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Description (summary) 2011-02-10 lC Early Mittani. Second level of pavement (f232) and large curtain wall (^curt2) showing a still care and use ot the area at the base of the Revetment wall and a possible attempt to protect its base from water erosion, using a shallow wall. This is the last moment of real use of the plaza. [Input: V211LC.j]


Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Features included within stratum 2006-08-26 !! i54 (plaque), i55 (clay lump), i56 (sealing), i67 (stone), q882.1 (sample), q883.1 (debitage), q883.2 (kiln waste), q885.1 (carbon sample), q886.1 (carbon sample), q886.2 (sh), q894.1, q895.1 (ceramic vessel), q895.2 (ceramic vessel), q895.3 (lithic artifact), q895.4 (kiln waste), q896.1 (lithic artifact), q897.1 (ceramic vessel), q897.2 (lithic artifact), q898.1 (ceramic vessel), q898.2 (lithic artifact), q898.3 (sh), q899.1, q899.2 (lithic artifact), q899.3 (lithic artifact), q899.4 (ceramic vessel), q1035.1 (lithic artifact), q1037.1 (metal artifact), q1037.2 (lithic artifact), q1052.1 (clay artifact), q1052.2 (lithic artifact), q1052.3 (lithic artifact), q1073.1 (brick), q1073.4 (tool), q1085.1 (shell artifact), q1085.2 (shell artifact), q1089.1 (sample), q1089.2 (uncertain), q1089.3 (kiln waste), q1096.1 (bead), q881 (bones, pottery), q882 (pottery), q883 (bones, items, pottery), q885 (bones, items, pottery), q886 (bones, items, pottery), q894 (bones, items, pottery), q895 (bones, items, pottery), q896 (bones, items, pottery), q897 (bones, items, pottery), q898 (bones, items, pottery), q899 (bones, pottery), q1001 (pottery), q1035 (bones, items, pottery), q1036 (bones, pottery), q1037 (items, pottery), q1039 (pottery), q1040 (bones, pottery), q1041 (pottery), q1042 (pottery), q1044 (bones, pottery), q1047 (bones, pottery), q1049 (pottery), q1050 (bones, pottery), q1051 (bones, pottery), q1052 (items, pottery), q1053 (bones, pottery), q1073 (p-b), q1085 (p-b), q1089 (p-b), q1096 (p-b), q881-p1 (n), q881-p2 (f), q881-p3 (jar), q881-p4 (jar), q881-p5 (r), q881-p6 (xfx), q881-p7 (xrg), q881-p8 (xfx), q881-p9 (xfc), q881-p10 (xfc), q881-p11 (xfx), q881-p12 (xfc), q881-p13 (xsc), q881-p14 (xf), q881-p15 (x), q881-p70 (body sherd), q881-p71 (body sherd), q881-p72 (body sherd), q881-p73 (body sherd), q881-p74 (body sherd), q881-p75 (body sherd), q881-p76 (body sherd), q881-p77 (body sherd), q881-p78 (body sherd), q881-p79 (body sherd), q881-p80 (body sherd), q881-p81 (body sherd), q882-p1 (dp), q882-p2 (bowl), q882-p3 (i), q882-p4 (worked disk), q882-p5 (bowl), q882-p6 (bowl), q882-p7 (r), q882-p8 (f), q882-p9 (f), q882-p10 (r), q882-p11 (xrg), q882-p12 (xrg), q882-p13 (xrg), q882-p14 (xrg), q882-p15 (xsc), q882-p70 (body sherd), q882-p71 (body sherd), q882-p72 (body sherd), q882-p80 (body sherd), q882-p81 (body sherd), q882-p82 (body sherd), q882-p85 (body sherd), q882-p86 (body sherd), q882-p87 (body sherd), q882-p88 (body sherd), q882-p89 (body sherd), q882-p99 (body sherd), q883-p1 (bowl), q883-p2 (bowl), q883-p3 (tablet), q883-p4 (cup), q883-p5 (bowl), q883-p6 (f), q883-p7 (bowl), q883-p8 (jar), q883-p9 (jar), q883-p10 (dp), q883-p11 (jar), q883-p12 (bowl), q883-p13 (xrg), q883-p14 (xfx), q883-p15 (xfx), q883-p16 (xdc), q883-p17 (other shape sherd), q883-p18 (xrg), q883-p19 (worked disk), q883-p70 (body sherd), q883-p71 (body sherd), q883-p72 (body sherd), q883-p73 (body sherd), q883-p74 (body sherd), q883-p75 (body sherd), q883-p76 (body sherd), q885-p1 (bowl), q885-p2 (jar), q885-p3 (jar), q885-p4 (cup), q885-p5 (other shape sherd), q885-p6 (r), q885-p7 (root), q885-p8 (r), q885-p9 (jar), q885-p10 (r), q885-p11 (bowl), q885-p12 (jar), q885-p13 (xrg), q885-p14 (xfc), q885-p15 (r), q885-p16 (worked disk), q885-p70 (body sherd), q885-p71 (body sherd), q885-p72 (body sherd), q885-p73 (body sherd), q885-p74 (body sherd), q885-p75 (body sherd), q885-p76 (body sherd), q885-p77 (body sherd), q885-p79 (body sherd), q886-p1 (cup), q886-p2 (bowl), q886-p3 (n), q886-p4 (sq), q886-p5 (jar), q886-p6 (bowl), q886-p7 (jar), q886-p8 (bowl), q886-p9 (jar), q886-p10 (xfc), q886-p11 (xfx), q886-p12 (xf), q886-p13 (xfc), q886-p14 (worked disk), q886-p15 (xdc), q886-p16 (xrg), q886-p17 (xf), q886-p18 (xfc), q886-p19 (xfx), q886-p20 (xdc), q886-p70 (body sherd), q886-p78 (body sherd), q886-p79 (body sherd), q886-p80 (body sherd), q886-p81 (body sherd), q886-p82 (body sherd), q886-p83 (body sherd), q886-p84 (body sherd), q886-p85 (body sherd), q894-p1 (bowl), q894-p2 (bowl), q894-p3 (bowl), q894-p4 (bowl), q894-p5 (strainer), q894-p6 (bowl), q894-p7 (jar), q894-p8 (sq), q894-p9 (jar), q894-p10 (other shape sherd), q894-p11 (xfx), q894-p12 (x), q894-p13 (xfc), q894-p14 (xsc), q894-p15 (xrg), q894-p16 (worked disk), q894-p70 (body sherd), q894-p71 (body sherd), q894-p72 (body sherd), q894-p73 (body sherd), q894-p74 (body sherd), q894-p75 (body sherd), q894-p77 (body sherd), q894-p78 (body sherd), q894-p79 (body sherd), q894-p80 (body sherd), q894-p81 (body sherd), q894-p82 (body sherd), q894-p83 (body sherd), q895-p1 (bowl), q895-p2 (bowl), q895-p3 (bowl), q895-p4 (jar), q895-p5 (n), q895-p6 (sq), q895-p7 (xfx), q895-p8 (xfc), q895-p9 (xfc), q895-p10 (xfc), q895-p11 (xrg), q895-p70 (pot), q895-p71 (pot), q895-p72 (body sherd), q895-p73 (body sherd), q895-p74 (strainer), q895-p75 (body sherd), q895-p76 (body sherd), q895-p77 (body sherd), q895-p80 (body sherd), q895-p81 (body sherd), q895-p82 (body sherd), q895-p83 (body sherd), q895-p84 (body sherd), q895-p85 (body sherd), q895-p86 (body sherd), q895-p87 (body sherd), q896-p1 (jar), q896-p2 (cup), q896-p3 (cup), q896-p4 (pot), q896-p5 (jar), q896-p6 (sq), q896-p7 (jar), q896-p8 (bowl), q896-p9 (jar), q896-p10 (i), q896-p11 (bowl), q896-p12 (x), q896-p13 (i), q896-p70 (body sherd), q897-p1 (worked disk), q897-p2 (xf), q897-p3 (root), q897-p4 (xdc), q897-p5 (xfc), q897-p70 (body sherd), q897-p74 (body sherd), q897-p75 (body sherd), q897-p76 (body sherd), q897-p77 (body sherd), q897-p78 (body sherd), q897-p79 (body sherd), q897-p80 (body sherd), q897-p81 (body sherd), q897-p82 (body sherd), q897-p83 (body sherd), q897-p84 (body sherd), q898-p1 (pot), q898-p2 (jar), q898-p3 (jar), q898-p4 (sq), q898-p5 (bowl), q898-p6 (r), q898-p7 (bowl), q898-p8 (bowl), q898-p9 (bowl), q898-p10 (r), q898-p11 (bowl), q898-p12 (xfx), q898-p13 (xrg), q898-p14 (xf), q898-p15 (xfx), q898-p16 (xrg), q898-p77 (body sherd), q898-p78 (body sherd), q898-p79 (body sherd), q899-p1 (sq), q899-p2 (jar), q899-p3 (jar), q899-p4 (sq), q899-p5 (xdc), q899-p6 (xrd), q899-p7 (xdc), q899-p8 (other shape sherd), q899-p70 (body sherd), q899-p72 (body sherd), q899-p73 (body sherd), q899-p74 (body sherd), q899-p75 (body sherd), q899-p76 (body sherd), q899-p77 (body sherd), q899-p78 (body sherd), q1001-p1 (bowl), q1001-p2 (r), q1001-p3 (bowl), q1001-p4 (bowl), q1001-p5 (jar), q1001-p6 (sq), q1001-p7 (tablet), q1001-p8 (bowl), q1001-p9 (xfx), q1001-p77 (body sherd), q1001-p78 (body sherd), q1001-p79 (body sherd), q1001-p80 (body sherd), q1042-p1 (xrg), q1042-p2 (r), q1042-p3 (r), q1042-p4 (bowl), q1047-p70 (body sherd), q1047-p71 (body