Unit Book J1


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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2011-02-10 lC Middle Mittani. Semi-natural accumulations (^acc2) against the upper part of the ED III revetment wall, made of sherds, stones, pebbles with an high level of compactness, probably due to a still strong human traffic in the Plaza. The Plaza filled up very quickly, probably because of a less care of the structure around it, during a period of deep changes. The focus shifted from East to West with the construction of the new Staircase in J5. [Input: V211LC.j]


Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Features included within stratum 2006-08-26 !! i10 (pin), i17 (bone), i27 (gold foil), i40 (seal), i41 (cylinder seal), q35.1 (li), q45.1 (ob), q45.2 (ob), q45.3 (figurine), q64.1 (ob), q64.2 (wheel), q68.1 (figurine), q68.2 (laf), q68.3 (li), q68.4 (clay lump), q68.5 (figurine), q76.1 (sh), q82.1 (bead), q82.2 (sh), q82.3 (laf), q82.4 (ceramic vessel), q85.1 (figurine), q96.1 (laf), q96.2 (laf), q96.3 (caf), q126.1 (ceramic vessel), q139.1 (bead), q139.2 (laf), q139.3 (laf), q148.1 (uncertain), q157.1 (wheel), q162.1 (goblet), q181.1 (clay artifact), q181.2 (figurine), q189.1 (bone), q190.1 (bead), q343.1 (clay artifact), q351.1 (bead), q357.1 (sh), q360.1 (lithic artifact), q360.2 (uncertain), q388.1 (bead), q388.2 (laf), q388.3 (laf), q395.1 (kiln waste), q395.2 (laf), q403.1 (sealing), q404.1 (laf), q772.1 (mortar), q774.1 (wheel), q780.1 (seal impression), q780.2 (grinding stone), q781.1 (uncertain), q785.1 (grinding stone), q785.2 (grinding stone), q786.1 (sh), q786.2 (blade), q787.1 (grinding stone), q787.2 (grinding stone), q792.1 (debitage), q795.1 (grinding stone), q796.1 (wheel), q797.1 (wheel), q798.1 (sample), q799.1 (grinding stone), q799.2 (sh), q802.1 (blade), q802.2 (grinding stone), q803.1 (wheel), q812.1 (grinding stone), q812.2 (grinding stone), q812.3 (blade), q816.1 (bead), q816.2 (bead), q816.3 (figurine), q826.1 (bead), q829.1 (blade), q829.2 (chariot model), q830.1 (sh), q830.2 (uncertain), q830.3 (grinding stone), q830.4 (bead), q832.1 (bead), q832.2 (uncertain), q832.3 (tool), q833.1 (grinding stone), q835.1 (bead), q835.2 (bead), q835.3 (bead), q835.4 (kiln waste), q838.1 (blade), q838.2 (uncertain), q838.3 (grinding stone), q838.4 (mortar), q839.1 (bead), q839.2 (kiln waste), q839.3 (grinding stone), q839.4 (blade), q840.1 (bead), q840.2 (figurine), q840.3 (figurine), q840.4 (wheel), q844.1 (bead), q844.2 (bead), q844.3 (blade), q844.4 (blade), q844.5 (blade), q844.6 (blade), q845.1 (bead), q845.2 (sh), q845.3 (bead), q845.4 (grinding stone), q845.5 (blade), q845.6 (grinding stone), q845.7 (uncertain), q848.1 (tool), q848.2 (grinding stone), q874.1, q875.1, q875.2, q875.3, q875.4, q877.1 (blade), q877.2 (ceramic vessel), q877.3 (ceramic vessel), q35 (items, pottery), q38 (bones, pottery), q45 (bones, items, pottery), q54 (bones, pottery), q64 (items, pottery), q68 (pottery), q72 (pottery), q74 (pottery), q75 (pottery), q76 (items, pottery), q82 (bones, items, pottery), q84 (pottery), q85 (pottery), q86 (bones, pottery), q96 (pottery), q105 (bones, pottery), q123 (bones, pottery), q125 (pottery), q126 (bones, pottery), q139 (pottery), q147 (pottery), q148 (pottery), q157 (bones, pottery), q158 (pottery), q159 (pottery), q162 (bones, pottery), q165 (bones, pottery), q166 (pottery), q170 (pottery), q171 (pottery), q174 (pottery), q180 (pottery), q181 (bones, pottery), q189 (items, pottery), q190 (bones, pottery), q343 (bones, pottery), q351 (bones, pottery), q356 (bones, pottery), q357 (pottery), q360 (bones, pottery), q365 (bones, pottery), q368 (bones, pottery), q374 (bones, pottery), q379 (bones, pottery), q388 (bones, pottery), q395 (bones, pottery), q400 (pottery), q403 (pottery), q404 (pottery), q501 (pottery), q772 (pottery), q773 (bones, pottery), q774 (pottery), q778 (bones, pottery), q779 (pottery), q780 (pottery), q781 (pottery), q782 (pottery), q783 (pottery), q784 (pottery), q785 (pottery), q786 (bones, items, pottery), q787 (pottery), q789 (pottery), q790 (pottery), q792 (pottery), q793 (pottery), q794 (pottery), q795 (pottery), q796 (pottery), q797 (bones, pottery), q798 (pottery), q799 (pottery), q800 (pottery), q801 (pottery), q802 (pottery), q803 (pottery), q805 (pottery), q806 (pottery), q809 (pottery), q810 (pottery), q811 (pottery), q812 (bones, pottery), q813 (pottery), q814 (pottery), q815 (pottery), q816 (items, pottery), q817 (pottery), q818 (pottery), q820 (pottery), q821 (pottery), q822 (pottery), q823 (pottery), q825 (bones, pottery), q826 (items, pottery), q828 (bones, pottery), q829 (pottery), q830 (items, pottery), q832 (items, pottery), q833 (pottery), q835 (bones, pottery), q836 (bones, pottery), q838 (pottery), q839 (bones, items, pottery), q840 (bones, items, pottery), q844 (pottery), q845 (pottery), q847 (pottery), q848 (bones, items, pottery), q855 (bones, pottery), q874 (bones, pottery), q875 (pottery), q877 (bones, items, pottery), q35-p70 (body sherd), q35-p71 (body sherd), q38-p70 (body sherd), q38-p71 (body sherd), q38-p72 (body sherd), q38-p73 (body sherd), q38-p74 (body sherd), q38-p75 (body sherd), q38-p76 (body sherd), q45-p70 (body sherd), q45-p71 (body sherd), q45-p72 (body sherd), q45-p73 (body sherd), q45-p74 (body sherd), q54-p70 (body sherd), q54-p71 (body sherd), q54-p72 (body sherd), q54-p73 (body sherd), q54-p74 (body sherd), q54-p75 (body sherd), q64-p70 (body sherd), q64-p71 (body sherd), q64-p72 (body sherd), q64-p73 (body sherd), q64-p74 (body sherd), q64-p75 (body sherd), q64-p76 (body sherd), q64-p77 (body sherd), q68-p70 (body sherd), q68-p71 (body sherd), q68-p72 (body sherd), q68-p73 (body sherd), q68-p74 (body sherd), q68-p75 (body sherd), q72-p70 (body sherd), q72-p71 (body sherd), q72-p72 (body sherd), q72-p73 (body sherd), q72-p74 (body sherd), q72-p75 (body sherd), q72-p76 (body sherd), q72-p77 (body sherd), q74-p70 (body sherd), q74-p71 (body sherd), q74-p72 (body sherd), q74-p73 (body sherd), q74-p74 (body sherd), q75-p70 (body sherd), q75-p71 (body sherd), q75-p72 (body sherd), q75-p73 (body sherd), q75-p74 (body sherd), q75-p75 (body sherd), q75-p76 (body sherd), q76-p70 (body sherd), q76-p71 (body sherd), q76-p72 (body sherd), q76-p73 (body sherd), q76-p74 (body sherd), q76-p75 (body sherd), q76-p76 (body sherd), q82-p70 (body sherd), q82-p71 (body sherd), q82-p72 (body sherd), q82-p73 (body sherd), q82-p74 (body sherd), q84-p70 (body sherd), q85-p70 (body sherd), q85-p71 (body sherd), q85-p72 (body sherd), q85-p73 (body sherd), q85-p74 (body sherd), q85-p75 (body sherd), q86-p70 (body sherd), q86-p71 (body sherd), q86-p72 (body sherd), q86-p73 (body sherd), q86-p74 (body sherd), q123-p70 (body sherd), q123-p71 (body sherd), q123-p72 (body sherd), q123-p73 (body sherd), q125-p70 (body sherd), q125-p71 (body sherd), q125-p72 (body sherd), q125-p73 (body sherd), q125-p74 (body sherd), q125-p75 (body sherd), q125-p76 (body sherd), q139-p1 (bowl), q139-p70 (body sherd), q139-p71 (body sherd), q139-p72 (body sherd), q139-p73 (body sherd), q139-p74 (body sherd), q139-p75 (body sherd), q139-p76 (body sherd), q147-p1 (xrg), q147-p2 (xrg), q147-p3 (xrg), q147-p4 (xsf), q147-p5 (xf), q147-p6 (xrg), q147-p7 (xrg), q147-p8 (xrg), q147-p9 (xrg), q147-p10 (xfc), q147-p11 (xrg), q147-p12 (xsf), q147-p13 (other shape sherd), q147-p14 (other shape sherd), q147-p15 (other shape sherd), q147-p16 (other shape sherd), q147-p17 (other shape sherd), q147-p18 (bowl), q147-p19 (i), q147-p20 (root), q147-p21 (jar), q147-p22 (bowl), q147-p23 (jar), q147-p24 (sq), q147-p25 (sq), q147-p26 (bowl), q147-p27 (sq), q147-p28 (cg), q147-p29 (bowl), q147-p30 (xfx), q147-p31 (r), q147-p70 (body sherd), q147-p71 (body sherd), q147-p72 (body sherd), q147-p73 (body sherd), q147-p74 (body sherd), q147-p75 (body sherd), q148-p70 (body sherd), q166-p1 (jar), q166-p2 (xfx), q166-p3 (xrg), q166-p4 (xrg), q166-p5 (xrg), q166-p6 (xrg), q166-p7 (bowl), q166-p8 (bowl), q166-p9 (xp), q166-p10 (plate), q166-p11 (xfx), q166-p12 (bowl), q166-p13 (xsf), q166-p14 (xrl), q166-p15 (jar), q166-p16 (xsf), q166-p17 (bowl), q166-p18 (xp), q166-p19 (sq), q166-p20 (xsc), q166-p21 (bowl), q166-p22 (r), q166-p23 (r), q166-p24 (jar), q170-p1 (xdf), q170-p2 (bowl), q170-p3 (xsc), q170-p4 (xrg), q170-p5 (xrg), q170-p6 (xrg), q170-p7 (xrg), q170-p8 (jar), q170-p9 (xrg), q170-p10 (jar), q170-p11 (bowl), q170-p12 (sq), q170-p13 (x), q170-p14 (f), q170-p15 (xdc), q170-p16 (plate), q170-p17 (f), q170-p18 (jar), q170-p19 (jar), q170-p20 (xfx), q170-p21 (other shape sherd), q170-p22 (xdc), q170-p23 (f), q170-p24 (jar), q174-p1 (pot), q174-p2 (xrg), q174-p3 (jar), q174-p4 (xrg), q174-p5 (dp), q174-p6 (sq), q174-p7 (jar), q174-p8 (sq), q174-p70 (body sherd), q174-p71 (body sherd), q174-p72 (body sherd), q174-p73 (body sherd), q174-p74 (body sherd), q174-p75 (body sherd), q174-p76 (body sherd), q174-p77 (body sherd), q174-p79 (body sherd), q343-p70 (body sherd), q343-p71 (body sherd), q343-p72 (body sherd), q343-p73 (body sherd), q343-p74 (body sherd), q343-p75 (body sherd), q343-p76 (body sherd), q343-p77 (body sherd), q351-p70 (body sherd), q351-p71 (body sherd), q351-p72 (body sherd), q351-p73 (body sherd), q351-p74 (body sherd), q351-p75 (body sherd), q351-p76 (body sherd), q351-p77 (body