450-p71 (body sherd), q450-p72 (body sherd), q450-p73 (body sherd), q450-p74 (body sherd), q455-p1 (bowl), q455-p2 (xfx), q455-p3 (bowl), q455-p4 (plate), q455-p5 (xfx), q455-p6 (jar), q455-p70 (body sherd), q455-p71 (body sherd), q470-p1 (xdf), q470-p2 (xfx), q470-p3 (xrh), q470-p4 (bowl), q470-p5 (xrg), q470-p6 (bowl), q470-p70 (body sherd), q470-p71 (body sherd), q470-p72 (body sherd), q470-p73 (body sherd), q511-p1 (xfx), q511-p2 (bowl), q511-p3 (x), q511-p4 (xrd), q511-p5 (bowl), q511-p6 (sq), q511-p7 (bowl), q511-p8 (jar), q511-p70 (body sherd), q511-p71 (body sherd), q511-p72 (body sherd), q511-p73 (body sherd), q511-p74 (body sherd), q551-p1 (bowl), q551-p70 (body sherd), q551-p71 (body sherd), q552-p1 (i), q552-p2 (tablet), q552-p3 (tablet), q553-p1 (bowl), q553-p2 (bowl), q553-p3 (bowl), q553-p4 (sq), q553-p5 (bowl), q554-p1 (plate), q554-p2 (r), q554-p70 (body sherd), q555-p1 (bowl), q555-p2 (bowl), q555-p3 (jar), q555-p4 (bowl), q555-p5 (bowl), q555-p6 (bowl), q555-p7 (bowl), q555-p8 (jar), q556-p1 (bowl), q556-p2 (bowl), q556-p3 (jar), q556-p4 (bowl), q558-p1 (tablet), q558-p2 (jar), q558-p69 (tablet), q559-p1 (jar), q559-p2 (other shape sherd), q560-p1 (bowl), q560-p2 (jar), q560-p3 (jar), q560-p4 (bowl), q560-p5 (jar), q561-p1 (bowl), q561-p2 (bowl), q561-p3 (bowl), q561-p4 (plate), q562-p1 (jar), q562-p2 (other shape sherd), q562-p3 (plate), q562-p4 (i), q562-p5 (stand), q562-p6 (plate), q563-p1 (bowl), q563-p2 (jar), q563-p3 (plate), q563-p4 (sq), q563-p5 (sq), q563-p6 (r), q563-p7 (f), q563-p10 (other shape sherd), q564-p1 (bowl), q564-p2 (jar), q564-p3 (bowl), q564-p4 (cg), q564-p5 (bowl), q564-p6 (bowl), q564-p7 (bowl), q565-p1 (i), q566-p1 (bowl), q566-p2 (plate), q566-p3 (i), q566-p4 (bowl), q566-p5 (i), q566-p6 (r), q567-p1 (bowl), q567-p2 (bowl), q569-p1 (bowl), q569-p2 (bowl), q571-p1 (plate), q571-p2 (jar), q571-p70 (body sherd), q572-p1 (jar), q572-p2 (bowl), q572-p3 (xdc), q574-p1 (worked disk), q574-p2 (jar), q574-p70 (body sherd), q574-p71 (body sherd), q575-p1 (jar), q575-p2 (jar), q575-p3 (jar), q575-p4 (bowl), q575-p5 (r), q575-p6 (jar), q575-p70 (body sherd), q575-p71 (body sherd), q576-p1 (bowl), q576-p2 (bowl), q577-p1 (other shape sherd), q577-p2 (bowl), q577-p3 (bowl), q577-p4 (bowl), q577-p5 (jar), q577-p6 (bowl), q579-p1 (jar), q582-p1 (sq), q582-p2 (jar), q582-p3 (jar), q582-p4 (r), q582-p5 (cup), q583-p1 (bowl), q583-p2 (xsfv), q584-p1 (bowl), q584-p2 (jar), q585-p1 (jar), q585-p2 (jar), q585-p3 (r), q585-p4 (bowl), q588-p1 (bowl), q588-p2 (bowl), q588-p3 (cup), q588-p4 (xrg), q589-p70 (body sherd), q589-p71 (body sherd), q590-p1 (jar), q590-p2 (f), q590-p3 (jar), q590-p4 (f), q590-p5 (dp), q590-p6 (i), q590-p7 (bowl), q590-p8 (r), q593-p1 (jar), q593-p2 (bowl), q593-p3 (tablet), q593-p4 (bowl), q593-p5 (plate), q594-p1 (r), q594-p2 (bowl), q594-p3 (r), q594-p4 (bowl), q594-p5 (jar), q594-p6 (ri), q594-p7 (sq), q594-p8 (f), q594-p9 (ri), q594-p10 (jar), q594-p11 (jar), q595-p1 (sq), q595-p2 (plate), q595-p3 (bowl), q595-p4 (jar), q595-p5 (jar), q595-p6 (plate), q595-p7 (bowl), q595-p8 (cg), q595-p9 (other shape sherd), q595-p10 (jar), q595-p11 (bowl), q595-p12 (strainer), q598-p1 (bowl), q598-p2 (i), q598-p3 (jar), q598-p4 (bowl), q598-p5 (cup), q599-p70 (body sherd), q600-p1 (bowl), q600-p2 (bowl), q600-p70 (body sherd), q601-p1 (i), q601-p2 (jar), q601-p3 (x), q601-p4 (plate), q601-p5 (jar), q601-p6 (bowl), q601-p7 (bowl), q601-p8 (jar), q601-p9 (plate), q602-p1 (plate), q603-p1 (tablet), q603-p2 (bowl), q603-p3 (ri), q603-p4 (other shape sherd), q603-p5 (jar), q603-p6 (bowl), q603-p7 (i), q603-p69 (cup), q604-p1 (jar), q604-p2 (bowl), q604-p3 (eie), q604-p4 (bowl), q604-p5 (jar), q604-p6 (r), q604-p7 (plate), q604-p8 (jar), q604-p9 (xrg), q604-p10 (bowl), q604-p68 (bowl), q604-p69 (bowl), q605-p1 (xrg), q606-p1 (bowl), q606-p2 (dp), q606-p3 (bowl), q606-p4 (r), q606-p5 (i), q608-p1 (r), q608-p2 (bowl), q608-p3 (plate), q608-p4 (cg), q608-p5 (bowl), q608-p6 (bowl), q608-p7 (bowl), q608-p8 (r), q608-p13 (other shape sherd), q609-p1 (plate), q609-p2 (plate), q611-p1 (jar), q611-p2 (jar), q611-p3 (r), q611-p4 (jar), q611-p5 (plate), q611-p6 (f), q611-p7 (xdf), q611-p8 (bowl), q611-p9 (plate), q611-p10 (bowl), q611-p11 (plate), q611-p12 (bowl), q611-p13 (bowl), q611-p14 (bowl), q611-p15 (r), q611-p70 (body sherd), q612-p1 (bowl), q612-p2 (bowl), q612-p3 (r), q612-p4 (bowl), q613-p1 (plate), q613-p2 (r), q613-p3 (plate), q613-p4 (tablet), q613-p5 (i), q613-p6 (bowl), q613-p7 (bowl), q614-p1 (jar), q614-p2 (bowl), q614-p3 (jar), q615-p1 (f), q615-p2 (r), q615-p3 (plate), q615-p4 (jar), q615-p5 (bowl), q615-p6 (bowl), q615-p7 (jar), q615-p8 (sq), q615-p9 (bowl), q616-p1 (bowl), q616-p2 (cup), q616-p3 (jar), q616-p4 (bowl), q616-p5 (bowl), q616-p6 (jar), q616-p7 (jar), q616-p8 (jar), q616-p9 (bowl), q616-p10 (cup), q616-p11 (bowl), q616-p12 (xdl), q616-p13 (r), q616-p14 (jar), q616-p15 (jar), q618-p1 (plate), q618-p2 (plate), q619-p1 (jar), q619-p2 (jar), q621-p70 (body sherd), q622-p70 (body sherd), q624-p1 (jar), q624-p2 (bowl), q624-p3 (bowl), q625-p1 (i), q625-p2 (r), q625-p3 (jar), q625-p4 (plate), q625-p5 (r), q626-p1 (bowl), q626-p2 (bowl), q626-p3 (jar), q626-p4 (f), q626-p5 (bowl), q626-p6 (jar), q626-p7 (bowl), q626-p8 (bowl), q628-p1 (plate), q628-p2 (bowl), q628-p3 (bowl), q629-p1 (plate), q632-p1 (r), q632-p2 (bowl), q632-p3 (plate), q632-p4 (jar), q632-p5 (bowl), q632-p6 (bowl), q632-p7 (jar), q632-p8 (i), q632-p9 (f), q632-p10 (bowl), q633-p1 (plate), q633-p2 (jar), q633-p3 (bowl), q633-p4 (xrg), q633-p5 (cup), q633-p6 (jar), q633-p7 (bowl), q633-p8 (plate), q633-p9 (xrg), q633-p10 (bowl), q633-p11 (bowl), q633-p12 (bowl), q634-p1 (plate), q634-p2 (jar), q634-p3 (i), q634-p4 (jar), q634-p5 (sq), q634-p6 (f), q634-p7 (bowl), q634-p8 (jar), q634-p9 (bowl), q634-p10 (bowl), q634-p11 (bowl), q634-p12 (bowl), q634-p13 (bowl), q635-p1 (jar), q635-p2 (bowl), q635-p4 (jar), q636-p1 (xsf), q636-p2 (jar), q636-p3 (plate), q636-p4 (bowl), q636-p5 (i), q637-p1 (plate), q637-p2 (bowl), q637-p3 (r), q637-p4 (plate), q639-p1 (jar), q639-p2 (jar), q639-p3 (i), q639-p4 (bowl), q647-p1 (bowl), q647-p2 (bowl), q647-p3 (bowl), q647-p4 (f), q648-p1 (r), q648-p2 (bowl), q648-p3 (jar), q648-p4 (xsfv), q648-p5 (r), q648-p6 (plate), q648-p7 (jar), q648-p8 (i), q648-p9 (jar), q648-p10 (f), q648-p11 (bowl), q648-p12 (jar), q648-p13 (other shape sherd), q648-p70 (body sherd), q649-p1 (bowl), q649-p2 (bowl), q649-p3 (bowl), q649-p4 (jar), q649-p5 (f), q649-p6 (jar), q649-p7 (i), q649-p8 (bowl), q649-p9 (bowl), q649-p10 (f), q649-p11 (jar), q653-p70 (body sherd), q655-p1 (plate), q656-p1 (jar), q656-p2 (jar), q656-p3 (xrh), q658-p1 (xdc), q658-p2 (bowl), q658-p3 (jar), q662-p1 (bowl), q662-p2 (xsf), q663-p1 (jar), q663-p2 (bowl), q663-p3 (jar), q663-p4 (bowl), q663-p5 (bowl), q663-p6 (bowl), q664-p1 (plate), q664-p2 (bowl), q664-p3 (bowl), q664-p4 (i), q664-p5 (bowl), q664-p6 (bowl), q664-p7 (bowl), q664-p8 (bowl), q665-p1 (bowl), q665-p2 (jar), q665-p3 (jar), q665-p4 (jar), q665-p5 (bowl), q665-p6 (plate), q666-p1 (bowl), q666-p2 (jar), q666-p3 (bowl), q666-p4 (x), q666-p5 (r), q666-p6 (dp), q666-p7 (bowl), q666-p8 (bowl), q666-p9 (bowl), q666-p10 (bowl), q666-p11 (jar), q666-p12 (jar), q666-p13 (jar), q666-p14 (jar), q666-p63 (plate), q666-p64 (xf), q666-p65 (dp), q666-p66 (xrg), q666-p67 (xfc), q666-p68 (plate), q666-p69 (bowl), q666-p70 (body sherd), q667-p1 (jar), q667-p2 (bowl), q667-p3 (dp), q667-p4 (jar), q670-p1 (bowl), q678-p1 (jar), q678-p2 (bowl), q678-p3 (jar), q678-p4 (f), q678-p5 (jar), q678-p70 (body sherd), q683-p1 (bowl), q683-p2 (r), q683-p3 (bowl), q683-p4 (jar), q683-p5 (bowl), q683-p6 (stand), q683-p7 (f), q683-p8 (stand), q683-p9 (bowl), q691-p70 (body sherd), q691-p71 (body sherd), q693-p1 (jar), q693-p2 (bowl), q693-p3 (xfx), q693-p4 (plate), q693-p5 (plate), q693-p6 (bowl), q693-p7 (other shape sherd), q693-p8 (sq), q693-p9 (xfx), q693-p10 (xrg), q693-p11 (plate), q693-p70 (body sherd), q693-p71 (body sherd), q693-p72 (body sherd), q693-p73 (body sherd), q693-p74 (body sherd), q695-p1 (xfx), q695-p2 (xrl), q695-p3 (bowl), q695-p4 (plate), q695-p5 (xrg), q695-p6 (i), q695-p7 (r), q695-p8 (xfx), q695-p9 (jar), q695-p10 (xrg), q695-p11 (xdf), q695-p12 (ri), q695-p13 (jar), q695-p15 (bowl), q695-p16 (xf), q695-p17 (jar), q695-p18 (cg), q695-p19 (dp), q695-p70 (body sherd), q695-p71 (body sherd), q695-p72 (body sherd), q695-p73 (body sherd), q695-p74 (body sherd), q695-p75 (body sherd), q700-p70 (body sherd), q702-p70 (body sherd), q702-p71 (body sherd), q702-p72 (body sherd), q702-p73 (body sherd), q702-p74 (body sherd), q702-p75 (body sherd), q702-p76 (body sherd), q704-p1 (xfx), q704-p2 (r), q704-p3 (xdf), q704-p4 (worked disk), q704-p5 (f), q704-p6 (plate), q704-p7 (bowl), q704-p8 (xrg), q704-p9 (f), q704-p10 (r), q704-p11 (sq), q704-p12 (bowl), q704-p13 (bowl), q704-p14 (bowl), q704-p15 (plate), q707-p1 (strainer), q707-p2 (jar), q707-p3 (i), q707-p4 (r), q707-p70 (body sherd), q707-p71 (body sherd), q707-p72 (body sherd), q708-p3 (f), q708-p70 (body sherd), q708-p71 (body sherd), q708-p72 (body sherd), q709-p70 (body sherd), q709-p71 (body sherd), q710-p1 (bowl), q710-p2 (other shape sherd), q710-p3 (bowl), q710-p4 (sq), q710-p5 (sq), q710-p6 (jar), q710-p7 (jar), q710-p8 (plate), q710-p9 (bowl), q710-p10 (jar), q710-p11 (bowl), q710-p12 (sq), q710-p13 (jar), q710-p14 (worked disk), q710-p15 (xfx), q710-p16 (jar), q710-p17 (jar), q710-p18 (xrg), q710-p19 (xfc), q710-p20 (jar), q710-p21 (bowl), q710-p22 (xrg), q710-p23 (xsfv), q710-p24 (bowl), q710-p25 (bowl), q710-p26 (xrg), q710-p27 (sq), q710-p28 (bowl), q710-p29 (plate), q710-p30 (bowl), q710-p31 (bowl), q710-p69 (bowl), q710-p70 (body sherd), q710-p71 (body sherd), q710-p72 (body sherd), q710-p73 (body sherd), q710-p74 (body sherd), q710-p75 (body sherd), q710-p76 (body sherd), q710-p77 (body sherd), q710-p78 (body sherd), q712-p1 (bowl), q712-p2 (bowl), q712-p3 (jar), q712-p4 (other shape sherd), q712-p5 (bowl), q712-p6 (xsf), q712-p7 (bowl), q712-p8 (sq), q712-p9 (worked disk), q712-p10 (worked disk), q712-p11 (worked disk), q712-p12 (xrg), q712-p65 (xrh), q712-p66 (xfx), q712-p67 (sq), q712-p68 (xrg), q712-p69 (plate), q712-p70 (body sherd), q712-p71 (body sherd), q712-p72 (body sherd), q712-p73 (body sherd), q712-p74 (body sherd), q712-p75 (body sherd), q714-p1 (xf), q714-p2 (tablet), q714-p3 (xdc), q714-p4 (other shape sherd), q714-p5 (plate), q714-p70 (body sherd), q714-p71 (body sherd), q714-p72 (body sherd), q715-p70 (body sherd), q715-p71 (body sherd), q715-p72 (body sherd), q715-p73 (body sherd), q717-p1 (jar), q717-p70 (body sherd), q717-p71 (body sherd), q717-p72 (body sherd), q717-p73 (body sherd), q718-p1 (jar), q718-p2 (plate), q718-p3 (plate), q718-p4 (plate), q718-p5 (cup), q718-p6 (jar), q718-p7 (dp), q718-p8 (sq), q718-p9 (r), q718-p10 (xsfc), q718-p11 (jar), q718-p12 (jar), q718-p13 (cup), q718-p14 (bowl), q718-p15 (bowl), q718-p16 (pot), q718-p70 (body sherd), q718-p71 (body sherd), q718-p72 (body sherd), q718-p73 (body sherd), q718-p74 (body sherd), q719-p1 (r), q719-p2 (bowl), q719-p3 (r), q719-p4 (sq), q719-p5 (jar), q719-p6 (bowl), q719-p7 (bowl), q719-p8 (xrg), q719-p9 (worked disk), q719-p10 (jar), q719-p11 (bowl), q719-p12 (i), q719-p13 (xrh), q719-p14 (xrl), q719-p15 (xfx), q719-p70 (body sherd), q719-p71 (body sherd), q719-p72 (body sherd), q719-p73 (body sherd), q719-p74 (body sherd), q719-p75 (body sherd), q719-p76 (body sherd), q719-p77 (body sherd), q719-p78 (body sherd), q719-p79 (body sherd), q719-p80 (body sherd), q719-p81 (body sherd), q720-p70 (body sherd), q721-p1 (bowl), q721-p2 (plate), q721-p3 (plate), q721-p4 (bowl), q721-p5 (xrg), q721-p6 (plate), q721-p7 (xrg), q721-p8 (jar), q721-p9 (xrg), q721-p10 (xrg), q721-p70 (body sherd), q721-p71 (body sherd), q721-p72 (body sherd), q721-p73 (body sherd), q721-p74 (body sherd), q721-p75 (body sherd), q722-p1 (jar), q722-p2 (xrg), q722-p70 (body sherd), q722-p71 (body sherd), q722-p72 (body sherd), q724-p2 (stand), q724-p3 (i), q724-p5 (tablet), q724-p6 (bowl), q724-p70 (body sherd), q724-p71 (body sherd), q724-p72 (body sherd), q724-p73 (body sherd), q724-p74 (body sherd), q724-p75 (body sherd), q725-p1 (bowl), q725-p2 (jar), q725-p3 (i), q725-p4 (bowl), q725-p5 (i), q725-p6 (worked disk), q725-p7 (jar), q725-p8 (bowl), q725-p70 (body sherd), q725-p71 (body sherd), q725-p72 (body sherd), q725-p73 (body sherd), q725-p74 (body sherd), q725-p75 (body sherd), q730-p1 (bowl), q730-p2 (i), q730-p3 (jar), q730-p4 (plate), q730-p5 (f), q730-p6 (xrg), q730-p70 (body sherd), q730-p71 (body sherd), q730-p72 (body sherd), q730-p73 (body sherd), q732-p1 (xrg), q732-p2 (jar), q732-p3 (jar), q736-p1 (bowl), q736-p2 (jar), q736-p3 (tablet), q736-p70 (body sherd), q736-p71 (body sherd), q739-p1 (jar), q739-p2 (sq), q739-p3 (jar), q739-p4 (jar), q739-p5 (jar), q739-p6 (bowl), q739-p7 (bowl), q739-p8 (bowl), q739-p9 (dp), q739-p10 (r), q739-p11 (i), q743-p1 (bowl), q743-p2 (r), q743-p3 (r), q743-p4 (bowl), q744-p1 (bowl), q744-p2 (plate), q744-p3 (bowl), q749-p1 (bowl), q749-p2 (jar), q749-p3 (bowl), q749-p4 (jar), q749-p5 (jar), q749-p6 (bowl), q749-p7 (jar), q749-p8 (bowl), q749-p9 (jar), q749-p10 (sq), q749-p11 (plate), q749-p12 (i), q749-p13 (jar), q749-p14 (plate), q749-p70 (body sherd), q750-p1 (r), q750-p2 (jar), q750-p3 (bowl), q750-p4 (bowl), q758-p1 (xfsv), q758-p70 (body sherd), q762-p1 (bowl), q762-p2 (xdf), q762-p9 (o), q762-p10 (bowl), q762-p13 (cg), q762-p14 (other shape sherd), q762-p70 (body sherd), q762-p71 (body sherd), q762-p72 (body sherd), q762-p73 (body sherd), q762-p74 (body sherd), q762-p75 (body sherd), q762-p76 (body