sherd), q1047-p72 (body sherd), q1047-p73 (body sherd), q1047-p74 (body sherd), q1047-p75 (body sherd), q1047-p76 (body sherd), q1047-p77 (body sherd), q1047-p78 (body sherd), q1047-p79 (body sherd), q1049-p1 (xfx), q1049-p70 (body sherd), q1049-p71 (body sherd), q1049-p72 (body sherd), q1050-p1 (sq), q1050-p2 (xf), q1050-p3 (xrg), q1050-p4 (xrl), q1050-p5 (bowl), q1050-p6 (tablet), q1050-p7 (bowl), q1050-p8 (bowl), q1050-p9 (jar), q1050-p10 (worked disk), q1050-p11 (sq), q1050-p70 (body sherd), q1050-p71 (body sherd), q1050-p72 (body sherd), q1050-p73 (body sherd), q1050-p74 (body sherd), q1050-p75 (body sherd), q1050-p76 (body sherd), q1050-p77 (body sherd), q1050-p78 (body sherd), q1050-p79 (body sherd), q1050-p80 (body sherd), q1050-p81 (body sherd), q1050-p82 (body sherd), q1050-p83 (body sherd), q1050-p84 (body sherd), q1051-p1 (cup), q1051-p2 (f), q1051-p3 (ri), q1051-p4 (xf), q1051-p5 (xf), q1051-p6 (bowl), q1051-p7 (bowl), q1051-p70 (body sherd), q1051-p71 (jar), q1051-p72 (body sherd), q1051-p73 (body sherd), q1051-p74 (body sherd), q1051-p75 (body sherd), q1051-p76 (body sherd), q1051-p77 (body sherd), q1051-p78 (body sherd), q1052-p1 (worked disk), q1052-p2 (worked disk), q1052-p3 (worked disk), q1052-p4 (worked disk), q1052-p5 (worked disk), q1052-p6 (xfc), q1052-p7 (xf), q1052-p8 (xrg), q1052-p9 (xdf), q1052-p10 (bowl), q1052-p11 (cup), q1052-p12 (bowl), q1052-p13 (bowl), q1052-p14 (cup), q1052-p15 (jar), q1052-p16 (dp), q1052-p17 (f), q1052-p18 (r), q1052-p19 (dr), q1052-p20 (r), q1052-p21 (sq), q1052-p22 (bowl), q1052-p23 (sq), q1052-p24 (r), q1052-p70 (body sherd), q1052-p71 (body sherd), q1052-p72 (body sherd), q1052-p73 (body sherd), q1052-p74 (body sherd), q1052-p75 (body sherd), q1052-p76 (body sherd), q1052-p77 (body sherd), q1052-p78 (body sherd), q1053-p70 (body sherd), q1053-p71 (body sherd), q1053-p72 (body sherd), q1053-p73 (body sherd), q1053-p74 (body sherd), q1073-p1 (xrg), q1073-p2 (xrl), q1073-p3 (xdf), q1073-p4 (xfx), q1073-p5 (jar), q1073-p6 (xrd), q1073-p7 (worked disk), q1073-p8 (i), q1073-p9 (bowl), q1073-p70 (body sherd), q1073-p71 (body sherd), q1073-p72 (body sherd), q1073-p73 (body sherd), q1073-p74 (body sherd), q1073-p75 (body sherd), q1073-p76 (body sherd), q1073-p78 (body sherd), q1073-p79 (body sherd), q1085-p1 (xrg), q1085-p2 (xrg), q1085-p3 (xdc), q1085-p4 (xrd), q1085-p5 (xdc), q1085-p6 (xfx), q1085-p7 (worked disk), q1085-p8 (worked disk), q1085-p9 (worked disk), q1085-p10 (worked disk), q1085-p11 (jar), q1085-p12 (jar), q1085-p13 (bowl), q1085-p14 (bowl), q1085-p15 (bowl), q1085-p16 (r), q1085-p17 (bowl), q1085-p18 (pot), q1085-p19 (r), q1085-p20 (pot), q1089-p1 (jar), q1089-p2 (bowl), q1089-p3 (bowl), q1089-p4 (bowl), q1089-p5 (bowl), q1089-p6 (worked disk), q1089-p7 (xrg), q1089-p8 (r), q1089-p9 (xrg), q1089-p10 (xrd), q1089-p70 (body sherd), q1089-p71 (body sherd), q1089-p72 (body sherd), q1089-p73 (body sherd), q1089-p74 (body sherd), q1089-p75 (body sherd), q1089-p76 (body sherd), q1089-p77 (body sherd), q1096-p1 (tablet), q1096-p2 (xfx), q1096-p3 (dp), q1096-p4 (worked disk), q1096-p5 (tablet) [Input: S-CUMUL.j]
2011-02-10 lC f168 (wall), f169 (isolated stone), f170 (isolated stone), f185 (isolated stone), f188 (wall), f232 (pavement, type c), f245 (isolated stone), f246 (isolated stone), f247 (isolated stone), f248 (lens type b), f249 (volumetric material), f250 (pavement, type c), f260 (isolated stone), f326 (isolated stone), f331 (isolated stone) [Input: V211LC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2011-02-10 lC h7fJ1A [Input: V211LC.j]