sherd), q351-p78 (body sherd), q351-p79 (body sherd), q351-p80 (body sherd), q351-p81 (body sherd), q356-p70 (body sherd), q356-p71 (body sherd), q356-p72 (body sherd), q356-p73 (body sherd), q356-p74 (body sherd), q356-p75 (body sherd), q356-p76 (body sherd), q356-p77 (body sherd), q356-p78 (body sherd), q356-p79 (body sherd), q357-p70 (body sherd), q357-p71 (body sherd), q357-p72 (body sherd), q360-p70 (body sherd), q360-p71 (body sherd), q360-p72 (body sherd), q360-p73 (body sherd), q360-p74 (body sherd), q360-p75 (body sherd), q360-p76 (body sherd), q360-p77 (body sherd), q360-p78 (body sherd), q360-p79 (body sherd), q360-p80 (body sherd), q360-p81 (body sherd), q365-p70 (body sherd), q365-p71 (body sherd), q365-p72 (body sherd), q365-p73 (body sherd), q365-p74 (body sherd), q365-p75 (body sherd), q374-p1 (bowl), q374-p2 (jar), q374-p3 (xfc), q374-p4 (bowl), q374-p5 (bowl), q374-p6 (jar), q374-p7 (bowl), q374-p8 (r), q374-p9 (tablet), q374-p10 (bowl), q374-p70 (body sherd), q374-p71 (body sherd), q374-p72 (body sherd), q374-p73 (body sherd), q374-p74 (body sherd), q374-p75 (body sherd), q379-p1 (xf), q379-p2 (xdf), q379-p3 (strainer), q379-p4 (jar), q379-p5 (r), q379-p6 (bowl), q379-p70 (body sherd), q379-p71 (body sherd), q379-p72 (body sherd), q379-p73 (body sherd), q379-p74 (body sherd), q379-p75 (body sherd), q388-p1 (xf), q388-p2 (xrl), q388-p3 (xrl), q388-p4 (xrl), q388-p5 (xrg), q388-p6 (xrl), q388-p7 (bowl), q388-p8 (jar), q388-p9 (bowl), q388-p10 (jar), q388-p11 (bowl), q388-p72 (body sherd), q388-p73 (body sherd), q388-p74 (body sherd), q388-p75 (body sherd), q388-p76 (body sherd), q388-p77 (body sherd), q388-p78 (body sherd), q395-p1 (bowl), q395-p2 (bowl), q395-p3 (bowl), q395-p4 (pot), q395-p5 (jar), q395-p6 (xfx), q395-p7 (xfx), q395-p8 (xfx), q395-p9 (xrg), q395-p10 (xsf), q395-p70 (body sherd), q395-p71 (body sherd), q395-p72 (body sherd), q395-p73 (body sherd), q395-p74 (body sherd), q395-p75 (body sherd), q400-p1 (jar), q400-p2 (bowl), q400-p3 (x), q400-p4 (xfx), q400-p5 (xdc), q400-p6 (xfx), q400-p7 (xrg), q400-p8 (x), q400-p70 (body sherd), q400-p71 (body sherd), q400-p72 (body sherd), q400-p73 (body sherd), q400-p74 (body sherd), q400-p75 (body sherd), q400-p76 (body sherd), q400-p77 (body sherd), q400-p78 (body sherd), q403-p1 (xfc), q404-p1 (sq), q404-p70 (body sherd), q404-p71 (body sherd), q501-p1 (bowl), q501-p2 (r), q501-p3 (bowl), q501-p70 (body sherd), q501-p71 (body sherd), q772-p1 (xrh), q772-p2 (x), q772-p3 (jar), q772-p4 (xrg), q772-p5 (plate), q772-p6 (bowl), q772-p7 (xrl), q772-p8 (plate), q772-p9 (xfc), q772-p10 (plate), q772-p11 (xfx), q772-p12 (sq), q772-p13 (worked disk), q772-p70 (body sherd), q772-p71 (body sherd), q772-p72 (body sherd), q772-p73 (body sherd), q772-p74 (body sherd), q772-p75 (body sherd), q772-p77 (body sherd), q772-p78 (body sherd), q773-p1 (jar), q773-p2 (jar), q773-p3 (plate), q773-p4 (xrg), q773-p5 (bowl), q773-p6 (jar), q773-p7 (jar), q773-p8 (jar), q773-p9 (xrg), q773-p10 (bowl), q773-p11 (bowl), q773-p12 (bowl), q773-p13 (bowl), q773-p14 (bowl), q773-p15 (stand), q773-p16 (bowl), q773-p17 (bowl), q773-p18 (bowl), q773-p70 (body sherd), q773-p71 (body sherd), q773-p72 (body sherd), q773-p73 (body sherd), q774-p1 (plate), q774-p2 (jar), q774-p3 (jar), q774-p4 (xrl), q774-p5 (xfx), q774-p6 (jar), q774-p7 (xrl), q774-p8 (xsf), q774-p9 (xsc), q774-p10 (xrh), q774-p11 (xdf), q774-p12 (xfx), q774-p13 (xrg), q774-p14 (bowl), q774-p15 (jar), q774-p16 (bowl), q774-p17 (jar), q774-p18 (bowl), q774-p19 (xrg), q774-p20 (plate), q774-p21 (plate), q774-p22 (sq), q774-p23 (bowl), q774-p24 (bowl), q774-p25 (bowl), q774-p26 (bowl), q774-p27 (stand), q774-p28 (cup), q774-p29 (jar), q774-p30 (f), q774-p31 (jar), q774-p32 (bowl), q774-p33 (bowl), q774-p34 (sq), q774-p35 (jar), q774-p36 (jar), q774-p37 (jar), q774-p38 (bowl), q774-p39 (bowl), q774-p40 (jar), q774-p41 (bowl), q774-p42 (bowl), q774-p43 (jar), q774-p44 (r), q774-p45 (jar), q774-p46 (plate), q774-p47 (plate), q774-p48 (plate), q774-p49 (xsfc), q774-p50 (plate), q774-p51 (plate), q774-p52 (cup), q774-p53 (other shape sherd), q774-p54 (xfx), q774-p55 (xrg), q774-p56 (jar), q774-p57 (plate), q774-p58 (i), q774-p59 (bowl), q774-p60 (xdf), q774-p61 (xsfv), q774-p62 (xfx), q774-p63 (xdc), q774-p64 (xrg), q774-p65 (xrg), q774-p66 (xfx), q774-p67 (xf), q774-p68 (xrg), q774-p69 (xrg), q774-p70 (body sherd), q774-p71 (body sherd), q774-p72 (body sherd), q774-p73 (body sherd), q774-p74 (body sherd), q774-p75 (body sherd), q774-p76 (body sherd), q774-p77 (body sherd), q774-p78 (body sherd), q774-p83 (body sherd), q774-p84 (body sherd), q774-p85 (body sherd), q774-p86 (body sherd), q774-p87 (body sherd), q774-p88 (body sherd), q779-p1 (xrg), q779-p2 (bowl), q779-p3 (bowl), q779-p4 (jar), q779-p5 (jar), q779-p6 (plate), q779-p7 (r), q779-p8 (bowl), q779-p9 (xrg), q779-p10 (bowl), q779-p11 (plate), q779-p12 (bowl), q779-p13 (jar), q779-p14 (plate), q779-p15 (bowl), q779-p16 (xrg), q779-p17 (plate), q779-p18 (plate), q779-p19 (bowl), q779-p20 (r), q779-p21 (bowl), q779-p22 (bowl), q779-p23 (plate), q779-p24 (bowl), q779-p25 (plate), q779-p26 (pot), q779-p27 (xrg), q779-p28 (bowl), q779-p29 (bowl), q779-p30 (bowl), q779-p31 (jar), q779-p32 (plate), q779-p33 (sq), q779-p34 (bowl), q779-p35 (xdf), q779-p36 (xdf), q779-p37 (tablet), q779-p38 (sq), q779-p70 (body sherd), q779-p71 (body sherd), q779-p72 (body sherd), q779-p73 (body sherd), q779-p74 (body sherd), q779-p75 (body sherd), q779-p76 (body sherd), q779-p77 (body sherd), q779-p78 (body sherd), q779-p79 (body sherd), q779-p80 (body sherd), q780-p1 (xrg), q780-p2 (bowl), q780-p3 (bowl), q780-p4 (xrg), q780-p5 (xp), q780-p6 (bowl), q780-p7 (sq), q780-p8 (xfx), q780-p9 (bowl), q780-p10 (bowl), q780-p11 (xfx), q780-p12 (xrd), q780-p13 (bowl), q780-p14 (jar), q780-p57 (f), q780-p58 (bowl), q780-p59 (f), q780-p60 (other shape sherd), q780-p61 (strainer), q780-p62 (xsfc), q780-p63 (jar), q780-p64 (r), q780-p65 (bowl), q780-p66 (other shape sherd), q780-p67 (jar), q780-p68 (bowl), q780-p69 (xrg), q780-p70 (body sherd), q780-p71 (body sherd), q780-p72 (body sherd), q780-p73 (body sherd), q780-p74 (body sherd), q780-p75 (body sherd), q780-p76 (body sherd), q781-p1 (xrg), q781-p2 (xfc), q781-p3 (plate), q781-p4 (bowl), q781-p5 (xrl), q781-p6 (bowl), q781-p7 (jar), q781-p8 (xrg), q781-p9 (xrg), q781-p10 (sq), q781-p11 (bowl), q781-p12 (bowl), q781-p13 (jar), q781-p14 (plate), q781-p15 (bowl), q781-p16 (bowl), q781-p17 (bowl), q781-p18 (worked disk), q781-p19 (plate), q781-p70 (body sherd), q781-p71 (body sherd), q781-p72 (body sherd), q781-p73 (body sherd), q781-p74 (body sherd), q781-p75 (body sherd), q782-p1 (xrg), q782-p2 (xrg), q782-p3 (xf), q782-p4 (xdf), q782-p5 (plate), q782-p6 (xrl), q782-p7 (plate), q782-p8 (bowl), q782-p9 (jar), q782-p10 (f), q782-p11 (bowl), q782-p70 (body sherd), q782-p71 (body sherd), q782-p72 (body sherd), q782-p73 (body sherd), q782-p74 (body sherd), q782-p75 (body sherd), q782-p76 (body sherd), q782-p77 (body sherd), q783-p1 (bowl), q783-p2 (bowl), q783-p3 (bowl), q783-p4 (xf), q783-p5 (xrg), q783-p6 (bowl), q783-p7 (bowl), q783-p8 (xrl), q783-p9 (xrg), q783-p70 (body sherd), q783-p71 (body sherd), q783-p72 (body sherd), q783-p74 (body sherd), q783-p75 (body sherd), q783-p76 (body sherd), q783-p77 (body sherd), q784-p1 (bowl), q784-p2 (bowl), q784-p3 (jar), q784-p4 (jar), q784-p5 (xrg), q784-p6 (bowl), q784-p7 (xdf), q784-p8 (f), q784-p9 (jar), q784-p10 (xrg), q784-p11 (xrl), q784-p12 (xrl), q784-p13 (pot), q784-p14 (jar), q784-p62 (plate), q784-p63 (bowl), q784-p64 (plate), q784-p65 (bowl), q784-p66 (bowl), q784-p67 (bowl), q784-p68 (jar), q784-p69 (plate), q784-p70 (body sherd), q784-p71 (body sherd), q784-p72 (body sherd), q784-p73 (body sherd), q784-p74 (body sherd), q784-p75 (body sherd), q784-p76 (body sherd), q784-p77 (body sherd), q784-p78 (body sherd), q785-p1 (xrl), q785-p2 (xdf), q785-p3 (plate), q785-p4 (xrg), q785-p5 (bowl), q785-p6 (cup), q785-p7 (plate), q785-p8 (plate), q785-p9 (jar), q785-p10 (bowl), q785-p11 (bowl), q785-p70 (body sherd), q785-p71 (body sherd), q785-p72 (body sherd), q785-p73 (body sherd), q785-p74 (body sherd), q785-p75 (body sherd), q785-p76 (body sherd), q785-p77 (body sherd), q785-p82 (body sherd), q785-p83 (body sherd), q785-p84 (body sherd), q785-p85 (body sherd), q786-p1 (jar), q786-p2 (jar), q786-p3 (xrg), q786-p4 (bowl), q786-p5 (bowl), q786-p6 (bowl), q786-p7 (bowl), q786-p8 (xrg), q786-p9 (xrg), q786-p10 (i), q786-p11 (xsfv), q786-p12 (bowl), q786-p13 (xrg), q786-p70 (body sherd), q786-p71 (body sherd), q786-p72 (body sherd), q786-p73 (body sherd), q786-p74 (body sherd), q786-p75 (body sherd), q787-p1 (xsfc), q787-p2 (plate), q787-p3 (xrl), q787-p4 (xfx), q787-p5 (plate), q787-p6 (bowl), q787-p7 (bowl), q787-p8 (bowl), q787-p9 (plate), q787-p10 (jar), q787-p11 (jar), q787-p12 (cg), q787-p13 (sq), q787-p70 (body sherd), q787-p71 (body sherd), q787-p72 (body sherd), q787-p73 (body sherd), q787-p74 (body sherd), q789-p1 (xfx), q789-p2 (jar), q789-p3 (bowl), q789-p4 (f), q789-p5 (bowl), q789-p6 (jar), q789-p7 (plate), q789-p8 (r), q789-p9 (bowl), q789-p10 (bowl), q789-p11 (plate), q789-p12 (bowl), q789-p13 (bowl), q789-p14 (sq), q789-p15 (bowl), q789-p17 (bowl), q789-p18 (bowl), q789-p19 (xrg), q789-p20 (xrl), q789-p21 (xfx), q789-p22 (xdc), q789-p23 (xrg), q789-p24 (xsf), q789-p25 (sq), q789-p60 (sq), q789-p61 (plate), q789-p62 (bowl), q789-p63 (jar), q789-p64 (plate), q789-p65 (jar), q789-p66 (jar), q789-p67 (bowl), q789-p68 (pot), q789-p69 (jar), q789-p70 (body sherd), q789-p71 (body sherd), q789-p72 (body sherd), q789-p73 (body sherd), q789-p74 (body sherd), q789-p75 (body sherd), q789-p76 (body sherd), q789-p77 (body sherd), q789-p78 (body sherd), q789-p79 (body sherd), q790-p70 (body sherd), q790-p71 (body sherd), q790-p72 (body sherd), q790-p74 (body sherd), q790-p75 (body sherd), q790-p76 (body sherd), q790-p77 (body sherd), q790-p78 (body sherd), q790-p79 (body sherd), q790-p80 (body sherd), q790-p81 (body sherd), q792-p1 (xfx), q792-p2 (cup), q792-p3 (plate), q792-p4 (plate), q792-p5 (x), q792-p6 (bowl), q792-p7 (plate), q792-p8 (jar), q792-p9 (jar), q792-p10 (r), q792-p70 (body sherd), q792-p71 (body sherd), q792-p72 (body sherd), q792-p73 (body sherd), q792-p74 (body sherd), q792-p76 (body sherd), q792-p77 (body sherd), q794-p70 (body sherd), q794-p71 (body sherd), q794-p72 (body sherd), q794-p73 (body sherd), q794-p74 (body sherd), q794-p75 (body sherd), q795-p1 (xrl), q795-p2 (xrg), q795-p3 (xrg), q795-p4 (xfx), q795-p5 (xfx), q795-p6 (xrg), q795-p7 (xrg), q795-p8 (xrg), q795-p9 (xsfv), q795-p10 (bowl), q795-p11 (i), q795-p12 (bowl), q795-p13 (plate), q795-p14 (jar), q795-p15 (bowl), q795-p16 (jar), q795-p17 (plate), q795-p18 (bowl), q795-p19 (bowl), q795-p20 (jar), q795-p21 (jar), q795-p22 (sq), q795-p65 (other shape sherd), q795-p66 (x), q795-p67 (xdf), q795-p68 (bowl), q795-p69 (plate), q795-p70 (body sherd), q795-p71 (body sherd), q795-p72 (body sherd), q795-p73 (body sherd), q795-p74 (body sherd), q796-p1 (plate), q796-p2 (bowl), q796-p3 (xdf), q796-p4 (x), q796-p5 (other shape sherd), q797-p1 (other shape sherd), q797-p2 (jar), q797-p3 (bowl), q797-p4 (bowl), q797-p5 (xh), q797-p6 (jar), q797-p7 (bowl), q797-p8 (bowl), q797-p9 (bowl), q797-p10 (bowl), q797-p11 (bowl), q797-p12 (bowl), q797-p13 (bowl), q797-p14 (f), q797-p15 (bowl), q797-p16 (xsc), q797-p58 (plate), q797-p59 (sq), q797-p60 (xdc), q797-p61 (plate), q797-p62 (sq), q797-p63 (bowl), q797-p64 (bowl), q797-p65 (jar), q797-p66 (xrg), q797-p67 (xrl), q797-p68 (jar), q797-p69 (bowl), q797-p70 (body sherd), q797-p71 (body sherd), q797-p72 (body sherd), q797-p73 (body sherd), q797-p74 (body sherd), q797-p75 (body sherd), q797-p76 (body sherd), q797-p77 (body sherd), q797-p78 (body sherd), q797-p79 (body sherd), q797-p80 (body sherd), q797-p81 (body sherd), q797-p82 (body sherd), q797-p83 (body sherd), q797-p84 (body sherd), q797-p85 (body sherd), q797-p86 (body sherd), q797-p87 (body sherd), q798-p1 (jar), q798-p2 (pot), q798-p3 (bowl), q798-p4 (jar), q798-p5 (jar), q798-p6 (plate), q798-p7 (jar), q798-p8 (bowl), q798-p9 (bowl), q798-p10 (sq), q798-p11 (plate), q798-p12 (bowl), q798-p13 (bowl), q798-p14 (sq), q798-p15 (bowl), q798-p17 (bowl), q798-p18 (bowl), q798-p19 (xrg), q798-p20 (xrl), q798-p21 (xfx), q798-p22 (xdc), q798-p23 (xrg), q798-p24 (xsf), q798-p25 (sq), q799-p1 (plate), q799-p2 (plate), q799-p3 (xrg), q799-p4 (xrl), q799-p5 (xrg), q799-p6 (jar), q799-p7 (xsfv), q799-p8 (sq), q799-p9 (plate), q799-p10 (bowl), q799-p11 (jar), q799-p12 (f), q799-p70 (body sherd), q799-p71 (body sherd), q799-p72 (body sherd), q799-p73 (body sherd), q799-p74 (body sherd), q799-p75 (body sherd), q799-p76 (body sherd), q799-p77 (body sherd), q799-p78 (body sherd), q799-p79 (body sherd), q800-p1 (bowl), q800-p2 (jar), q800-p3 (sq), q800-p4 (plate), q800-p5 (plate), q800-p6 (bowl), q800-p7 (xf), q800-p8 (bowl), q800-p9 (bowl), q800-p10 (jar), q800-p11 (sq), q800-p12 (jar), q800-p13 (bowl), q800-p14 (xrg), q800-p15 (xf), q800-p16 (jar), q800-p17 (other shape sherd), q800-p18 (x), q800-p70 (body sherd), q800-p71 (body sherd), q800-p72 (body sherd), q800-p73 (body sherd), q800-p74 (body sherd), q800-p75 (body sherd), q800-p76 (body sherd), q800-p77 (body sherd), q800-p78 (body sherd), q801-p1 (bowl), q801-p2 (xdf), q801-p3 (bowl), q801-p4 (jar), q801-p5 (xfx), q801-p6 (xfx), q801-p7 (x), q801-p8 (bowl), q801-p9 (bowl), q801-p10 (bowl), q801-p11 (jar), q801-p12 (jar), q801-p70 (body sherd), q801-p71 (body sherd), q801-p72 (body sherd), q801-p73 (body sherd), q801-p74 (body sherd), q801-p75 (body sherd), q802-p1 (xrg), q802-p2 (xrl), q802-p3 (xrg), q802-p4 (xrg), q802-p5 (xrl), q802-p6 (xrd), q802-p7 (xrg), q802-p8 (plate), q802-p9 (f), q802-p10 (bowl), q802-p11 (jar), q802-p12 (r), q802-p13 (bowl), q802-p70 (body sherd), q802-p71 (body sherd), q802-p72 (body sherd), q802-p73 (body sherd), q802-p74 (body sherd), q802-p76 (body sherd), q802-p77 (body sherd), q802-p78 (body