sherd), q762-p77 (body sherd), q769-p70 (body sherd), q769-p71 (body sherd), q807-p1 (bowl), q807-p2 (jar), q807-p3 (jar), q807-p4 (xrg), q807-p5 (bowl), q807-p6 (xfx), q807-p7 (bowl), q807-p8 (xsfc), q807-p9 (f), q807-p10 (cup), q808-p5 (jar), q808-p70 (body sherd), q808-p71 (body sherd), q808-p72 (body sherd), q808-p73 (body sherd), q808-p74 (body sherd), q808-p75 (body sherd), q808-p76 (body sherd), q819-p70 (body sherd), q819-p71 (body sherd), q819-p72 (body sherd), q827-p2 (tablet), q837-p11 (jar), q837-p12 (xfx), q837-p13 (cg), q837-p14 (f), q837-p70 (body sherd), q837-p71 (body sherd), q837-p72 (body sherd), q837-p73 (body sherd), q837-p74 (body sherd), q837-p75 (body sherd), q837-p76 (body sherd), q842-p2 (jar), q842-p3 (cup), q842-p70 (body sherd), q843-p1 (bowl), q843-p12 (xlf), q843-p14 (jar), q843-p71 (body sherd), q843-p74 (body sherd), q865-p70 (body sherd), q868-p1 (xrl), q868-p2 (bowl), q868-p3 (plate), q868-p4 (jar), q868-p5 (jar), q868-p6 (bowl), q868-p7 (i), q868-p8 (bowl), q868-p70 (body sherd), q868-p71 (body sherd), q868-p72 (body sherd), q868-p73 (body sherd), q868-p74 (body sherd), q868-p75 (body sherd), q868-p76 (body sherd), q868-p77 (body sherd), q868-p78 (body sherd), q868-p79 (body sherd), q868-p80 (body sherd), q868-p81 (body sherd), q868-p82 (body sherd), q868-p83 (body sherd), q868-p84 (body sherd), q868-p86 (body sherd), q868-p87 (body sherd), q868-p88 (body sherd), q1334-p1 (xfx), q1334-p2 (other shape sherd), q1334-p3 (jar), q1334-p70 (body sherd), q1334-p71 (body sherd), q1335-p1 (bowl), q1335-p2 (xfx), q1335-p3 (other shape sherd), q1335-p4 (xdf), q1335-p5 (bowl), q1335-p6 (cup), q1335-p7 (other shape sherd), q1335-p72 (body sherd) [Input: S-CUMUL.j]
2011-02-10 lC f3 (accumulation D), f4 (accumulation D), f5 (isolated stone), f6 (accumulation B), f7 (accumulation B), f8 (floor, type b), f9 (accumulation D), f10 (floor, type b), f12 (pavement, type c), f13 (accumulation C), f14 (accumulation C), f15 (accumulation C), f19 (accumulation D), f25 (pavement, type b), f142 (accumulation D), f143 (accumulation D), f145 (accumulation D), f149 (accumulation D), f150 (accumulation D), f157 (accumulation D), f159 (isolated stone), f160 (isolated stone), f161 (isolated stone), f175 (accumulation D), f176 (accumulation D), f179 (accumulation D), f182 (accumulation D), f198 (accumulation D), f200 (accumulation D), f204 (accumulation D), f205 (accumulation D), f206 (accumulation D), f208 (accumulation D), f210 (lens type b), f211 (fill), f213 (cut), f216 (isolated stone), f220 (isolated stone), f221 (isolated stone), f222 (isolated stone), f371 (volumetric material) [Input: V211LC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2011-02-10 lC h7vJ1A [Input: V211LC.j]