File: /MZ/A/J01/D/S/610-J1A.HTM
Processed on 08-26-2016
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Description 2011-2-10lC Late EDIII. Erosion ( f379) of the surface of the second Escarpment that shows a very irregular surface characterized by sharp steps and sloping surfaces. This erosion shows that the problem of the water coming from the West was still strong at the end of EDIII period. Probably removed the use of the escarpment, not EDIII floor nor pavement have been found. [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]

Time sequencing
Features within stratum 2011-2-10lC f379 [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-2-10lC h3uJ1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]