sherd), q802-p79 (body sherd), q802-p80 (body sherd), q803-p1 (bowl), q803-p2 (plate), q803-p3 (xrg), q803-p4 (xrg), q803-p5 (bowl), q803-p6 (bowl), q803-p7 (plate), q803-p8 (xrg), q803-p9 (r), q803-p10 (worked disk), q803-p70 (body sherd), q803-p71 (body sherd), q803-p72 (body sherd), q803-p73 (body sherd), q803-p74 (body sherd), q803-p75 (body sherd), q803-p76 (body sherd), q803-p77 (body sherd), q805-p1 (bowl), q805-p2 (pot), q805-p3 (bowl), q805-p4 (bowl), q805-p5 (xrg), q805-p6 (xdf), q805-p7 (r), q805-p8 (xrl), q805-p70 (body sherd), q805-p71 (body sherd), q805-p72 (body sherd), q805-p73 (body sherd), q805-p74 (body sherd), q805-p75 (body sherd), q806-p1 (bowl), q806-p2 (bowl), q806-p3 (jar), q806-p4 (sq), q806-p5 (plate), q806-p6 (r), q806-p7 (xrg), q806-p8 (xsfc), q806-p9 (bowl), q806-p10 (xrg), q806-p11 (xdc), q806-p12 (xrh), q806-p13 (xfx), q806-p14 (xfx), q806-p15 (xfc), q806-p16 (xfc), q806-p17 (dp), q806-p70 (body sherd), q806-p71 (body sherd), q806-p72 (body sherd), q806-p73 (body sherd), q806-p74 (body sherd), q806-p75 (body sherd), q806-p76 (body sherd), q806-p77 (body sherd), q806-p78 (body sherd), q809-p1 (xrg), q809-p2 (xrg), q809-p3 (xrg), q809-p4 (xrg), q809-p5 (tablet), q809-p6 (worked disk), q809-p7 (bowl), q809-p8 (jar), q809-p9 (jar), 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q812-p2 (stand), q812-p3 (xrg), q812-p4 (xrg), q812-p5 (bowl), q812-p6 (xrg), q812-p7 (bowl), q812-p8 (plate), q812-p9 (xrg), q812-p10 (jar), q812-p11 (bowl), q812-p12 (jar), q812-p13 (xrg), q812-p14 (r), q812-p70 (body sherd), q812-p71 (body sherd), q812-p72 (body sherd), q812-p73 (body sherd), q812-p74 (body sherd), q812-p75 (body sherd), q812-p76 (body sherd), q812-p77 (body sherd), q812-p78 (body sherd), q812-p79 (body sherd), q813-p1 (jar), q813-p2 (xrg), q813-p3 (jar), q813-p4 (bowl), q813-p5 (bowl), q813-p6 (bowl), q813-p7 (worked disk), q813-p70 (body sherd), q813-p71 (body sherd), q813-p72 (body sherd), q813-p73 (body sherd), q813-p74 (body sherd), q813-p75 (body sherd), q814-p37 (other shape sherd), q814-p70 (body sherd), q814-p71 (body sherd), q814-p72 (body sherd), q814-p73 (body sherd), q814-p74 (body sherd), q814-p75 (body sherd), q815-p1 (xsc), q815-p2 (xf), q815-p3 (xrg), q815-p4 (xrg), q815-p5 (bowl), q815-p6 (bowl), q815-p7 (bowl), q815-p8 (jar), q815-p9 (bowl), q815-p10 (jar), q815-p11 (bowl), q815-p12 (jar), q815-p13 (worked disk), q815-p14 (bowl), q815-p70 (body sherd), q815-p71 (body sherd), q815-p72 (body sherd), q815-p73 (body sherd), q815-p74 (body sherd), q815-p75 (body sherd), q815-p76 (body sherd), q815-p77 (body sherd), q816-p1 (xrl), q816-p2 (stand), q816-p3 (bowl), q816-p4 (xrg), q816-p5 (tablet), q816-p6 (xfx), q816-p7 (plate), q816-p8 (xrg), q816-p9 (xrg), q816-p10 (bowl), q816-p11 (bowl), q816-p70 (body sherd), q816-p71 (body sherd), q816-p72 (body sherd), q816-p73 (body sherd), q817-p1 (cup), q817-p2 (bowl), q817-p3 (bowl), q817-p4 (xrg), q817-p5 (xrg), q817-p6 (xfx), q817-p7 (jar), q817-p8 (bowl), q817-p9 (xdc), q817-p10 (f), q817-p11 (bowl), q817-p12 (bowl), q817-p13 (sq), q817-p14 (i), q817-p15 (bowl), q817-p16 (jar), q817-p70 (body sherd), q817-p71 (body sherd), q817-p72 (body sherd), q817-p73 (body sherd), q817-p74 (body sherd), q817-p75 (body sherd), q817-p76 (body sherd), q818-p1 (xrg), q818-p2 (bowl), q818-p3 (i), q818-p4 (xrg), q818-p5 (xel), q818-p6 (bowl), q818-p7 (sq), q818-p8 (jar), q818-p9 (bowl), q818-p10 (jar), q818-p11 (bowl), q818-p12 (jar), q818-p13 (bowl), q818-p14 (r), q818-p19 (plate), q818-p61 (jar), q818-p62 (r), q818-p63 (jar), q818-p64 (xrg), q818-p65 (plate), q818-p66 (bowl), q818-p67 (xf), q818-p68 (xfx), q818-p69 (xdf), q818-p70 (body sherd), q818-p71 (body sherd), q818-p72 (body sherd), q818-p73 (body sherd), q818-p74 (body sherd), q818-p75 (body sherd), q818-p76 (body sherd), q818-p77 (body sherd), q818-p78 (body sherd), q818-p79 (body sherd), q818-p80 (body sherd), q818-p81 (body sherd), q818-p82 (body sherd), q820-p1 (bowl), q820-p2 (plate), q820-p3 (sq), q820-p4 (i), q820-p5 (sq), q820-p6 (jar), q820-p70 (body sherd), q820-p71 (body sherd), q820-p72 (body sherd), q820-p73 (body sherd), q820-p74 (body sherd), q821-p1 (xrg), q821-p2 (xrl), q821-p3 (bowl), q821-p4 (xrg), q821-p5 (plate), q821-p6 (cup), q821-p7 (xdf), q821-p8 (sq), q821-p9 (tablet), q821-p70 (body sherd), q821-p71 (body sherd), q821-p72 (body sherd), q821-p73 (body sherd), q821-p74 (body sherd), q821-p75 (body sherd), q821-p76 (body sherd), q822-p1 (xrg), q822-p2 (jar), q822-p3 (jar), q822-p70 (body sherd), q822-p71 (body sherd), q822-p72 (body sherd), q822-p73 (body sherd), q822-p74 (body sherd), q823-p1 (xrg), q823-p2 (xrg), q823-p3 (bowl), q823-p4 (xrl), q823-p5 (xfc), q823-p6 (jar), q823-p7 (xdc), q823-p8 (bowl), q823-p9 (plate), q823-p10 (bowl), q823-p11 (i), q823-p12 (sq), q823-p13 (bowl), q823-p14 (xrl), q823-p15 (xrg), q823-p70 (body sherd), q823-p71 (body sherd), q823-p72 (body sherd), q823-p73 (body sherd), q823-p74 (body sherd), q823-p75 (body sherd), q825-p1 (f), q825-p2 (xsfv), q825-p3 (jar), q825-p4 (bowl), q825-p5 (bowl), q825-p70 (body sherd), q825-p71 (body sherd), q825-p72 (body sherd), q825-p73 (body sherd), q825-p74 (body sherd), q825-p76 (body sherd), q825-p77 (body sherd), q825-p78 (body sherd), q825-p79 (body sherd), q826-p1 (plate), q826-p2 (xdc), q826-p3 (xrg), q826-p4 (xrg), q826-p5 (xrg), q826-p6 (xrg), q826-p7 (xrg), q826-p8 (f), q826-p9 (xf), q826-p10 (f), q826-p11 (xrl), q826-p12 (r), q826-p13 (cg), q826-p70 (body sherd), q826-p71 (body sherd), q826-p72 (body sherd), q826-p73 (body sherd), q826-p74 (body sherd), q826-p75 (body sherd), q826-p76 (body sherd), q826-p77 (body sherd), q826-p78 (body sherd), q826-p79 (body sherd), q826-p81 (body sherd), q826-p82 (body sherd), q828-p1 (bowl), q828-p2 (bowl), q828-p3 (jar), q828-p4 (xp), q828-p70 (body sherd), q828-p71 (body sherd), q828-p72 (body sherd), q828-p73 (body sherd), q829-p1 (bowl), q829-p2 (plate), q829-p3 (bowl), q829-p4 (bowl), q829-p5 (bowl), q829-p6 (bowl), q829-p7 (bowl), q829-p8 (bowl), q829-p9 (plate), q829-p10 (plate), q829-p11 (bowl), q829-p12 (plate), q829-p13 (bowl), q829-p14 (jar), q829-p15 (jar), q829-p16 (other shape sherd), q829-p17 (bowl), q829-p18 (bowl), q829-p19 (jar), q829-p20 (jar), q829-p21 (r), q829-p22 (jar), q829-p23 (bowl), q829-p24 (bowl), q829-p25 (sq), q829-p26 (bowl), q829-p27 (jar), q829-p28 (strainer), q829-p29 (bowl), q829-p30 (jar), q829-p31 (bowl), q829-p32 (f), q829-p33 (r), q830-p1 (plate), q830-p2 (bowl), q830-p3 (jar), q830-p4 (bowl), q830-p5 (bowl), q830-p6 (bowl), q830-p7 (bowl), q830-p8 (bowl), q830-p9 (pot), q830-p10 (bowl), q830-p11 (bowl), q830-p12 (bowl), q830-p13 (bowl), q830-p14 (jar), q830-p15 (jar), q830-p16 (bowl), q830-p17 (bowl), q830-p18 (jar), q830-p19 (sq), q830-p20 (i), q830-p21 (jar), q830-p22 (f), q830-p23 (bowl), q830-p24 (jar), q830-p25 (bowl), q830-p26 (jar), q830-p27 (sq), q830-p28 (jar), q830-p29 (bowl), q830-p30 (f), q830-p31 (bowl), q830-p32 (bowl), q830-p33 (jar), q830-p34 (sq), q830-p35 (r), q830-p36 (r), q830-p37 (r), q830-p38 (bowl), q830-p39 (f), q832-p1 (jar), q832-p2 (jar), q832-p3 (sq), q832-p4 (bowl), q832-p5 (bowl), q832-p6 (jar), q832-p7 (f), q832-p8 (plate), q832-p9 (bowl), q832-p10 (jar), q832-p11 (plate), q832-p12 (bowl), q832-p13 (bowl), q832-p14 (sq), q832-p15 (xrg), q832-p16 (bowl), q832-p17 (bowl), q832-p18 (bowl), q832-p19 (jar), q832-p20 (tablet), q832-p21 (jar), q832-p70 (body sherd), q832-p71 (body sherd), q832-p72 (body sherd), q832-p73 (body sherd), q832-p74 (body sherd), q832-p75 (body sherd), q833-p1 (jar), q833-p2 (r), q833-p3 (bowl), q833-p4 (bowl), q835-p1 (jar), q835-p2 (plate), q835-p3 (bowl), q835-p4 (bowl), q835-p5 (jar), q835-p6 (bowl), q835-p7 (cup), q835-p8 (jar), q835-p9 (xrg), q835-p10 (stand), q835-p11 (bowl), q835-p16 (other shape sherd), q836-p1 (bowl), q836-p2 (bowl), q836-p3 (bowl), q836-p4 (cg), q836-p5 (jar), q836-p6 (bowl), q836-p7 (stand), q836-p8 (xfx), q836-p9 (xrg), q836-p69 (stand), q836-p70 (body sherd), q836-p71 (body sherd), q836-p72 (body sherd), q836-p73 (body sherd), q836-p74 (body sherd), q836-p75 (body sherd), q836-p76 (body sherd), q836-p77 (body sherd), q838-p1 (bowl), q838-p2 (bowl), q838-p3 (bowl), q838-p4 (bowl), q838-p5 (sq), q838-p6 (plate), q838-p7 (plate), q838-p8 (sq), q838-p9 (jar), q838-p10 (jar), q838-p11 (bowl), q838-p12 (jar), q838-p13 (bowl), q838-p14 (sq), q838-p15 (jar), q838-p16 (r), q838-p17 (jar), q838-p18 (jar), q838-p19 (bowl), q838-p20 (sq), q838-p21 (bowl), q838-p22 (bowl), q838-p23 (bowl), q838-p24 (r), q838-p25 (bowl), q838-p26 (bowl), q838-p27 (f), q838-p28 (r), q838-p29 (jar), q838-p30 (bowl), q838-p31 (r), q838-p32 (bowl), q838-p33 (bowl), q838-p34 (bowl), q838-p35 (r), q838-p36 (dp), q839-p1 (bowl), q839-p2 (jar), q839-p3 (bowl), q839-p4 (bowl), q839-p5 (bowl), q839-p6 (cg), q839-p7 (bowl), q839-p8 (jar), q839-p9 (sq), q839-p10 (other shape sherd), q839-p11 (xrg), q839-p12 (jar), q839-p13 (jar), q839-p14 (jar), q839-p15 (bowl), q839-p16 (jar), q839-p17 (jar), q839-p18 (jar), q839-p19 (plate), q839-p20 (bowl), q839-p21 (bowl), q839-p22 (jar), q839-p23 (xdf), q839-p24 (xdf), q839-p25 (xdf), q839-p26 (bowl), q839-p27 (bowl), q839-p28 (bowl), q839-p29 (bowl), q839-p30 (bowl), q839-p31 (bowl), q839-p32 (jar), q839-p33 (bowl), q839-p35 (bowl), q839-p36 (bowl), q839-p37 (bowl), q839-p38 (jar), q839-p39 (bowl), q839-p40 (bowl), q840-p1 (bowl), q840-p2 (bowl), q840-p3 (bowl), q840-p4 (sq), q840-p5 (bowl), q840-p6 (bowl), q840-p7 (bowl), q840-p8 (bowl), q840-p9 (r), q840-p10 (bowl), q840-p11 (bowl), q840-p12 (f), q840-p13 (bowl), q840-p14 (bowl), q840-p15 (xsfc), q840-p16 (bowl), q840-p17 (r), q840-p18 (f), q840-p19 (bowl), q840-p20 (dp), q840-p21 (bowl), q840-p22 (r), q840-p23 (jar), q840-p24 (strainer), q840-p25 (bowl), q840-p26 (bowl), q840-p27 (jar), q840-p28 (bowl), q840-p29 (bowl), q840-p30 (sq), q840-p31 (jar), q840-p32 (jar), q840-p33 (sq), q840-p34 (r), q840-p35 (i), q840-p36 (sq), q840-p37 (f), q840-p38 (bowl), q840-p39 (xrg), q840-p70 (body sherd), q840-p71 (body sherd), q840-p72 (body sherd), q840-p73 (body sherd), q840-p74 (body sherd), q844-p1 (bowl), q844-p2 (jar), q844-p3 (xrg), q844-p4 (xrg), q844-p5 (xrh), q844-p70 (body sherd), q844-p71 (body sherd), q844-p72 (body sherd), q844-p73 (body sherd), q844-p74 (body sherd), q845-p1 (bowl), q845-p2 (bowl), q845-p3 (bowl), q845-p4 (jar), q845-p5 (bowl), q845-p6 (bowl), q845-p7 (bowl), q845-p8 (jar), q845-p9 (jar), q845-p10 (plate), q845-p11 (jar), q845-p12 (bowl), q845-p13 (i), q845-p14 (bowl), q845-p15 (f), q845-p16 (jar), q845-p17 (bowl), q845-p18 (bowl), q845-p19 (jar), q845-p20 (bowl), q845-p21 (r), q845-p22 (bowl), q845-p23 (bowl), q848-p1 (bowl), q848-p2 (bowl), q848-p3 (bowl), q848-p4 (f), q848-p5 (sq), q848-p6 (bowl), q848-p7 (jar), q848-p8 (jar), q848-p9 (jar), q848-p10 (f), q848-p11 (pot), q848-p12 (f), q848-p13 (sq), q848-p14 (bowl), q848-p15 (cup), q848-p16 (sq), q855-p1 (bowl), q855-p2 (xrd), q855-p3 (xrg), q855-p4 (jar), q855-p5 (xfx), q855-p6 (jar), q855-p7 (xfx), q855-p8 (sq), q855-p9 (sq), q855-p71 (body sherd), q855-p72 (body sherd), q855-p73 (body sherd), q855-p74 (body sherd), q855-p76 (body sherd), q855-p77 (body sherd), q855-p78 (body sherd), q855-p79 (body sherd), q874-p1 (xrg), q874-p2 (xrg), q874-p3 (xrg), q874-p4 (xrg), q874-p5 (xdc), q874-p6 (plate), q874-p7 (i), q874-p8 (f), q874-p9 (bowl), q874-p10 (bowl), q874-p11 (bowl), q874-p12 (bowl), q874-p13 (jar), q874-p70 (body sherd), q874-p71 (body sherd), q874-p72 (body sherd), q874-p73 (body sherd), q874-p74 (body sherd), q874-p75 (body sherd), q874-p76 (body sherd), q875-p1 (xrg), q875-p2 (xrg), q875-p3 (xrg), q875-p4 (xrh), q875-p5 (xrg), q875-p6 (xrl), q875-p7 (xrg), q875-p8 (xrg), q875-p9 (xrg), q875-p10 (xrh), q875-p11 (xdc), q875-p12 (x), q875-p13 (xsfv), q875-p14 (jar), q875-p15 (bowl), q875-p16 (other shape sherd), q875-p17 (bowl), q875-p18 (jar), q875-p19 (i), q875-p20 (dp), q875-p21 (jar), q875-p22 (bowl), q875-p23 (bowl), q875-p24 (sq), q875-p25 (bowl), q875-p26 (jar), q877-p1 (worked disk), q877-p2 (xrg), q877-p3 (worked disk), q877-p4 (worked disk), q877-p5 (jar), q877-p6 (worked disk), q877-p7 (worked disk), q877-p8 (tablet), q877-p9 (tablet), q877-p10 (xrg), q877-p11 (xrl), q877-p12 (xrg), q877-p13 (xfx), q877-p14 (xrh), q877-p15 (xrl), q877-p16 (xrg), q877-p17 (xrg), q877-p18 (xrg), q877-p19 (xdc), q877-p20 (xrg), q877-p22 (xf), q877-p23 (xfx), q877-p24 (xrg), q877-p25 (xrg), q877-p26 (xrl), q877-p27 (xrg), q877-p28 (xfx), q877-p29 (xrg), q877-p30 (xsfv), q877-p31 (xsf), q877-p32 (xsf), q877-p33 (xsb), q877-p34 (xdf), q877-p35 (i), q877-p36 (cup), q877-p37 (i), q877-p38 (jar), q877-p39 (bowl), q877-p40 (bowl), q877-p41 (bowl), q877-p42 (jar), q877-p43 (jar), q877-p44 (r), q877-p45 (bowl), q877-p46 (bowl), q877-p47 (bowl), q877-p48 (bowl), q877-p49 (sq), q877-p50 (i), q877-p51 (bowl), q877-p52 (jar), q877-p53 (jar), q877-p54 (jar), q877-p55 (f), q877-p56 (bowl), q877-p57 (bowl), q877-p58 (jar), q877-p59 (sq), q877-p60 (bowl), q877-p61 (jar), q877-p62 (bowl), q877-p63 (bowl), q877-p64 (bowl), q877-p65 (i), q877-p66 (bowl), q877-p67 (bowl), q877-p68 (jar), q877-p69 (jar), q877-p70 (bowl), q877-p71 (bowl), q877-p72 (jar), q877-p73 (dp), q877-p74 (jar), q877-p75 (bowl), q877-p76 (bowl), q877-p77 (pot), q877-p78 (bowl), q877-p79 (bowl), q877-p80 (bowl), q877-p81 (cg), q877-p82 (jar), q877-p83 (bowl), q877-p84 (plate), q877-p85 (ri), q877-p86 (cup), q877-p87 (jar), q877-p88 (cup), q877-p89 (cg), q877-p90 (r), q877-p91 (sq), q877-p92 (r), q877-p93 (f), q877-p94 (f), q877-p95 (r) [Input: S-CUMUL.j]
2011-02-10 lC f20 (accumulation D), f38 (accumulation D), f47 (accumulation D), f76 (accumulation D), f81 (accumulation D), f89 (accumulation D), f156 (accumulation D), f166 (accumulation D), f167 (isolated stone), f186 (fill), f187 (pit), f224 (accumulation C), f225 (accumulation C), f226 (accumulation C), f229 (accumulation D) [Input: V211LC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2011-02-10 lC h7mJ1A [Input: V211LC.j]